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A fantastic watch that is awesome for sports and has unique features, this outdoor suited watch seems promising, but is it good enough for navigation? Since it lacks GPS, this Suunto Core has begun ranking low when it comes to smart sport watches, a bit lower than the Suunto Ambit 2. Nevertheless, it is still an awesome choice for hikers and skiers because of its ease of usage and sturdiness.


Having a reasonable price, this smart sport watch isn’t just fully waterproof and attractive, it also has a silicon strap, and also comes with a beautiful dark display together with a compass ring surrounding the perimeter of the clock face.

Even though the display calls for concern because of the dim nature of the screen, information on the Suunto Core display can easily be read under cloud, and indoors too. It is even very easy to read what’s on the display in bright sunlight.

Though it has a dim screen, this smart watch made up for it by proving a very reliable battery life, with the battery life up to a year. This battery last so long not just because of its use of a very durable battery type, but also for the fact that the watch doesn’t have a GPS sensor which can drain up the battery very quickly, probably within days.


Why should you worry about GPS when the Suunto Core focuses more on digital altimetry, a feature that provides more accuracy and reliability than a GPS when outdoors? This altimeter is powerful, and it is capable of measuring pressure instead of coordinates in order to compute the altitude. However, for you to be able to turn this into location, you’ll be needing a map.

The main winning point it has is that it can still function properly even if your adventure takes you to areas where you can’t get a direct connection to GPS satellites.


What about a barometer reading? This feature also comes with a storm alarm that alerts you of a sudden decrease of air pressure, and as part of the Suunto Core’s central Alti and Baro tab, it has compass at one end and time on the other. You can easily toggle all of them, and it has a single button touch to get the current screen locked up, a powerful feature that you will always appreciate.

Right from setup, it has an option to make adjustments to the declination, and this makes it more sensible, a feature that has proven to be reliable and accurate. Similar to any manual compass, you can use it to catch up with bearings. Just below these read-outs that can be interchanged, you will find another part which displays time, date and even stopwatch.

With smartwatch users fond of Smartphone GPS apps like Nike+ Running and RunKeeper which takes record of the exact place you have been on a run, sports smartwatch lovers will also be enticed by the Suunto Core’s feature of recording the gains and losses of your altitude and then bringing them up on a graph for you. This functions for seven days, and it means that it would record walking, mountain ascents, or skiing for a week.

That’s not just all because there is still more, with three alarms which works by alerting you when you have ascended a particular height, and it has a stopwatch, a timer, and also a thermometer. With the watch setup, if you let it know where you are, it will display the time of sunset and also that of sunrise.


Are you the type that would love to know and calculate how far you have gone in meters rather than in minutes? If yes, the Suunto Core is for you. This is how pros do it, and even though most lovers of sports watches who engage in hiking, skiing and other related sporting activities will put into consideration spending a bit more to obtain a sports watch that has GPS, the long battery life and reliability of the Suunto Core is something you will find hard to let go.

Last update was on: September 10, 2020 12:01 pm

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