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Discovering a freestyle poke vacuum that washes equally rugs and flat decks might be pretty a task. These vacuums trust on sets for energy which makes them terrific on solid surfaces although fewer efficient on rugs. Though, one vacuum stands out as a potent washing device that may handle still the carpeted exteriors. Published just a handful calendar month ago, the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX is one of the greatest mobile-controlled poke vacuums you may have now.

The vacuum is an improvement of the IonFlex 2X, and goes with elements that get it more functional and competent to wash various ground kinds. Utilizing the mixture of a potent mobile, distinctive scrub building, and numerous more elements, the vacuum reaches washing strength and productivity that more vacuums in its grade may just hope of. Now it is a summary of the highlights and a glance at the advantages and disadvantages of this washing machinery.



The pressure capacity of the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX is fantastic. Though the firm doesn’t divulge standards for that, impartial experiments have discovered the airflow to get to 38 CFM when the scrubbing type is put to the top point. At its lowest possible, the airflow gets 24 CFM. That is about 100 AW, which involves the engine of the vacuum is the similar, utilized in earlier Shark battery prototypes for example the IonFlex. Though it doesn’t appear to be extremely elevated, the pressure generated is potent sufficiently to eliminate trapped dust, just as the rubble that’s put hidden inside the thick filaments of rugs. The capability of the ION F80 to collect dust does not largely rely on the airflow, however. As an alternative, it is the layout of the scrub spin that makes this vacuum such an efficient cleaner. The company requests the layout a DuoClean System and comprises of a driven cleanup top that contains two separate scrapes. With this sum of energy and building, it’s no doubt that the vacuum reaches such scrubbing productivity for various exteriors.

Involvement Control/Self-sufficiency

It is a battery twig vacuum which indicates it depends on a mobile for control. The battery feature provides you the liberty to vacuum any fragment of your house meanwhile you do not have to concern about control chains and openings. Moreover, the mobile is a controlling 25.2V lithium-ion kind that generates 9.5 amperes (300 Watts). It is similarly rechargeable and gets about 3 hours to grasp complete volume when entirely shattered. The period it gets the mobile container to release differs reliant on the scrubbing style castoff, with the rug and ION Boost situations draining it the quickest. The mobile is detachable, and the producer provides you the selection to care it though immobile on the element or distinctly. One object that circles the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX separately is that it originates with two series and provides you lengthy operation.

Powder Volume

The vacuum is bagless which implies it a a basket to grasp the grime you vacuum up. The dirt mug’s volume is 0.3 of dry quarts. You might think this insufficient if you have animals in your house or if you have high-transportation homes to vacuum as it may imply having to remove the basket for draining after each vacuuming operation. The producer makes the draining process simple for you, however. Apart from the powder mug being extremely available, removing its fillings includes pushing a key to issue a cover.

Percolation Effectiveness

The vacuum applies washable strainers for equally the pre-motorized and post-motorized percolation. The sieves are froth and stroked resources and help to fresh the inflight reaching the motor in addition to the one coming out of the component. The producer endorses cleaning these sieves often to reinstate their effectiveness and to stop examples where they trigger the vacuum’s force control to decrease. One object cost noticing is that the sieves are not HEPA and might not be appropriate if you are disposed to cyclical aversions.

Heaviness and Sizes

It ponders 8.7 lbs. without any of the fittings devoted, which makes it a lightweight and extremely moveable component. It trials 45.9 × 13.4 × 10.2 inches. Moreover, being bright and not actual large, you will discover the folding baton such a convenient characteristic when stowing the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX subsequently the custom. A key permit you to curve the baton sometimes onto the component for a dense self-upended vacuuming mechanism.


5-year guarantee spines the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX for the non-tiring shares and workmanship. Though, that does not shelter the cordless container which originates with a distinct 2-year guarantee. With many producers presenting guarantees that are petite than this, the five years fairly a cheap. The business lone respects guarantee rights from actual proprietors and for a vacuum that was accepted from an official vender. As offered on Shark’s website, for the series, solitary the ones that were initially accepted collected with the component are enclosed by the guarantee.


The twig vacuum originates with solitary a small number of fittings. Though, the producer provides a range of addons that you may buy distinctly, and which are well-matched with the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX. The gears and fittings you obtain in the container comprise; 2 rechargeable series, an indicting chain, a powered berth, a crack instrument, and a fabric spout.

