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The T1-84 calculator is designed with the high school student in mind, no doubts about that. In addition, a lot of college students still use the device, and it is accepted on nearly every standardized test.

It was in the spring of 2010 that the Texas Instruments was rolled out, with 2.53 MP, an operating system which finally gave it a math print—which makes fractions look like fractions and exponents look like exponents. It comes with some notable capabilities, most of which set it apart from the rest of the graphic calculators in the consumer markets. Here they are:

  • Real and complex numbers are calculated to an accuracy of 14 digits. They are then displayed with 10 digits in addition to an exponent of 2 digits.
  • The T1-84 can graph up to 10 rectangular functions, 6 parametric expressions, 3 sequences that are recursively defined, and 6 polar expressions. It can simultaneously define, save and, analyze up to 10 graphing functions accurately.
  • The calculator has a graphing sequence mode that displays time series plots, phase plots and cobweb/stair-step plots.
  • While it can list user-defined names, list up to 999 elements and display 14 different interactive zoom features, the device’s numeric evaluations are rendered in table format for all graphing modes.
  • The Texas Instruments can carry out interactive analysis for function values, integrals, minimums, maximums, and derivatives.
  • It has 7 unique graph styles with which you can differentiate the look of every graph you draw.
  • Depending on what you want, the device can display your work in horizontal or vertical split-screens.
  • Not only can it store up to 10-50×50 matrices, but it also has an inverse, transpose, determinant, augment, elementary row, and reduced row echelon-supported matrix operations.
  • This calculator can convert lists to matrices and matrices to lists. It can handle list-based and two-variable analyses for logistics, media-medians, quadratic polynomial regression models, powers, exponentials, linear equations, logarithms, and quadratic polynomials.
  • It has a trio of statistical plot definitions for a range of plots, including regular—and modified—box-and-whisker, normal probabilities, xy-lines, scatter plots, and histograms.
  • For its advanced statistics capabilities, it has a one-way variance analysis, 6 confidence interval function, and 9 hypothesis testing functions. More so, it has more than 200 functions and a multi-line display.

There is proof that graphic calculators have what it takes to improve the GPAs, SAT, PSAT, and ACT performances of students. Having one of these isn’t just a good investment, but will also serve as a through-thick-and-thin math companion for the entirety of your academic career. As a result, T1-84 is highly recommended.

With this review, we will talk about the upsides and downsides of this calculator and fill in the blanks we could have missed by including the opinions of the device’s users. The main aim here is to help you understand as much as you can about it so you’d be able to make a sound purchasing decision. As we get on with it, do give us the chance to give you buying advice, which has a section where you can get information about the calculator.

About The Product

Are you looking for a great entry-level calculator? The T1-84 does not fall far from that tree of mathematical perfection. It packs just about enough features, varied enough to support both greenhorns and veteran mathematicians. Case in point, the calculator has a USB port which lets you transfer data from the device into your PC or desktop.

Technical Specs

The SAT, ACT, and PST-approved T1-84 has an LCD screen that is suitable for graph plotting and it can be used to transfer data from calculator to computer. The manufacturer, Texas Instruments has been providing top-notch mathematical tools for more than 87 years.

The Dallas-headquartered technology company’s products have been a lifeline for students, professionals, and even engineers. On the backs of their time in the global integrated circuit game, they have become a reliable and well-known brand whose calculators are highly recommended. This calculator, in particular, is tailored for versatility.


A calculator that can show quadratic, logarithmic, and parametric mathematical functions and comes at a friendly price is definitely one of the no-brainers. One of the things consumers like about the device is that it complies with standard testing policies and can be used to ace all levels of standardized testing.

What’s more, the T1-84 comes with a long-lasting battery, one which can last for a fortnight before losing energy. Because you do not want the cell to give up on you in the middle of an intense, potentially life-changing exam, we recommend you make sure it is fully charged before the paper. The T1-84 also comes with supplemental software which further improves your competence with numbers, graphs, and equations.

Despite all the cool features, it is not so perfect after all. Firstly, the package lacks quality control, a problem around which users have reported defective parts on their first try. Defective calculators often result in low scores due to reduced efficiency. If you encounter this problem with yours, do not hesitate to request for a replacement.

Another consumer-noted difficulty with the calculator is its navigation. According to some users, the instruction manual appears confusing to understand. This, in turn, makes it harder for students to perform complex equations. If you want to stick with the product, regardless, take some time to learn about it to ensure it serves you best when you need it the most.

Buying Advice

There are a couple of things you need to take into consideration before buying this Texas Instruments product.

Exam Type

Before you buy a calculator, you need to know if the guidelines of the exam you are going to take allow it. People who do not bother to check this out often end up spending hundreds of dollars on test fees, not to mention how much they have wasted buying the device itself. When you know the right calculator to buy, it saves you the entire squabble in the long run, especially pre-exam disorientation.

Some exams have a no-nonsense graphing calculator policy—the NCES, for example. Such assessments allow only specific models, so it is important to find out which beforehand. By doing this way long before your exam, you will be giving yourself enough time to familiarize yourself with the calculator and know how to use it to the fullest.

Supporting Apps

One of the most obvious perks of the T1-84 is the amount of apps it can download. Each of these applications comes in handy because they are designed to help students learn their desired math subjects. By using the apps, you can fully understand the range of possibilities that your graphing calculator can handle.

For starters, check the catalog of apps it can download. Case in point, the T1-84 has apps like Flash Cards, Conic Graphing, and Transformation Graphing pre-installed. Check out which of them best suits your assessment and understand so you can get used to studying with them.


The Texas Instruments T1-84 does more than enable you to come out with flying colors. It is a mathematically encompassing tool that can last for years and help you understand the seemingly complex ecosystem of numbers, symbols, expressions, and equations. Through high-quality graphs, it can create math solutions.

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