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Singer 7258 having enormous features with stitch patterns over 100 and 10 differing presser feet allows you to adjust this sewing machine to any type of sewing project you are dealing with; consequently making sure you can finish almost all types of sewing projects. Apart from its variety of features, this sewing machine comes with intuitive design to make sure beginners in the sewing industry can quickly understand the machine and become expert sewers later on.

Stitch pattern

Now if we talk about 100- stitch patterns, then you’ll find out that 100-stitch patterns consist of numerous zigzag, straight and decorative stitches. For any type of stitching, you are going through, the width and length of the stitch will be adjusted automatically, however, you are also welcome with the option of manually adjusting them.

intuitive design

The Singer 7258 automatic machine comes with the ability to stitch 750 stitches in one minute with the great advantage of adjustable speed. On the downside, this machine is a bit slower than the other comparable machines, however, it includes 6 single-step buttonhole styles with the help of which you can complete your projects with custom designs. If you are concerned with faster stitching speeds, then choose the Brother CS600i sewing machine to meet that purpose. The machine may have the capabilities of a twin needle, however, you won’t find a twin needle with the machine’s accessories.

Automatic features

Besides the intuitive design, Singer 7258’s automatic features, including automatic needle threader, bobbin winder and cutter, also make this machine a blessing for the newbies in the sewing industry. As a beginner, the only thing that you should be concerned with is knowing which button to push for a particular sewing project. Another reason that makes this machine a blessing for beginners is because of an automatic tension control feature with the help of which tensions of your projects will be adjusted automatically without stopping and adjusting them yourself.

Drop-in bobbin

Because this digital sewing machine comes with an LCD display that demonstrates all sewing patterns, it is quite a handy and easy-to-use sewing machine. Another fascinating thing is that instead of a standard bobbin holder, this machine comes with a drop-in bobbin that makes bobbin loading an effortless task. Yes, this machine doesn’t come with adjustable feed dogs, however, it’s not an issue as it includes a darning plate that can meet the objective which adjustable feed dogs meet.

Sewing project type

This machine, bringing along so many things such as light for better vision in low-lit areas with it, makes this machine to work efficiently for almost all types of sewing projects, let alone few. For completing big sewing projects, you are also welcome with the option of adjusting Singer 7258 for free-arm sewing. What’s more, for control purposes, this machine includes not only a foot pedal but also a start and stop button. The machine doesn’t bring along an extension table with it, but if you really need an extension table, then you can buy one.

Useful accessories

If we talk about the useful accessories that come with Singer 7258, then other than 10 presser feet, this machine’s sewing kit also incorporates screwdrivers, cleaning brush, spool caps, needles and a seam ripper. While the machine also includes a dust cover so that the machine doesn’t get dusty, it doesn’t come with a transportation case.


If we talk about the warranty aspect, then you would be pleased to know that this machine has 25 years of warranty for the sewing head, 5 years of warranty for light assembly, switches, motor, speed control, wiring and electronic components, and a 1-year warranty for bulbs, belts, attachments, adjustments and rings.


Before using, to get yourself well aware of the technicalities of the machine, you can check the FAQs, instructional video tutorials and an online edition of the Singer 7258 instruction manual from Singer’s site. What’s more, the machine carries a DVD with it that shows all the ways of using the machine. In case you still have any confusion regarding the machine, the website displays the phone number and email so that you can contact through either one of them and end the confusion.


With the intuitive design and advanced features, Singer 7258 is a complete package for the beginner as well as expert sewers. If you are a beginner sewer, then there is a chance that you may find the variety of advanced features offered by this machine difficult to understand, however, with regular usage and with the help of the instruction manual, you can master this machine in no time at all.

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