Walking Pad Treadmill Review


The Walking Pad becomes a brainchild of a group of sports scientists, professionals and product designers lives in the heart of Chicago in the early 2000.

For innovation, the Walking Pad brand also won the hot contested for Reddot Design Award in 2019. 

Walking Pad

Walking Pads originally gained popularity in China. After that, thousands of people around the globe preferred Walking Pads over the traditional treadmill. Now they’ve also grabbed the international markets.

The edge of Walking Pads is that they are flexible to use in contrast with traditional treadmills. They are foldable and the smooth pads can be easily moved in and out of the congested spaces.

Most of the Walking Pads come with the remote buttons or can be controlled by foot movements. While the Walking Pads with a bulky central console is not common.

The A1 Foldable Walking Pad

The A1 Foldable Walking Pad can be smoothly slipped under the furniture for efficient packing or folded halfway with its simple foldable design. For daily exercise, it provides a great option in the small spaces. Perfect for tiny homes and studio apartments.

Despite being packable and sleek, A1 is fairly straightforward to use. The A1 Walking Pad can be controlled through the start, on, off and acceleration modes by the footsteps of the user in plus and play mode.  

How To Use Walking Pad?

You can control the speed of a pad with your footsteps. The high precision sensors sitting under the treadmill which allows you to control it with slow, medium and fast speeds. As the speed is control with the help of sensors, you have to step near the tail of the device to make it slower and step forward to the front of the Walking Pad to make it faster.

While standing in the middle of a Pad keep it at a uniform velocity. Furthermore, user appreciates the comfortable and noise-free experience A1 provides every time. The anti-slip walking belts and wear-resistant keeps the multi-layer surface free of noise virtually, which enables you to comfortably do your job at home or office.

When using the A1, the greater peace of mind is the security protection system. The security features like auto-standby systems and the overload child-lock help you to rest assured. To avoid accidents you can even set speed limits.

Once you finished with your daily workout, connect the Walking Pad with the Android and iOS app of Walking Pad to let it gather all the data related to your workout on the phone.

Pros of Walking Pad

  • Minimum noise as the Walking belt is worn and tear-resistant.
  • Intuitive foot controls that let you speed up and down the pad easily.
  • Ant-skid, When folded the treadmill is only 2.24 inches tall because of simple foldable design.

 Cons of Walking Pad

According to some complaints, before attaining the full speed control of the Walking Pad, they are forced to progress through the app-based tutorials.

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