Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review


Quick introduction

If you are seeking a home friendly recumbent bike, then you must try the new Schwinn 270 (MY17). It is not cheap nor expensive but has a moderate price. It is the updated version of the two Schwinn Fitness recumbent bikes that were launched in 2017. Since then, these bikes are working well. Its main features are a reclined seat, a 17-pound magnetic resistance device that includes 25 settings. The device’s computer gives four user profiles support and can hold 29 fitness tests and workout programs. You can share data by connecting via the machine’s Bluetooth. 

Our Rating Scale

Rating: we give this machine 84.5 out of 100. The Schwinn 270 is the latest model of 2020 from Schwinn’s fitness recumbent exercise bike. The price company is offering is less as compared to the other.machines with the same comparable quality. It’s a top recommendation for those who want the best cardiovascular machine at a low price.

Apart from it’s comfortable seating, this new 270 includes a heart rate receiver which is wireless; it also contains 29 onboard workout programs; Bluetooth connectivity; and even the RideSocial compatibility. Owners of this machine like the way this 270 machine supports up to four user profiles.

The company lastly updated this model of bike in 2017 by adding some features like Bluetooth connectivity option for data logging. Via Bluetooth, you can pair up your exercise bike with your Android phone or iOS mobile device. By doing this, the Schwinn Trainer App will automatically send your workout statistics to your mobile. If we talk about the main features of using the free app, then you can set your long-term goal tracking. The Schwinn mobile app is working for the Schwinn 270 and is also compatible with Apple Health and MyFitnessPal. This will make it easy to add your complete bike workout data to a fitness profile.

You can use the option of RideSocial while working out on the new Schwinn 270. This program also contains 29 preset routines. These preset routines are diversified into many parts: you can pick up your routine from distance training programs, and heart rate controlled workouts. Also, interval workouts and many more. These programs work wonderfully on your body, but unfortunately, their displays aren’t that good to look at. So, you need to connect to a dock, a tablet, or a computer to get entertained during your ride. On the other hand, the RideSocial workouts are visually captivating, and via this workout, you can get real-time interaction with the other bike members riding from home. 

Did somebody file any complaints about this machine

Yes, most people have issues about their size, especially those who are too short or too tall. The bike seat’s distance to the pedals is adjustable, but people with less than 5’2″ height can’t reach the pedals comfortably. People having more than 6 ft height might touch their knees into the frame of the bike. Another drawback is that the labor’s warranty lasts for only 90 days. If the machine causes troubles after three months of using the Schwinn 270 will cost you more than the original price. 

Mentioned below are the pros and cons of Schwinn 270


  • The sale price is low.
  • The machine size is compact.
  • Wheels are transportable. 
  • Pedals are smooth.
  • Magnetic resistance is digitally controlled. 
  • 25 levels of resistance.
  • The seatback is Ventilated.
  • Cushioned seat present at the bottom
  • The seat position is adjustable. 
  • The use of a workout computer is easy.
  • Preset 29 workout programs and also fitness tests.
  • Additionally, four user profiles.
  • Heart rate receiver is wireless.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • RideSocial compatibility.
  • A shelf for Mobile and USB charging port
  • Sound system and MP3 player port 
  • Three-speed fans for cooling
  • A holder for Water bottle.
  • Accessory tray


  • The labor warranty is short.
  • Difficult for those whose height is too short (less than 5.2″ or more than 6″)
  • The Control panel doesn’t offer adjustable height. 
  • Many riders found the Calorie burn estimate inaccurate.


The well known Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is an extremely durable recumbent bike. You may find appealing sets of electronics equipped with the machine. This is a cheap device, but unlike other affordable devices, it is just crap. Various customers gave positive reviews about the Schwinn 270. 

Workout Programs

A well pre-programmed workout is the key to the success of the new Schwinn 270. This exercise bike is also compatible with RideSocial.

Workout routines and fitness tests that are already programmed are shown on the LCD. The screen is wide enough to show lots of fitness data in a single go. And you can also set your “Goal” by the goal data manager to monitor your progress in terms of time, distance, or another primary workout objective.

You can enjoy 29 preset bike workouts altogether. Choices are

  • You can use the manually quick-start button
  • Three fitness tests include (beginner, advanced and recovery)
  • It offers four user-defined programs
  • It also provides Nine heart rate control programs (four for beginner and the fifth one is advanced)
  • 12 profile programs

RideSocial is a popular mobile app commonly used by Android and Apple users. This app turns the Schwinn 270 into a magic carpet, and you will feel you are virtually touring the world when you ride! The app helps you to preview and to download bike exercise videos. You can play this high-definition on your mobile as well as on your home entertainment system. These three are our favorite choices 

Rides through Tibet.

Along Venice Beach.

And last past Ireland’s Blair Castle. 

You know what another surprising feature of this bike app is. This app is “social” as avatars form other RideSocial users will show in your route. And you can also coordinate this bike ride time with your real-life friends.

Features of Schwinn 270

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is a well designed and comfortable device. A complete “walk through” style and its low seat enable getting on/off the bike easily even for those with slow motion. 

It can hold up a weight of about 300 pounds. To give great lumbar support, the exercise seats of these bikes have high backs. Schwinn 270 also offers a ventilated place back to help you stay cool. And the seat bottom is cushioned, unlike the cheaper Schwinn 230.

You can easily adjust the distance of the seat from the pedals by merely sliding it along with the aluminum rail. According to customer reviews, these bikes are a perfect match for people having a height in between 5’3″ to 6’0″.

The presence of a17-lb magnetic flywheel system helps in providing resistance. You can alternatively control 25 digital settings. We like the small increments as this helps every rider to find a suitable match, which will help you to “level up” more quickly.

You can easily measure the heart rate with a chest strap or even with the contact sensors that are built upon the bike. These contact sensors didn’t receive good reviews as many complaints were filed for inaccuracy.

A unique space is provided to keep up your mobile device or a magazine. In addition to this, a stereo speaker and an MP3 player jack are also present in the console. Also, a USB port is available to keep your device powered.

Warranty & Guarantee

Warranty card of the new Schwinn 270 exercise bike includes:

– A complete Frame: 10 years

– Mechanical Warranty: 2 years

– Electronics warranty: 1 year

– And Labor warranty: 90 days


The Schwinn 270 is a cheap fitness machine that provides us with good value. In comparison, many other low budgets exercising bikes are more prone to breaking down within a few months or in a year after buying. This 2017 model has smooth pedaling and various resistance levels. Overall this is an excellent device to invest money, and you will surely get the return. 

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