Vitamix E-310 Blender Review


Do you want to change the way you live, eat healthier and lose weight well blender is just the way to do that, just like Joe Cross in his documentary who was fat, sick and almost died.

But what does it cost these days to have a nice kitchen appliance that can make fruits and vegetables as nice as possible for consumption. The first time I encountered a Vitamix demo that was at Costco, immediately I decided that I will most definitely one, but then the price tag was a little bit too much for my budget. So I went online and found another company known as blendtec(formerly known as k-tec) and as it turned out their own pricing was well in my budget, so I acquired it in place of the Vitamix, though I haven’t seen it in action before. But after some years passed by I finally got the Vitamix when it was finally within my budget. Everything changed after then.


Smoothie Quality And Taste

Vitamix Blenders are of high quality and have exceptional performance they can easily transform your veggies and fruits into a very delicious, palatable smoothies and soups. I used to have an all metal blender which never gave me the kind of quality results I get from my Vitamix, now imagine using a basic domestic blender, you are most likely to get a frozen smoothie with bits of frozen fruits with an appalling lumpy texture.

Popular smoothie spots like Jamba juice are proof that a commercial grade blender just like the Vitamix can easily be all that matters in turning vegetables and fruits into a nice smoothie.


The most suitable person for a commercial-grade blender is one that is dedicated about changing their diet, lifestyle, or improving their health.

There’s really not a short-cut to “try” this out at home with an affordable blender expecting to get the same quality of smoothie you can get at a Jamba Juice. It’s just not possible


The Vitamix blender and others like it are longtime investments but it doesn’t mean they can’t turn into yet another appliance in the kitchen that is stocked away on some cabinet and forgotten. If you’re not sure you’re committed to making your own smoothies at home, it’s best to consider buying them at a smoothie restaurant that uses a commercial-grade blender by Vitamix or Blendtec. Restaurants such as these are great options to see if the “smoothie lifestyle” is for you:

  • Jamba Juice
  • Smoothie King
  • Robek’s
  • Tropical Smoothie CafĂ©

Try out a local smoothie restaurant, maybe a couple times a week for lunch or dinner and see if this is for you before the investment in a blender for your home.


The following are some things to ponder on before making such investment in a blender:


It is really advisable to place these kinds of Blenders on your countertop when not been used as they are not light to carry, in and out of the cabinet anytime it is time for use. And for someone trying to lose weight leaving the blender out on the countertop will make it more available and convenient to use than carrying it out of a cabinet every now and then.


It’s most common to store the container on top of the blender base. So consider the total height of the blender + container in determining if it will fit under your upper kitchen cabinets.


In general, 2 HP is widely regarded as the minimum to getting professional type smoothie results.


Does the manufacturer stand behind their product and offer a 30 day warranty or a 5 year warranty? As with any product, the longer the warranty means that the product was made with sound components. Companies that offer products on warranty must have done the various calculations with their engineers to give an accurate estimate at to how long such products would last without developing any fault, thus avoiding repair under warranty.


Does the manufacturer offer a 30 day trial? Blenders like this needs to be thoroughly tried out and having a professional do that while you watch wouldn’t be as satisfactory as it would you are the one trying it out for yourself.


Many people stop using a particular appliance because of how complex and difficult their cleaning can be, I used to have a motorized garlic peeler. Though, it is very fast but when you take into consideration the amount of time it takes to peel and clean the garlic peeler, you’ll come to a conclusion that you spend more time with the motorized peeler than you do cutting it manually using a cutting board and a knife. So just like that the same thing applies to the Vitamix blender, if it is difficult to clean you wouldn’t want to use it at often as you might want to.


The controls should be considered as a different discussion on its own cause it involves a lot starting with variable speed, pulse, programs, high setting etc.


Considering the fact that this Blender blends ingredients such as frozen berries and ice cubes so it is expected to have huge motors, so noise should be thought about too when planning on getting this type of blender.


The certified refurbished Blenders has been used by Vitamix to hit a lower price point over the years. But do they have a new solution to fill the need for a low priced blender without skimping on quality or performance? They absolutely do, in comes the Vitamix Explorian E310.

In 2017 Vitamix launched two new model line, the Vitamix Explorian series and the Vitamix ascent series. They went upscale with the ascent series and introduced new and interesting features that is unique to blenders, such features include the self detect technology and full size/personal size containers. In the late 2017 Vitamix launched the Explorian series, and their first blender under the series is the E310. The E310 entered the market at an extremely satisfying price level, considering it has very similar features and performance rate as the older series like the 5200.

Price â€“ It’s the least priced new Vitamix you can buy purchase in the marketPrograms â€“ It only has manual controls, hence it can’t do set-and-forget blending.
Warranty â€“ It has a 5 year warranty, which is upgradeable to 8 yearsSound â€“ It makes more sound than the new ascent Blenders
Performance â€“ It delivers exceptional results like other commercial grade Blenders though it is not as pricey as them 
Simplicity â€“ Its instruction manual is simple and very easy to comprehend. It only has an on/off switch, variable speed of 1 to 10 and a pulse button only so basically it will only take you 20 seconds to be an expert. 


