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To establish a connection between your console and a wireless headset, you most definitely will need to use a transmitter or a kind of dongle. With the Turtle Beach Stealth 700, you won’t have to go through the hassle. 

The Stealth 700 is one of the first headsets designed with a built-in Xbox Wireless technology, and it provides users with the ability to sync their Xbox One without requiring any additional accessory. Other features of the rock-solid headset include rich game audio, Bluetooth functionality, remarkably clear microphone, and active noise cancellation.

Although the Stealth 700 may have its oddities, it remains the best gaming headsets for Xbox One gamers who want to enjoy premium wireless audio with ease.

Design and Wireless Functionality

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 sports an attractive black design and a few extra add-ons. The ear cups have sleek diagonal lines which give it a pleasant modern appearance, but I’m more thrilled by its subtle green stripes on my Xbox model as compared to the PS4 version which has blue highlights.

On the headset’s left ear cup are several buttons and ports including an Xbox sync button, volume knobs for the game and chat audio, a micro USB port for charging, and a 3.5mm jack for connecting with external audio devices. The outer ear cup is adorned with the Bluetooth button, Superhuman hearing, and power buttons that are very easy to reach but a bit difficult to differentiate at first.

Aside from the sleek look of the Stealth 700, its ease of connectivity with the Xbox and its ability to sync to Xbox One without any transmitter or dongle, are its best features.

All you need to do is turn on the headset, press the sync button, and that’s it. The process is amazingly easy and takes away the usual hassles that come with using wireless headsets. It is even so surprising that other headset makers have not adopted its technology yet.


The faux-leather ear cups on the Stealth 700 are a bit too rigid for me, but I was still comfortable using the headset for a long time. It may not be as cushy as the HyperX Cloud Alpha, but it is surprisingly lightweight at just 10 ounces which was why I didn’t feel much weight from the ear cups. It also provides comfort with its ProSpecs technology for people who wear glasses.

Gaming Performance

With the Stealth 700, you get to enjoy impressive game audio with lots of bass, maybe a little too much sometimes. But using the headset’s Superhuman hearing setting, there’s the increase in treble that highlights enemy footsteps, and you can easily find the right profile that fits the game you are playing.

The turtle Beach’s headset makes the vicious brawling of Injustice 2 an exhilarating experience for gamers. There was a bassy sense of impact in every kick, punch, and explosion while boomerang tosses, sword slices and similar noises sounded extra crisp.

I had the same degree of engagement with the competitive shooting in Overwatch though I had to bear with the heavy bass of the headset, which sometimes muddied things up when there was so much activity on the screen. Luckily, the Superhuman Hearing feature made it easier for me to pinpoint gunfire and enemy footsteps.

When I raced around in Forza Horizon 3, I was satisfied with the game’s engine and tire sounds, especially the sonic thud whenever a piece of debris is knocked over. However, I felt too much bass in the headset’s default setting as well.

Microphone, Software and Battery

The Stealth 700 is designed with a small flip-to-mute mic which delivers impressive performance for its small size. I was impressed with the clarity of my voice when I played back my recorded Twitch streams, though I’d have loved the mic to be a bit louder.

The headset also has Bluetooth support which enabled me to stay connected to my Smartphone and my Xbox at the same time. With this feature, I could just be jamming wirelessly to some music without losing my game audio.

There’s also the app called Turtle Beach Audio Hub available in Android, iOS, and PC through which you to fine-tune the Stealth 700 to a sound profile works well for you. With this software, you can easily toggle features like chat boost, noise cancellation, Superhuman Hearing, and even choose between the available audio presets. The app offers so many customizable options, but I would have liked the ability to activate the options right on the headset.

The headset promises as much as 10 hours of battery life and my testing confirms this claim because even though I have had series of multiple hour gaming sessions, I am yet to drain the headset after a full charge fully.

Stealth 600 vs 700

There’s the Stealth 700 and the Stealth 600, so what differentiates them? Both headsets have the Xbox Wireless functionality which allows for seamless connectivity with the gaming console as well as superhuman hearing and customizable sound presets. Even with the Stealth 600 being the cheaper model, it offers as much as 15 hours of battery life compared to the Stealth 700 which offers only 10 hours.

Making the commitment of paying for the Stealth 700 gives you some extra features like Bluetooth, noise cancellation, and DTS 7.1 Surround Sound functionalities on a PS4 model. 

Bottom Line

All things considered, a clear microphone, solid sound quality and all the extra useful features, makes the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 a smashing wireless gaming headset.

However, other Xbox Wireless headsets are pretty good as well. One of them is the LucidSound LS15X which has an exceptional in-ear design and rests comfortably on the neck. Another is the LS35X which features the same first-class design as seen in the LS30. Yet another option is Xbox variant of Razer’s Thresher Ultimate which features a stellar sound but costs more.

Even though they are all compelling options, the Stealth 700 beats them all with a balance between functionality and price.

Last update was on: June 30, 2020 8:23 am

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