Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 Speaker Review


Ultimate Ears continues to keep up their track record of 5 star products with their latest product; the Megaboom 3 Portable Bluetooth speaker. With its impressive design tweaks, sonic boosts, and exciting new features, it is definitely going to be a game-changer.


In the design of the portable Megaboom, we see a revision in high density fabric protecting the speaker’s latest version, since it is designed for outdoor use – at a festival, poolside, muddy camping, and other such activities.

Megaboom 3 is both dustproof and waterproof, which means it can stay as deep as 3 feet underwater for as long as 30 minutes. It is a powerful speaker that floats, and just like the compact Wonderboom, it will still keep playing music after it drops into the pool. Do not overstretch it by leaving it underwater for too long though. 

As per aesthetics, the big band housing the huge volume buttons now sits at the back. This gives the speaker a sleeker appearance and allows a smooth delivery of 360 degree sound.


The speaker comes in an array of different colors ranging from Ultraviolet, Blue, Red, Night black, as well as Denim Blue and Cloud Blue, which are exclusive to Apple. The shimmering shine of the fabric around the trademark logo is quite endearing. And although the speaker has a sturdy look, it is surprisingly lightweight.

In older versions of Booms and Megabooms, charging it will require it to be turned upside down so that the charging cable can be plugged underneath. With Megaboom 3, there has been a change in the position of the charging port so it can be charged upright. You can also place it on a charging stand as an alternative.

The Meagboom 3 speaker lasts up to 20 hours on full charge and this has remained a benchmark with Ultimate Ears, even in their previous versions.


Some exciting new tricks have been included in the redesigned top button also known as the Magic button. Songs can be played and paused with a single tap, tracks can be skipped with a double-tap, and playlists can be called-up with a long press.

Yes, it is quite exciting to see a speaker that can play your favorite playlist without the need of having your phone in hand. You don’t even need to turn it on, as long as it is already connected to your Smartphone. The accompanying Ultimate Ears app is required if you intend to set up multiple playlists.

Although the playlist feature is an exciting addition, it also has its limitations. For iOs users, playlists can only be imported from Apple Music while Deezer is needed for Android users, even more, no Spotify. Ultimate Ears has stated in their recent claims that talks are ongoing to incorporate other streaming services.

The free app gives the user access to control popular Ultimate Ears features like PartyUp and Stereo. You also have the option of pairing two Megaboom 3s for stereo mode or linking up to 150 Megabooms if you are hosting a large party. This is made possible with the increase in its Bluetooth range from 30m to 45m.

As expected with Ultimate Ears speakers, the Megaboom 3 has a fun, punchy, and enthusiastic sound that commands excitement without compromising on balance. There are just so many features in this speaker that you may begin to forget that it’s only a portable Bluetooth speaker.


With its impressive 360 degrees sound dispersion, your audio can quickly fill up your room, but it can get to its limit when you push it too hard.

After popular demand, Ultimate Ears has enhanced its passive radiator to give the Megaboom 3 a deeper bass, satisfying solid sound, and a remarkable sense of rhythm. The sound from the speaker is much punchier and has deeper base-lines compared with the Megablast powered by Alexa, which cost the same price.

Bottom line

There are lots of available weatherproof portable speaker. Still, Ultimate Ears have made a name for themselves with their combination of great designs and exciting features while ensuring a superb sound output.

So, if you are looking for value for your money, the Megaboom 3’s with its sleek design, exciting features, and improved sound quality, is a great option to try.

Last update was on: June 30, 2020 8:26 am

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