The Vitamix E310 is ideal for people shopping for their first high performance blender.

Also for those replacing an older model the Vitamix E310 is also perfect for them especially those who used the Classic Series blender such as the Vitamix 5200 which has very similar controls and power to the E310. Also the Vitamix E310 is ideal for those in a budget, though it does not have all the features of the Vitamix ascent line nor its capabilities but it still has an on/off switch and another button that controls the speed which is what most people need in a blender.


The Explorian E310 clearly isn’t for everybody. The container is only 48 oz, and it has a narrow body. Most longtime blender cooks are used to the larger 64 oz containers. Though for most people, a 48 oz container is large enough.

It also doesn’t support the latest trend popularized by the Ninja line of blenders that use single serving personal sized containers. The E310 only supports the use of a full-size container. It can support Vitamix’s personal sized containers using an add-on called a “personal cup adapter” purchased separately. The E310 may not be the right blender for you if you are used to Blenders with programs. Programs are nice and convenient as it supports for set and forget type of blending.


The E310 has an extremely convenient pricing, this might not be considered a product feature but unlike the E310 there really is not any other blender in the market today that has balanced price and performance so exceptionally. A Vitamix Certified reconditioned blender has a similar pricing, but it can be extremely difficult to find a right model and at the right price since their quantities are limited. But while the certified reconditioned model is older, the E310 is a brand new model and has warranty of up to 8 years.


The Vitamix E310 and the Vitamix 5200 are very similar in performance. They both make use of the same 2.0 HP motor.

Sparing you from all the low level details, the main point here is that though it is the best priced Vitamix on the market today, it still can deliver all the same recipe results for:

  • Smoothies – such as green smoothies, strawberry smoothies, or weight loss smoothies
  • Hot Soup – such as tomato soup, tortilla soup, or butternut squash soup
  • Nut butters – such as the popular peanut butter or almond butter
  • Homemade Baby Food – such as butternut squash baby food, sweet potato baby food, or carrot baby food


The Explorian introduces a new body design though still similar to the older bodies used in the C-Series and G-Series, one of the major differences is the slight changes in visual design. But there are only differences in the design and not the functionality.

Overall, no biggie here. It’s a nice body design, switches and knobs are of high quality, but nothing good or bad to say on the body.


The motor is the 2.0Hp variety used by Vitamix, but in terms of horsepower, the more the power does not guarantee better performance. As an engineer the best way to balance cost and power is to calculate the motor characteristics for the task at hand. In the case of Vitamix they match their motor to the type of container. For instance, the C-series which carries a container with 3 blade used the 2.0Hp but the newer series, the Next gen carries a container with 4 blades, and thus need a bigger horsepower to be able to generate enough power to drive that extra blade.

In short, for 48oz containers the 2.0Hp is an ideal fit for power and performance same applies for any container with 3 blade.


One of the challenges the 5200 had was the overall height, nonetheless it still sold like a zillion. It is great for one or two servings and that is just about what is being made when referring to smoothies. It supports any of the C-class container, hence you can be able to buy the bigger 64oz container whenever you are in need of it. But as for the target market, they are very much satisfied with the 48oz container the blender comes in.


The lid is basically the same as other containers. It has a removable cap to insert the patented mini-tamper. The color and overall shape of the lid looks a little different from the 5200 or 7500, but has the same functions.


The blender supports self-cleaning.

Put a half container of warm water with a couple drops of dish soap in it, and…

  1. Press Start/Stop. Then slowly raise from 1 to 10
  2. Run for 30-60 seconds
  3. Rotate knob from 10 back to 1.Press Start/Stop.
  4. Empty the water from the container.
  5. Rinse the container, lid, and tamper in fresh water.

Voila, the blender is clean, it’s that Simple.


The E310 supports many accessories!

E310 Compatible Containers

  • C-Series Containers
  • G-Series Containers
  • 20 oz Cup (must use the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter)

E310 Non-Compatible Containers

Containers that allows the Vitamix Self-Detect Technology such as the ones used on the Ascent blenders.

E310 Personal Sized Container

The E310 supports the use of the Vitamix 20 oz cup. But first you have to buy a tool called the Personal Cup Adapter

E310 Tamper Holder

It’s a plastic holder goes on the bottom of the blender base, I’ve never owned one of these, but I think I will have to buy one soon. it allows storing the tamper in a space to save time for upright configuration. In my old house, I used to store the lid’s cap in the drawer permanently and keep the tamper in the lid as it’s storage spot. But in our new house, the kitchen cabinets are of normal height, and I can no longer store the tamper in the lid.