Unusual Structures

It appears like the producer focused on purifying the rare characteristics but not present original functions that would restrict the effectiveness, control, and serviceability of this vacuum. The rare characteristics are what make this vacuum to show up as amongst the greatest of Shark twig vacuums. They comprise:

Controlling and Detachable Mobile

The mobile is a 25.2V, 9.5A container. Herewith, you are certain of satisfactory control to track the vacuum’s numerous fragments and roles, from the skirmish reel, lift-away, to the headlights and the numerous pointers. The runtime of the mobile is amongst the lengthiest for a twig vacuum and varies from 20 minutes to if 1 hr 20 min founded on the washing style in usage. The mobile is likewise changeable which presents you the choice to buy some of them and not ever run out of control while washing. The producer delivers you two sets on purchasing the vacuum, and you may choose if you need an additional one.

MultiFlex Tech

It is fundamentally a tube that curves in some spaces to deliver improved elasticity. With this characteristic, washing underneath equipment will not drain you out as you may do it through standing upwards. Apart from letting you simple vacuuming, it may protect you from pain in the back and problems if you have a fitness matter with your back. The MultiFlex likewise makes stowing the component much simpler. You solitary must curve the tube and have your twig vacuum stand by itself and taking on simply a tiny room.

DuoClean Structure

Shark employs an advanced skirmish reel to make this vacuum adaptable and to improve its capability to gather grime. The DuoClean structure is, in humble terms, a ground skull that structures two diverse meeting reels. One of them is a lenient skirmish while the other one is the steady rigid stiffened skirmish that is typically applied in vacuum ground skulls that wash rugs. The lenient skirmish operates to wash solid grounds without hurting them. With these two skirmish reels, you not ever must concern about the external you are washing, the mechanism shifts mechanically once you choose the essential location. It indicates safe washing of subtle firm grounds and effective washing of rugs.

Two Force Rates

You may establish the motorized rapidity or force to two manners: ION Power and ION Boost. You employ the lesser authority “ION Boost” for the usual day to day washing where there is not lots of grime to be gathered. Likewise, when applying the vacuum to wash simple grounds or lesser part carpets. The advanced force “ION Boost” suits needed when vacuuming tall-circulation or when you face spaces muddles.

Timed ION Increase Style

This advanced characteristic has enabled the Shark ION F80 to preserve cordless control. It has a times washing manner that mechanically halts operating after one minute. The manner also provides you 2 modes to regulate the interval by yourself. Pushing the key incessantly spreads the time to vacuum disordered parts while pushing the key prior to the 1 minute is over halts the style promptly. Applying this characteristic, you may vacuum some external you stumble by and confirm each piece of mess is gathered.


Vacuuming the dim parts or lodgings in your house will not be a test when applying this vacuum. It incorporates illuminations on the ground cranium which improves discernibility and lets you to notice each area that needs additional care. The headlights also operate as pointers to inform about a skirmish reel that is not immovable properly. This may frequently occur when you have taken the skirmish out for washing.


With solitary several elements (the motor spout, baton and the boost-away), the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX collects in a moment. There are not many addons also and applying the vacuum is less difficult. The keys to change control and for the washing styles are expediently located on the grip, with the control key being placed amid the two locations for the ground kind and force control. Once you push the control key, you want to pick the washing style founded on the external you mean to vacuum. There are images to signify a simple ground and rug. Choosing one of them shifts the spout to use the correct skirmish for the external. You similarly have admission to the little and tall force set which you may select reliant on the external being washed or the quantity of grime existing.

The grip is ergonomic and does not bother your finger which implies you may wash for lengthy periods without sense exhausted. Moreover, the component itself is frivolous and will not exhaust you to shove while you perform vacuuming the numerous housings and exteriors in your house. The Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX is a flawless choice if you own many equipment in your house. Moreover, if you own a spinal issue. That is since you must not ever curve when scrubbing the areas that are concealed beneath equipment. The baton bent manifold times and you solitary want to press a key to make it curve and let the spout to contact such parts. The vacuum likewise changes to a near lift-away that you may apply for the parts overhead the ground or those outdoor such as the portico and the wagon.

Upholding the component does not pose any problems. That skirmish reel separates effortlessly so you may eliminate mane masses and further grime, though the powder mug originates out with comfort to enable a draining procedure that is very fast. It unbolts downhill on pushing a release key which enables removing the grime harmless and not as much of untidy. The froth and touched sieves are effortlessly detachable and washable. You solitary must clean them below water. Wait for them to dry out and place them back into the component. And that is all!

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