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Guess who just got added into the household of Streamlight’s weapon installed lights? The TLR-7!!!. The Streamlight TLR-7 ‘s most super characteristic is its very compact size. This little compact light we are talking about here contains 500 lumens, so it’s not about the size and it should definitely not confuse you. It is also a convenient way to attach a weapon mounted light to any pistol you desire. I was very keen to know what the TLR-7 looks like because the TLR-1 on my EDC pistol served me so good.


The idea that occurred to me immediately the Streamlight TLR-7 was dispatched out to me for analysis and assessment was to exchange my TLR-1 HL with the TLR-7. After unboxing the light I observed that it has a mini light and also there were rubber buttons instead of the normal rocker switch system. I was so reluctant to exchange my TLR-1 HL with the TLR-7 because it has been so good to me and moreover I was already used to the rocker switch so I had little problem adjusting with the new rubber switches. There is no way I could asses the equipment without using it so I had to use the TLR-7 instead of my TLR-1.

The streamlight tlr-7’s attachment process is just like the TLR-1 but a flathead screwdriver is needed to fasten it properly. Inside the box, there are variety of rail keys that enables you to install the light to any pistol you want including those that comes with the proprietary rails. Immediately I mounted my TLR-7 on my Glock 19, I began to perform some fire drills, I turned on the light for a moment and changed as fast as possible to the rubber buttons. To activate the light totally you have to press the button as quick as possible otherwise hold down for the momentary function.

Nevertheless I observed that the light had an issue of fluttering whenever I dry fire the trigger. I was worried about the light problem because obviously I should be worried about it, so I had to contact the Streamlight company and they got me a new light as a replacement for the faulty one in less than a week. Even though I was worried that the light might not last long enough for daily use on my G19 but we can all agree that there customer service is superb

NOTE: The TLR-7 reduces the quantity of carbon production during shooting since it does not go beyond the muzzle


Everything went so well with the new light, it didn’t flutter neither did it develop any fault, so I kept it on my G19. But currently I am confronted with a new problem of finding a good holster that would perfectly suit my TLR-7 and G19 combo. Via the internet, I searched some famous holster maker’s websites but still I couldn’t find anything until I met a holster maker at a Solo Defense training class who told me about his company, Yellow Dog Holsters and where it is located (South Carolina). The man assured me he would make a good holster that would perfectly suit my needs. The holster he made for was actually very good including the setup and suits perfectly for my TLR-7/G19 even though his company wasn’t a big one. I can’t recall how many times I took the light out for night shooting periods during my 90 days carry to know if the light can cope well and surprisingly it did very well each time. I was able to hit a steel IPSC target that was kept 25 yards away from me with ease, isn’t that wonderful?. We have gone through 350 rounds so far and yet it is working effectively without any fluttering. The TLR-7 does not necessarily need much cleaning after usage due to the fact that the carbon production is less and it does not go beyond the muzzle.

I have decided to keep carrying my streamlight TLR-7 in my holster as part of my daily carry setup since it is hardly noticed in front of my pistol


  • The Streamlight TLR-7 contains 500 lumens even though it is compact in size and gives 4300 candelas down range
  • Has identical beam pattern with the TLR-1 but cannot be compared with the TLR-1 in terms of brightness
  • Has a specified beam distance of about 131m
  • Features a defined Hotspot with a wide beam pattern, but because of its design it doesn’t give much light but it certainly gives enough light for use on a defensive pistol
  • Has a ten tap programming for strobe feature and also for momentary/permanent on
  • The TLR-7 is powered by a CR123 battery which runs for a duration of 1.5 hours
  • It weighs as small as 2.4 ounces with the battery


  • Intense lightweight pistol light
  • Requires just one battery
  • Contains as much as 500 lumens in its small container


  • Had a little issue of light fluttering with the first one but was solved with the second model
  • Rocker switches were easier to activate unlike the rocker switch


 After using the Streamlight TLR-7, I can say that it really served me well even though I had a little bit problem with my initial TLR-7 but streamlight gave me a better light as replacement which performed very well and I’ll keep carrying it on my G19 for EDC use. It seems like TLR-7 has come to stay as one of the most compact and brightest weapon lights that can be accessed by customers. Nevertheless, if any other problem arises in the future, I’ll certainly update this review

Last update was on: July 20, 2020 2:20 pm

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