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The Vitamix 750 blender features the best noiseless motor, Vitamix has ever produced. It contains 5 pre- programmed settings for smoothies, hot soup, puree and frozen desserts. Also included in this machine is a low profile and self cleaning design and you can agree with me that it can perfectly suit any of your wall unit. Seeing the inscription ‘ light industrial food’ at the base of the Vitamix 750,one can agree with me that this is no ordinary blender, it is certainly more than just a blender


The Vitamix family has always followed a particular pattern of design but I guess they decided to spice things up with the latest Vitamix 750. One can easily detect the difference between a professional blender and household blenders based on their looks, and not just their power

Beside the flick switches of the Vitamix, there is a smooth round knob along with a horizontal line that gives it a cool style. There is a presence of a rocker switch by the side and there is also another switch mainly for pulse. Different speeds ranging from 1-10 can be seen on one side of the knob and hence the controls are not ambiguous. The jug which contains 4 laser cut, stainless steel blades that are about 4cm wide rests perfectly on the centering pad and does not require any turning process. The jug’s lid can be adjusted until it attains a comfortable and tight position, it’s  central part can as well be taken out in order to create space for a tamper to push in difficult ingredients.


The Vitamix 750 blender weighs about 5.7kg, due to its heaviness it is suitable for work tops. It has a very lengthy cable of about 6ft(approximately 1.8 meters) which determines where it can be kept. It also comes with a quick start guide and a book containing recipes for bread production, batters to dip, spread, dressing, sauces, drinks soups and dessert as well as nutritional information.

I decided to make a green drink using the smoothie section so I combined water, fruit, spinach and ice inside the jug. The smoothie section was indicated with a symbol of two drops of liquid and I feel most people wouldn’t easily grab the meaning of the symbol. As I began blending with a low speed, I noticed that the blades blended the leaves earlier and then formed a swirl that pushed the larger ingredients further down. Immediately I started blending, the ice cubes became united and blended at once unlike most blenders. Immediately I got a uniform mixture, there was a speed up process till the end of my blending section. I had a smooth smoothie with uniform texture and flavor and I gently poured it out through the wide outlet of the blender

The next thing I made was a strawberry yogurt by the use of frozen dessert section. It was a slow process till I noticed that the strawberries had clustered together thereby making blending difficult. By the time I was done with taking the clumps apart, the program has already completed. I would have preferred the program came with a pause rather than being stopped entirely but nevertheless I activated a slow speed while still making use of the tamper and at the end I got a nice cream like frozen yogurt.

I made use of the puree program for my tomato sauce and I got a smooth uniform sauce in less than a minute. The sauce was thick and was all over the lid of the jug. But i still needed to boil it after I was done blending.

NOTE : Most recipes requires cooking either before or after blending.

Lastly, I made soup using the hot soup program. Immediately I added my milk, cheese, broccoli, onion and a stock cube, I blended at a slow speed before increasing the speed. This process lasted for about 6 minutes and in the end I saw steam leaving from the lid. After I finished with the programme I couldn’t  remove the lid with my bare hands because it was too hot and I had to wear a glove, even the soup was very hot for a long period. Even though the Vitamix 5300 made much noise, it still served me well

After I was done with everything, I activated the self cleaning program and it was really effective even though there were some part that still required extra cleaning with my hands


 The Vitamix 5300 is suitable for daily use and also for tasks that cannot be performed by using less costly blenders. Even though the Vitamix 5300 is heavy and makes noise but it is definitely worth your money because it is a durable multi purpose blender that can perfectly suits your home. Furthermore, it comes with a seven years warranty as well.


No doubt the Pro750 blender is expensive but it’s worth every penny you spend on it and more over makes eating look so fantastic

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