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Being a physiotherapist, I know that staying healthy and fit isn’t an easy task. To stay healthy, we need to exercise or jog. But we hardly get time to go outside and jog, and we feel more comfortable to do exercise at home. For this purpose, I have reviewed so many exercise bikes. But I found the Schwinn Airdyne bike the best among all. I will share my personal experience and thoughts about Schwinn Airdyne. This machine is well known as the gold standard physical therapy clinic and for fitness athletes across the world. 

Schwinn Bike: Upright bikes with Gold Standard.

Adolf Arnold and Ignacio Schwinn formed the company 125 years back and enrolled themselves in the forces and started producing fitness bikes, which is now called the Schwinn Bicycle. 

From the beginning, Schwinn is leading the bicycle industry, they claim to produce more bicycles, and in this battle, they won victories over any other company.

This bicycle company continued to produce new versions on the go and later on the industry succeeded in introducing the Deluxe Exerciser bike in 1965.  

Schwinn has introduced a new concept of riding upright bikes. Later on, these bikes became the popular exercising bike. The initial design of Schwinn exercise bikes resembles a standard bicycle that contains stationary arms. But in 1979, Schwinn raised their standards by introducing the Schwinn Airdyne. 

Schwinn Airdyne Bike

These bikes have gained so much popularity because of their air-resistant and movable handles. They give you a complete upper body and lower body workout that’s. That’s why they are called the gold standard machines for indoor exercising and rehab bikes.  

Schwinn Airdyne Overview

Since the beginning, I’ve had many Schwinn Airdyne bikes. I have a complete range of collections from 20-year-old classical Airdyne to the newly designed Schwinn Airdyne Pro.

This machine is efficient; it not only provides a great cardiovascular workout, but it also proved to be an excellent tool for knee and hip therapy at home and in the clinic.  

I’m a physiotherapist, and I know the value of this device Because I have witnessed how a good bike and exercise program can become helpful for someone that is recovering from joint replacement or knee surgery. I have my Airdyne in my home, and I use it in my clinic as well for my patients. 

It doesn’t matter whether you buy the top-level expensive Airdyne Pro/AD7 or you go with the budget-friendly Airdyne AD2. In both cases, you’ll be happy with the results and the build quality. And also, the overall workout of these Schwinn bikes will make you satisfied. 

Schwinn Upright Bike vs Schwinn Airdyne

The main difference between the tremendous upright bike and the pro-Airdyne is the upper body workout component. Because this component of Airdyne uses air resistance technology. Schwinn has currently launched two upright bikes: one is the Schwinn 170 and the other is the Schwinn 130.

These 170 and 130 machines from Schwinn have developed upon the methodology to use inertia perimeter with varying levels of magnetic resistance.  

How to choose between Schwinn Airdyne or Schwinn 170/130 Upright Bike?

It depends on your goal you want to achieve because both of these bikes are capable of providing an excellent workout. Like, If you are searching for a full-body workout and focused parts on the shoulders and arms, Airdyne would be a great option.  

But If you want more work from a standard upright bike like you to want it for home exercise and rehabilitation for knee surgery patients, then both 170 or 130 will be the best choice for upright bikes in the market. The number series doesn’t make any difference; it just reflects various features that both the bikes offer, which may be attractive. (such as higher resistance, sound charging station or so on). 

Both bikes are best, and the one you’ll use will become the best choice for you! Don’t decide to get a bike with higher or standard features, because you can get the most benefit from your own.

 Best Bike for Hip or Knee Replacement

These bikes are beneficial for patients who want to recover after knee surgery or a joint replacement. I prefer to use Airdyne because I enjoy riding on it, so it would be my choice for a bike if I need to treat my knees or hip after surgery. But if you want to tone your upper body and prefer a magnetic resistance bike, then 170 or 130 is your piece of cake.

Both the Airdyne and upright 170/130 bikes can raise or decrease the seat height for people who are in the early stage of recovery after surgery, and their range will increase with the range of motion improvement. 

The overall weight and size of each machine are different. The Airdyne is a vast machine with a footprint of 46″ to 53″ on the other hand, the upright 170/130 has a footprint of 41″ long, and it is almost half the weight. 

For heavy riders, the upright 170/130 bike gives a user weight of 300 lbs. The Airdyne AD2 gives a weight of 250 while the AD6 gives 300 lbs. The AD7/Pro supports up to 350 pounds as the most extensive and sturdiest Airdyne available.

Which one is best Schwinn Airdyne Pro or Airdyne AD7

If we remove the word pro from Airdyne, both Airdyne Pro and Airdyne AD7 work as the same exercise bike.

The Pro model is used in commercial gyms while AD7 is used in clinics and directly in homes.  

Why I Love My Schwinn Airdyne AD7

Quiet – This bike doesn’t make a lot of sounds, instead it is a lot smoother than the other old-styled Airdyne. 

Pre-Programmed Workouts – because of its pre-programmed plan, It becomes effortless to start a quick workout with this machine within just two clicks.  

Solid Build –they are built very high and reliable, and their durability can hold weight up to 300 lbs.

Comfortable – Their full seat provides the rider more area to sit comfortably as compared to other bikes.

Multiple Handle Positions – it gives various positions for handles that will be suitable for people with right-handed or left-handed. Also, people having wrist or elbow pain can use this machine with ease. 

 Overall Thoughts

Whether you buy the top-level Airdyne Pro/AD7 or you buy the upright 170/130, or you go with the budget-friendly Airdyne AD2, you will be happy with the results of all the models because these machines are so good, natural and provide a complete workout.

According to me, I will continue using the Airdyne at my clinic as well as in my home because it is merely a fantastic bike.

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