Streamlight Tlr-6 Tactical Flashlight Review


The concept of being in public with a concealed weapon and a weapon light fastened to it certain years ago was a failure. It was difficult for me to get a good holster as at the time I gave it a trial with the outdated streamlight TLR-3 Quitting the use of tactical light was the next big thing for me due to my inability to find a good holster, before the Streamlight TLR-6 and SIG P365 combination light came to my rescue.

The Streamlight TLR-6 is fashioned in such a way that it is suitable for famous handgun models such as the SIG P365, the GLOCK 42,GLOCK 43 etc., and also has different models that perfectly suits subcompact weapons which originally lack rails for installation of objects. The TLR-6 contains a 100-lumen beam which can serve for a range of 89 meters efficiently, it also features a light as well as a red laser system that is directly beneath the light. The compactness of the light and  laser system makes it possible for use on mini EDC pistols.

Processes such as insertion of another battery, elevation adjustment, installation and windage can be done using the Allen key. The insertion of the Allen key on the trigger guard also demands the use of the Allen key for the separation of the unit before slipping it onto the trigger guard appropriately. The Streamlight TLR-6 is operated using both hands, there is a small circle-like push buttons situated at both sides of the unit that enables the use of both hands for control.


The Streamlight TLR-6 features three selectable modes which are the light and laser, laser only and lights only . This modes are recognized by the unit when any of them is choosed. Switching between the three modes requires a hold on one of the control buttons while you press the other one. There is a temporary mode that demands a hold on the ‘on’ button for a short time in order to work. The light has a duration of 1 hour while the laser appears to perform for 11 hours on its own.

I recorded the time of the unit operating the laser and light system and obtained a result of 1 hour and 4 minutes . The TLR-6 features the odd CR-1/3N lithium and uses both of them. I also found out that the Streamlight TLR-6 automatic shutdown performs excellently well even though it was irritating to my battery test. The importance of Ergonomics cannot be overlooked, the SIG SAUER p365 seems to have a bit of strong ergos in the basis of grip and control and fortunately, the Streamlight TLR-6 suits the small P365. The light and laser can be operated with the fore finger or the support hand thumb due to the location of the buttons. The 100 lumens that comes with the TLR-6 gives a beam not too wide enough but just enough to brighten your field of vision(Beam distance rated at 89 meters). Obviously, its range of light cannot be compared to the TLR-1 or the surefire X300 that has longer range of light but it is strong and suitable for conceal carry. It has adequate spill that prevents you from aiming straight at all things while trying to detect a particular threat. The TLR-6 is vivid enough to give you some more time to secure a good aiming point and also brightens your field of view to detect any threat first before engaging


Normally, I like using my normal sights but it’s so obvious that when an opponent attacks during the night hours, my normal eyesight cannot necessarily do much for me as the use of light is required and that is where a laser can be very important. If my concentration is towards detecting a threat, I’ll have to be certain I can pull the trigger. The laser allows me to concentrate on the possible threat rather than my sight. Since the light permits me to detect the possible threat, the laser points directly at the target which gives me the certainty I need for a clear shot.

I may have convinced you with my thoughts above but I decided to find out how good and correct my way of thinking was, so I took off with a shot timer, a few armor and decided to spend a night within my private range. My target was 15 yards away from me. Firstly I used the light and laser and tried identifying the threat before shooting, followed by just the laser and then lastly my normal sights


With the laser only: I shot correctly within a second and was capable of turning the lights on constantly with my best time as 88 while the average was 96

With normal eyesight: The light was adequate to brighten my view. My best time was 1.10,while the average was 1.12

ACCURACY DIFFERENCE : One of the targets I made use of had a heart and lungs while the other one had a head. The laser headed straight to the trunk.


The Streamlight TLR-6 Is a great equipment for conceal carrying. Obviously, the light and laser unit was definitely more hit since I could barely count how many times I missed. As a parent, I had come across different situations where I could only use just one arm to guard and provide security for I and my child and moreover the Streamlight TLR-6 made my P365 very ready and swift


High Lumens: 100
Run Time: 1 hour
Beam Distance: 89 meters
Battery Type: CR-1/3N Lithium
Battery Quantity: 2
Length: 2.20 inches – 2.97 inches
Weight: 1.12 ounces – 1.27 ounces
Colors: Flat Dark Earth Brown, Black

BRIGHTNESS: 100 lumen is probably a small quantity of light unlike the X300 from surefire but it certainly over powers the SIG’s own P365 weapon light and it gives an excellent beam that is wide and clear enough to illuminate your field of view


Sadly I’m taking a star off due to the momentary mode that requires a continuous press before it gets activated but switching on/off the unit is very simple and much easier with just a quick touch and the unit is good to go


Mounting is simple and do not need an Allen key for the separation of its unit, Much slower than something that can just attach to the rail.


If you are looking for a cheap, efficient, simple, clear and dependable light/laser system for subcompact pocket pistol, then streamlight TLR-6 is for you!!.

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