Sony Rx100 Vii Premium Compact Camera Review


Evolution of camera in something that truly reveals all technical expertise of Sony is seen by many past generations but are you ready to pay for it. This camera is expensive. It is for those people who do not consider much about money. With the passage of years we have viewed a number of changes Sony made including 4K video, long zoom lens, tilt screen, high speed video shooting, pop up viewfinder and improvement in video features this time makes it eye catching for video makers/vloggers etc.

Sony RX100 VII – Design and features

As far as design is concerned there is nothing much to talk about here because similar form factor is kept by Sony for RX100 VII like in previous RX100 VI. Upgrading for this model come under the hood, which is not really surprising.

It means that you receive something which have a new 20.1MP one-inch CMOS sensor and joins it with much flexible 8.3x (24-200mm) optical zoom and is easily pocket fit. Few generations back, Sony planned for users to provide them wide aperture with long zoom as compare to short zoom so f/2.8 is the highest for you that is much bright in many circumstances. For composing nifty hidden away pop-up viewfinder and tilting screen is also given back.

Two things which are bad about this camera is absence of front grip due to which RX100 VII is bit slippery and this lacking become too much irritating when you move around with a costly camera. And the other thing is dials and buttons size that is present on fiddly side. If you are ready to ignore that, then other awesome specifications are there for you in this model.

Major additions include mic input, Movie Eye AF and improvement in 4K video stabilization. Especially for vloggers, mic input feature is very useful.

Specifically if you want to click quick moving objects than stills shooters have few new items. If you like to keep AF tracking and shoot blackout free, now you can do this at 90fps that lessens to still very impressive 20fps. It is just a method of Sony to show its capabilities but in reality we don’t know about time when at 90fps you will need to shoot. It is totally not related if someone ever uses it.  

Moreover, sixty eight percent of frame is covered by three fifty seven phase-detection autofocus spots and they also promised to provide another world’s fastest autofocus of 0.02s. After the success of Eye AF we also got another Animal Eye AF.

Sony RX100 VII – Screen and Viewfinder

Some generations ago Sony firstly launched a pop-up viewfinder in the series of RX100. During bright light shoots it is handy and provides you with the chance to make your shot more traditional than screen using.

By get go viewfinder pops out and comes out automatically for use. It is good in comparison of Canon G5X Mark II in which sometimes shots are missed due to requirement of 2 step pop-up as well as pull out motion.

I used viewfinder of RX100 VII on various occasions because it is clear as well bright. While we are not using, it can be covered which assists in keeping camera lines sleek and nice and also while moving it out of way of tilted screen.

To compose vlog and taking selfie this screen is very beneficial because it can be moved forward towards face. Whenever you move screen forward automatically it goes in selfie mode and you will notice this. Unluckily you cannot use screen for making choices between quick or function menu and main menu despite of touch sensitivity present in screen.  

Sony RX100 VII – Performance

Sony always proved that their technology is outstanding particularly in this cheap camera and in old models of RX100 series.  

Sony successfully built RX100 VII with outstanding feature of shooting at 90fps. In general, for blackout free shoot and for enjoyment full time AF you may leave it at 20fps.

Wholly, RX100 VII performs well enough with logically expected moving objects by choosing fast frame rate and continuously engaging AF. This camera is not intentionally made just for photography of sports but you can have few good clicks of football games etc with fast shooting and long lenses. For the subjects like child or pet it is also beneficial.

RX100 VII locks on towards many objects rarely and easily and produces incorrect focus conformation in other circumstances. You are going to notice that in the conditions of low light this camera take bit more time but it is good that it works in very little light too.  

One negative aspect of owning a powerful camera is its battery life. For how much time battery will last it directly depends on your shooting schedule. It will last for whole day if it is primarily single stills but in other case keep another battery or power bank to charge it.

Sony RX100 VII – Image Quality and Video

In this area Sony also improved its expertise and proved them constantly. Images clicked from this camera reveal all the real colors and satisfies your interest. When you see images in printed form or in web sizes, there is overall good impression and details in all standard sensitivity range.

As larger aperture of f/1.8 was present in RX100 series previous generations is not present in it but still good shallow depth of field pictures can be produced in better condition along long lens flexibility which is worthy in comparison with wide aperture.

At high ISO settings you can shoot in less light due to absence of wide aperture. In small sizes the photos clicked at ISO 6400 print well but in case of large images or on 100%, few details of pictures are missing by keeping noise at minimum. To get back those missing details you can shoot in the raw format if you realize that noise reduction is immoderate.

On the lens’s wide angle pictures are too sharp. In complete focal range these images remains constantly sharp, but on far away of telephoto lens bit smoothing is visualized. But it is only obvious while examining carefully. In casual web sizes or printing it is not too much trouble creating.

Like RX100 VI, video quality remains good along fine detail video clip. For keeping things smooth image stabilization comes in for assistance. On this I did not rely in circumstances like mountain biking but it works well in vlogs like walking around.

For daily videos audio quality of microphone is goo. In some conditions e.g. when strong wind affects the sound then adding of external microphone is better.

Should you buy the Sony RX100 VII?

About RX100 VII there are number of good things mentioned on the paper which are not doubtful in calling it a “Best pocket solution”. For this ultra portable thing it actually reveals that you do not have to sacrifice much.

Only problem is price and it is a big problem. This camera is expensive. For a number of people it is difficult to spend this much money over a compact camera despite of how much it is powerful.

If you have large budget and finding a camera with best performance then you should go for it. But if your budget is less and you do not need some extra features, than you should go for previous series of RX100.


Once again Sony is successful in proving its technology even in the smallest body which is packed. If you need a best camera with excellent performance and also got the money then without any delay or doubt get this one for yourself. But for people who have limited cash or budget they should go for the old models of RX100 and Canon’s Powershot. If you are a vlogger than G7X Mark III is specifically for you.

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