Blade Scraper

In situations whereby you blended an oily type of food, and is now looking for a way to clean the underside of the blades, Then the blade scraper is the tool to use.



If you’re considering getting the E310 but yet you’re still reluctant on if it’s truly the right choice, we have selected the main models that are widely compared to E310 and closely compared the two products to enable you make the best decision.

Vitamix E310 vs A2300

  • Price The A2300 is costlier than the E310, but you get quite a bit more for the money
  • Blender Height the two has the sand height
  • Power The A2300 has a 2.2 HP motor compared to the 2.0Hp of the E310. But they use different containers with the A2300 making use of 4 blades, thus requiring more HP.
  • Warranty The E310 has a 5 year warranty while the A2300 has a 10 year warranty.
  • Return Policy 30-day in-home trial if purchased direct from
  • Ease of Cleaning Both has a Self-cleaning system
  • Controls Big differences here. Both come with 2 switches and a dial that perform start/stop, pulse, and variable speed. What the A2300 provides extra is a display, that reports errors, counter,
  • Loudness The E310 is a bit louder than the A2300
  • Legacy They are brand new models for 2017, so they both likely have a long model life ahead of them
  • Key Differentiator unlike the E310 the A2300 supports personal size containers without having to need the personal cup adapter
  • Why Buy E310 because it is cheaper and can perform as well as the costlier A2300

Vitamix E310 vs A2500

  • Price The Vitamix E310 is cheaper than the A2500, but you are most likely to miss out on a lot of advanced features.
  • Blender Height both share the same height
  • Power  A2500 is powered be a 2.2Hp while the E310 is powered by a 2.0Hp
  • Warranty The E310 has a warranty of 5 years while the A2500 has a warranty of 10 years.
  • Return Policy if purchased directly from you get a 30 day in home trail
  • Ease of Cleaning both comes with a self cleaning service
  • Controls both share the same differences as the E310 vs A2300, except the A2500 adds:
  • 1) Digital Timer which helps with making repeatable results from your recipes and 2) Programs 
  • Loudness There is more sound with E310 compared to the A2500
  • Legacy They are both 2017 models, so both still has a model lifelong time ahead of them
  • Key Differentiator The A2500 also supports the use of personal size containers without needing the personal cup adapter, and the A2500 also has programs which can save a lot of time.
  • Why Buy E310 It’s much cheaper than the A2500

Vitamix E310 vs Certified Reconditioned Standard

Price The Vitamix E310 is more expensive than the Reconditioned Standard blender

Blender Height The difference in height between the two products is quite obvious with the certified reconditioned blender coming out on top

Power They both use the same 2.0Hp

Warranty They both have a standard 5 year warranty but unlike the reconditioned standard the E310’s can be bumped up to 8 years

Return Policy 30-day in-home trial if purchased direct from

Ease of Cleaning They both come with self-cleaning system

Controls There isn’t much difference in the controls, both have the same functions

Loudness both make the same amount of noise

Legacy The reconditioned standard with is also known as the 5200 is a 2007 model Vitamix blender which is mostly sold out lately compared to the 2017 new brand of the E310

Key Differentiator The key difference is that the E310 ships with the low profile container, that allows it to fit underneath most upper kitchen cabinets

Why Buy E310 it’s available in the market and still has a lifelong model term ahead of it

Vitamix E310 vs Ninja CT805 Chef

Price The Vitamix E310 is costlier than the Ninja CT805

Blender Height The CT805 is taller than the E310 and therefore will not fit underneath most upper kitchen cabinets.

Power Both use the same power of 2.0Hp though the spec of the CT805 is somewhat unclear but it is been listed as 1500 watts which can be deduced as 2.0Hp

Warranty The CT805 comes with just a 1 year warranty compared to the E310’s 5 year warranty which can possibly be upgraded to 8 years

Return Policy With Vitamix the manufacturer offers a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy to allow for in-home trials. Whereas the Ninja doesn’t have such similar offer, so it solely depends on your agreement with the retailer

Ease of Cleaning In terms of controls the CT805 is superior to the E310 with classy backlit display with a variable speed knob, 6 buttons and several program options.

Loudness They are both loud when in use

Legacy They were both launched around the same time, so both of them have a long model life ahead

Key Differentiator Though the CT805 is superior in controls the main difference for me is the 1 year warranty which the CT805 offers in contrast to the 5 year(possibly 8 years) warranty the E310 offers

Why Buy If you are in a low budget to afford the E310 then the CT805 is another good choice but if you can afford to spend a little bit more from your budget then the E310 is the one to buy.


  • Vitamix has finally given an answer to the market demand for a Vitamix blender that has a lower height and a smaller container.
  • The E310 controls are very straightforward , making the controls very easy to be accustomed to
  • The Explorian E310 is sold at a good price, thus solving the main problem that none of Vitamix’s blender cost less than $500. And to think this is for a new brand.

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