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Heavy-duty sewing machines are constructed to serve you for a longer period and to help you in dealing with multi-layered and strong fabrics. With that being said, because of the different prices of different sewing machines, you are always in doubt about whether the inexpensive machine will be as effective as an expensive one.

Let’s consider the Singer 4432 sewing machine. This sewing machine even with a low price comes with a variety of features and accessories to make sure your projects are completed with ease.

From fast sewing speed to a powerful engine, this machine offers a lot. Let us take a deep look at the different aspects of Singer 4432 in detail.

Different aspects of Singer 4432: A detailed review  


This machine has a durable, light gray color plastic case with a heavy-duty metal frame inside.

There are white and red accents on the light gray body of Singer 4432, and compared to other machines with frames as sturdy as it has, the footprint is relatively small.

Overall, the style of this machine has a classic touch.


This is a mechanical sewing machine that comes with:

  • 5 lbs weight
  • 2 x 6.2 x 12 dimensions
  • 32 built-in stitches plus an automatic buttonhole capability
  • A speed of 1,100 stitches in one minute
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • A top-drop bobbin.


Singer 4432 comes with many accessories. Accessory drawer carries the most accessories.

Let’s take a look at what is included in accessories:

  • The machine possesses 4 feet that include an all-purpose foot that is used for basic sewing projects, a button-sewing foot, a buttonhole foot to assist buttonholes and ribbon slots and finally for zippers, cording and piping, there is a zipper foot.
  • The machine comes with a lint brush and a seam ripper
  • There is an auxiliary spool pin
  • There is a dust cover
  • There is a screwdriver
  • There is a spool pin felt
  • There is an instruction manual for understanding the machine’s technicalities
  • Edge and a quilt making guide are there too

Singer status

Since 1851, when Singer was introduced, it has been recognized as one of the best brands of sewing machines.

Each day Singer is progressing in the field of sewing machines. They are focusing more and more on providing online resources to their customers.

From presser feet training to threading, Singer is providing all the necessary guidance in the form of video tutorials on the website.

What’s more, Singer also has a social media platform so that people can contact the staff members through social media and sort out their queries regarding sewing machines. Other than staff members, you can also get in contact with the crafters from around the world, that is to say, if you want to know some tricks and tips.

Different warranties for different parts

The Singer 4432 has different warranties for different areas of the machine.

The sewing machine head comes with a 25-year warranty. Light assembly, speed control, switches, motors, wiring and other related electronic components come with a 5-year warranty. Belts, bulbs, attachments and rings come with a 1-year warranty.

In case there comes any error in the above-mentioned areas within the warranty time, then get in contact with Singer and they’ll repair things up for you.


Following are the features:

Impressive durability

Singer 4432 has a heavy-duty metal frame on the inside that makes this machine extremely durable and what’s more, the machine also possesses a stainless steel bedplate that guarantees an even stitching and smooth feeding.

The machine possesses a built-in reverse lever that makes sure the sturdy exterior endures well during different sewing projects.

High-performance flexibility

The machine comes with an automatic needle threader, 3 needle positions and adjustable stitch lengths to make your sewing projects successful.

This sewing machine possesses a motor that is 60 percent more powerful than motors of standard sewing machines and what’s more, the machine has an impressive sewing speed of performing 1,100 stitches in one minute.

With 6 basic stitches, 1 auto buttonhole, 18 decorative stitches and 7 stretch stitches, the machine has a total of 32 built-in stitches.

A helpful guide

The singer has an app available on iTunes and Google play that provides information on sewing and what’s more, there are FAQs and video tutorials available on the site to guide you about sewing with Singer 4432.

In case you want to know something directly from Singer staff members, then there is an official phone number and email of Singer on the site to serve that purpose.

All these services make things easy for you.

Singer 4432: Good things

Ease in using

Now there are many sewing machines out there that have a variety of features but the bad thing is, those features are difficult to understand and because of this thing, it would become difficult for you to operate the machine, especially when you are a beginner.

Thankfully Singer 4432 not only comes with a variety of features but also has an intuitive design to make sure newbies don’t face any difficulty in operating the machine.

Even though there is an instruction manual, because of the machine’s intuitive design, you won’t need to see the manual at all.

More advanced Singer machine

Just like the previously constructed Singer machines, this machine also has a classic touch, however, it is a much more advanced version than them.

When the feed and needles are properly used, this machine can manipulate thick and light fabrics as you want.

With this machine, the seams when finished will appear so good and professional.

The bobbin of this machine is easy to load and for saving your eyes from a deep concentration, the machine has an automatic needle threader.

Customers are always the priority

Singer is a brand that has always prioritized customer service the most.

From providing a 25-year warranty to the instruction manual, Singer has always made efforts to please customers.

Having Singer 4432 means that you’ll get blessed with all the amazing advantages that a person can have from Singer.

Easy adjustment

Since the 4432 classical machine is a mechanical machine and not a computerized, it’s easier to adjust and fix the machine.

The machine can perform many types of sewing projects and can also easily get adapted to numerous decor styles.


Sewing machines that come with the low price might not be that effective, however, such is not the case with Singer 4432.

Singer 4432, despite having so many features, comes with a very affordable price. The logo of Singer is more than enough to prove that even with a low price, Singer 4432 will be of high standards.

Singer 4432: Bad things

Powerfulness proved bothersome for some beginners

This machine has a very powerful motor that at first, starts at full speed. Because of this thing, some beginner or inexperienced sewers had a crooked stitches experience.

In short, what we are saying is that some inexperienced sewers found that such a powerful motor is difficult to handle.

Not a portable machine

This machine is heavy and because of its heaviness, it is not the ideal machine for those who want to carry the machine to different places.

If you want to keep the machine in one place such as home, then heaviness shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Troubles with heavy fabrics

No product in the world can be totally perfect. Everything has some negatives as well. Although 4432 is a very cheap and heavy-duty sewing machine that can handsomely carry out your sewing projects, some users found this machine not that much effective with heavy fabrics.

Some users claimed that their 4432 got hung up while dealing with multiple layers of leather and stretch denim.

There is a quilt maker who said that the needle can’t be placed in the center.

Not the ideal color combination

Because of the machine’s light gray exterior look, the machine’s writing on the top knobs in white color becomes difficult to see; consequently, identifying which button does what becomes a bit difficult. This can be a pain in the eyes of short-sighted sewers.

If you prefer a sewing machine based on attractive looks, then there is a chance that you may not consider 4432 because of its unattractive color combination.

Final thoughts

Singer 4432 is a heavy-duty mechanical sewing machine with a high sewing speed that should be prioritized for buying. Because this machine has a very straightforward nature, it is an ideal item for beginner sewers.

Since this machine has so many advanced features, almost all types of sewing projects can be completed.

Buying this machine also provides you with many advantages such as video tutorials that Singer has set for its customers.

While there are some negatives in the machine, no sewing machine in the world is perfect. It’s up to you that whether you look at a few negatives before buying the machine or you look at the variety of amazing aspects of the machine before buying. We suggest that you shouldn’t consider the negatives before buying.

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