Sony Wh-1000xm3 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review


On CNET Sony’s WH-1000XM3 is highly rated wireless noise cancelling headphone from more than one year time period. Overall this headphone is still my choice. It features including design, performance and its noise as well as sound cancelling capacity is still very difficult to defeat. These headphones are expensive but sometimes these are available on discount prices.


In 2019 Bose’s Noise Cancelling Headphone 700 and many other topmost noise cancelling headphones were launched. I did comparison of both deeply and I end up saying both are on equal level. But the meatier bass sound and battery life (twenty hours of Bose’s in comparison with thirty hours of Sony WH-1000XM3) of Sony WH-1000XM3 is bit more good. On the other hand Bose 700 has better built headband, Alexa voice assistant as a choice and for calling more clear sound. Price is the largest difference in between them. Sony is more expensive as compare to Bose.


Most probably in 2020, Sony by launching its new M4 or Sony WH-1000X –  the fourth-gen model will improve its few drawbacks like bit discouraging headset working and touch control set which cam badly affected by low temperatures. The timing of its arrival is still not known but it is good to expect discounts on M3 this model more and more.

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In Oct, 2018 when I firstly evaluated WH-1000XM3 it looks like that engineers of Sony read all the reviews on CNET in 2017 about WH-1000MX2 and every little issue which I faced was corrected by them. Headbands shapes and ear cups padding are the largest changes in design. Now headphone weight is less and headband is more shaped to your head. Ear cups padding is also softer. Final conclusion is headphone that is more comfy as compare to previous ones. It weighs 254 grams as compare to this Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II which launched in 2018 is bit lighter as 235 grams. But now in context of comfort, Sony is on level along Bose which was one of Bose’s plus point.

Conversion of Micro-USB towards USB-C charging is also a big alteration made by Sony. Another quick charging feature which provides five hours usage with ten minute charge time is also newly provided. This is quite impressive. And battery life of thirty hours on mediocre vol. levels is too good.

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I was bit uncomfortable with the working of headset in 1000X models which I reviewed before. But engineers moved to recent multi microphone array system in WH-1000XM3which filters all background sounds during the call. Now this drawback is becoming strength of Sony as I tested it by making many calls and the working of headset was quiet better and improved.

Sony WH-1000XM3: Redesigned for increased comfort

Some other changes in appearance are made. Touch control present on the outside of ear cups is much smooth. Moreover its bag pack is also bit changed. For small USB-C and headphone cable there is a reserved spot. As wired headphone mode, you can utilize it; it is also good during flights because its sound is better in this mode. Representatives of Sony told me that like MDR-1AM2 headphone, this one also have similar drivers and according to me this is better than Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II and its sound is more defined, clear and bass is quick to play. During testing bass, there is bit bass push as I lowered volume of Alt-J’s 3WW for bit toning down things but it is just muscular and does not get roaring. Wholly, for Bluetooth headphone this one provides clear and nice sound (anyway for close back headphone).

For listening, I transfer headphone towards Steve Guttenberg. He writes columns in CNET’s Audiophiliac. He maybe rigid towards Bluetooth headphones but gave positive reviews for WH-100XM3 like natural defined bass and midrange, better treble etc. As far as sound is concerned he did not complaint about it.

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