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You can agree with me that at some point in our lives we have all been guilty of over speeding either in a hurry or just by mistake. Fortunately, radar detectors are here to help speed freaks as well as those who find it hard adhering to the speed limit in a particular area. Selecting a particular radar detector that will be suitable for your car has become difficult as there are varieties of radar detectors out there. Moreover a radar detector is necessary because it can rescue from paying huge tax fines as well as points on the license.


This review is aimed at giving you all the information you need about the Uniden R3 Radar Detector. The Uniden R3 Radar Detector is among the best radar detector you can find in the market. It has many features that makes it suitable for any type of car.

The Uniden R3 Radar Detector is extremely sensitive and offers fast reactivity as well as advanced filtering, and that makes it one of the top radar detectors we have. Radar detectors are electronic devices that gives you information about your car speed and enables you to know when someone (either a policeman or any other offer) is watching your speed as you drive. They are legal devices that you can keep in your car  as long as you are a driver. Speed detectors uses Doppler effect to record the speed of any car passing nearby. The radar beams a radio wave at the vehicle to measure the expected frequency change of the reflected wave.

The superhetereodyne receiver is used by the radar detector to identify wave coming from the speed gun. The car detector hones in on the signal coming from the speed traps and warns the driver using a sound or visual signal.


  • OLED screen
  • Digitalized signal processor
  • Auto-mute function
  • Two windshield mounts
  • Camera alerts for red lights
  • Filters for K false and KA false
  • 12 V power cable connected to USB data port
  • Built-in mark location option
  • Instruction manual and carry case included


The Uniden R3 is designed in such a way that the outer parts has tight seams thereby making it suitable to hold. It comes with a powerful case where you can find the detector including everything else . It has huge menu buttons with enough gap between them and has a touchy feel.

The packaging has two type of mount. A conventional dual suction- cup mounting brackets performs extremely well and a sticky cup mounting brackets with a head that looks like a ball, enables different mounting positions and angles.

The Uniden R3 detector is not too heavy and it’s not too light as well and has an excellent size. It has a push button that lowers the sound of incoming alerts or location. It has an excellent and organized USB port that boosts your smartphone and also a cool coiled cigarette lighter power adapter that is terminated with an RJ-11 jack.


The Uniden R3 has varieties of display brightness settings that has proven helpful many times. These display settings includes the BRIGHT mode, a DIM mode, a DIMMER mode, a DARK mode which keeps the screen off with a small dot showing. It remains that way until it detects something and then turns on the screen again to show you the information you need to see. The R3 detector also has an OFF mode that keeps the screen off even after detecting an information. It gives you the information via audio alerts.

The Uniden R3 Radar Detector shows information such as the current speed direction, the current daytime, the detector’s sensitivity setting, frequency of primary detection, the police radar band including three additional police radar bands with their signal strength.

The DIM mode at the front button can be reactivated easily later in the day for provision of information and can as well be reactivated using the stealth less attention garnering appearance. The R3 detector also gives you information about your battery and current altitude.

The UnidenR3 Radar Detector has a natural good quality voice and alert volumes. Even when it is set to its maximum volume, the voice still remains clear and thus alerts are easily identified without any distortion.

The R3 detector does a good job at identifying radar detections. It has the main detected radar band, the frequency signal strength shown as 5 bars with many colors for levels and relative proximity. Its high dynamic range gives you an idea of how close you are to a radar source which helps you to adjust and know the next thing to do. It also has 3 selectable sensitivity settings which are CITY, CITY 2 and HIGHWAY


The Uniden R3 Radar Detector is simple to operate and also easy to set up. It has a menu button at the top of the detector that enables you to access the configuration menu. It also has a right/left volume button. The volume button enables you to choose how high or low you want the voice sound to be.

 The R3 detector hasa MENU button that enables you to change the features as well as exiting the program whenever you want to.

The sensitivity settings (CITY, CITY2 and HIGHWAY) allows you to change the K and L band sensitivity in order to reduce incorrect alerts. The settings can be changed to however you want your detector to operate easily and you can as well change the display color to suit your interiors

The R3 Quiet ride feature enables you to activate low-speed muting. The GPS option can be accessed with the GPS related software of the detector. It has extra features such as the Red light cam and speed camera. It mutes the X and K alerts while driving around town and in turn reduces incorrect alerts.


Uniden R1 and R2 are identical detectors with the same filtering and performance abilities. The R3 is basically the R1 with an attached GPS feature performing actions like:

  • Low-speed muting that makes the detector quiet while driving around town
  • GPS lockouts to get the detector to learn and reduce incorrect alerts from automatic door openers and speed signs
  • Speed camera and red-light camera alerts

You can agree with me that these features makes the Uniden R3 Detector a good and versatile detector that perfectly fits driving in urban areas. Aside from this major differences, there are also minor differences between the R2 and R3 which includes :

  • The GPS in R3 automatically shuts off when you park for sometime.
  • R1 displays the voltage constantly where as the R3 allows change of display to compass, altitude or speed.
  • R3 has automatic dimming of display during night hours as a result of the GPS
  • R1 features a CITY button to change between City and Highway modes while the R3 requires a long press at the MENU button to change between the modes
  • R3 features a MARK button at the front that enables you to select a particular GPS location for notification when next you travel to that location

The R1 is a good radar detector for driving but the R3’s new features including the GPS makes it suitable for city and highway driving. But nevertheless, they are good detectors to add your car irrespective of their prices

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