Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Headset Review


Turtle Beach used to totally blow the competition out of the water, balancing a strong mix of aesthetics, comfort, and quality of sound. The competition caught up quickly though, and Turtle Beach is now just a solid manufacturer in a large industry of other headset manufacturing companies.

Enter the Turtle Beach Stealth 600, which is an affordable wireless headset for use on the Xbox One and PS4. A great-sounding headset this cheap sounds too good to be true, and in a way it is. It features a very awkward mic, low versatility, and a difficult fit which made the Stealth 600 a tough sell.

Turtle Beach makes many compromises with its Stealth 600 counterpart. These compromises did help in making it cheap. Before your make your final purchase, be sure to shop around and look at the competition as well!


The Stealth 600 looks like it’s part of a paste era of gaming, with hard angles bisect the ear cups and dark blue or a bright green depending on which version you get.

The boom microphone is particularly good – it folds all the way back and is parallel to the ear cup. It’s an excellent halfway solution, which is not as elegant as a mic which folds into your ear.

The Stealth 600’s ear cups don’t have much swivel, and this helps give them a wonderfully comfortable fit. They fold up as well, which makes them very portable. The headband padding, made of a quality foam, is plush and has give, and its extendable notches feel quite cheap, so it’ll take time to find a good fit.

This headphones’ left earcup contains both the regular volume and also the chat-volume dial, so it’s very crowded by that ear. It’s a very odd place for them. It’s easy to hit the wrong knob when trying to adjust the volume then wonder why your volume hasn’t changed.

all the buttons are straightforward. Its left ear cup contains the power button, the pairing button and also the equalization button. The charge port is also on the left, making it very crowded. While the left ear cup is the center of the device’s function, it is so crowded it’s kind of silly and really crowds your left ear.


Turtle Beach utilizes “ProSpecs” technology in the Stealth 600 to make the ear cups easier for those users who wear glasses. Those who wear glasses can confirm the headset is quite easy on one’s ears and manage to create a strong seal on the ears that doesn’t press on them too hard.

At first, the headset felt like it might fall off at any moment.

Comfortable ear cups are just half the battle. The Stealth 600 has a stiff construction, and most gaming headsets tend to lean forward a bit more. The 600 sits behind the user’s crown, instead of just behind the user’s forehead.

The headset tends to feel like it’ll fall off any time — though luckily it stayed put. That being said, it was a concern most of the time we were wearing the headset.

I lent my Stealth 600 to a colleague, and he hated it. He had the exact same issues I did with the headset’s fit (he initially thought he was wearing it backwards), but he thought it felt cheap and strange to wear as well.

Gaming Performance

If you can keep it on your head, the Stealth 600 is excellent in the audio department. It features stereo and surround sound on the PS4 or Xbox One, and both performances sounded crystal clear and high-quality.

The easy connectivity with consoles is a pleasant respite from juggling wires.

I played Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Dark Souls (and some other games) to test the Stealth 600, though I found the headset wasn’t in favor of a particular type of game or genre. No matter which game I played, the sound quality was consistent across all of them, which was impressive.


What positions the Stealth 600 above many other headsets in the marketplace is its affordable price point, as well as its wireless functionality. The Stealth 600 will sync with your PS4 or Xbox One (the Xbox One doesn’t require a dongle, while the PS4 does). It features a range of over twenty feet and a fifteen-hour battery life. It has a flawless wireless signal, and its simple connectivity with consoles saves you from having to juggle wires.

It isn’t easy to connect your headset to your PC. If you use a USB cable you won’t be able to listen to anything. The Xbox headset does require the Xbox One Wireless Adapter for use on a PC. This is a big pain for the PC gamers out there who want to use these headphones.

The bundled Turtle Beach Audio Hub software package won’t do much except alter tone volumes. You hear the tones when switching between this headset’s 4 different equalization modes – these include treble boost, balanced sound, chat boost, and bass boost. The profiles aren’t great, so I didn’t switch away from the balanced sound mode too much.

The mic works but is not very impressive. It sits far from the user’s mouth, so unless you speak very loudly it won’t pick up your voice. Luckily, the background-noise pickup is very minimal, and my voice did come in clearly. The sound was not too refined, however. It’ll work in a pinch for multiplayer chat, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Music Performance

I was surprised how well the Stealth 600 handled the music playing I did. I listened to ambient game music with it, as well as some Gordon Lightfoot, Flogging Molly, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The Rolling Stones, and some others.

The Stealth 600 sounds spectacular.

All the tracks sounded very full, thick, and detailed. All the intricate guitar parts, to the layered vocal parts, to the bass and drums which did not overcrowd the melodies, the Stealth 600 was one of the best experiences listening to music I’ve had with a game headset.

Bottom Line

Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 gives good sound for both music and games, which is its most important function. The fit is bad, however, and the design (and PC interface) is awkward and keeping it up is challenging. If you’re able to live with a wired model, look at the SteelSeries Arctis 5,which is better-fitting and sounds just as awesome. The outstanding Logitech G533 is another good alternative, for those who like wireless sets. It is available for a decent price point which isn’t much more expensive than the Stealth 600.

For its affordable price point, the Stealth 600 provides excellent gaming and music sound performance. Its cumbersome design and PC interface, however, is a big detractor. Look at it but consider its alternatives as well.

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