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At present, earbuds are the most trending gadgets around the world. One of the best features of earbuds is that they are wireless, and they let your hands-free during a call, video, or while listening to some music. Different companies have launched various designs with amazing features, but as always, Samsung is leading the market with its uniquely designed earbuds.

Samsung has always proved to be one of the leading companies in the market and has produced a variety of smart gadgets. Among all their gadgets, the earbuds are the smallest and durable with exceptional features. These earbuds can deliver a good quality of sounds, natural pairing with nearby devices, and approx 6 hours of battery life. An additional feature about Samsung earbuds is that they can be easily chargeable via your Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10 wirelessly. The voice quality on-call could be better, but the overall experience with Galaxy earbuds was tremendous, and we listed these buds as one of the best wireless earbuds.


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are the one which will take over in the near-future tech. The alpine-white earphones have a consistent, sweatproof design that oozes the elegance. You will notice on the front of the buds a triangular, reflective, touchpads that give off enough pearlescence to tempt.

These buds are purely created from a matte-white plastic. The middle of the buds is wrapped in white rubber material, further defined by a little wing that helps secure the bud tightly in your ears.  To complete the look of these buds, a white silicone ear tip is present; Samsung will additionally provide two extra pairs of tips if the default tips are too large or too small.

White color has always been a dirt magnet; the same happens in the case of Samsung earbuds. I’m looking forward to seeing how the black and yellow versions of these buds would look like and work against dirt and earwax.

Along with the tips and wings, the Galaxy Buds also ship a charging case. And this case is a bit heavier as compared to the Apple AirPods.


It is observed in many earbuds that they give a paranoiac feeling of losing while walking or running. But with Samsung earbuds, forget about this paranoiac.  

These 0.2-ounce and 0.7 x 0.9 x 0.8-inch buds fit easily and comfortably into the ear canal, and the wing rests gently against your concha. According to my experience, these buds are great because I wore them for about 3 hours without any discomfort.

They are so comfy that i didn’t realize during the whole time that I have put on some earbuds. This is because these buds are a perfect fit for your ears.


As per my experience connecting the Galaxy Buds with your Samsung mobile is so fast and spontaneous. Once the connection established, you will be greeted by a welcome note. On the other hand, you will get a notification of the successful connection of buds with your device.
After placing these buds in their case for charging, I only need to open the cover case to reconnect them again with the device.

You can operate the buds very efficiently and straightforwardly. It would help if you tapped on either earbud. One tap is for play/pause, a double-tap is for skipping to the next track or call answering and ending, and three taps is for jumping backward. Samsung will allow you to choose what happens when you hold a bud for a longer time.

Operating the Galaxy Buds is very smooth, easy, quick, and accurate. Unlike other tap-controlled earbuds like the Jabra Elite 65ts, you will observe light on touch to activate an action.


The Galaxy Buds can be utilized on their own, but if we pair them with a free (iOS, Android) Galaxy app, you will unlock a lot of functions. The app will allow you to monitor the buds’ battery life, connection status, update firmware, and configure touchpad options. You can even get a choice to select the Buds alert and new notifications.

Furthermore, you can also control the Ambient Noise, and you can adjust how much noise from outside can come. This feature is beneficial when you’re walking or even exercising in a public area. It’s the most advanced feature that the AirPods currently lack. But still, we can hope to see this feature in the next series of AirPods.

The app has one of the essential features available in the Equalizer, which allows you to adjust the audio as per your liking. For the sound, you can set the volume level as per these five settings (Dynamic, Soft, Bass Boost, Treble Boost, and Clear) that not only help but also enhance the different genres of music. For instance, if the song has a low volume, Bass Boost is ideal for such tracks, while Clear is more suitable for acoustic or live recordings.

I preferred using the Dynamic setting the most because it can produce bright and full audio with a colossal sound echo. But if you don’t want to listen to music with artificial tuning, you can easily disable the Equalizer.
One of the best features I found in the app is to Find My Buds. Because as per my personal experience, I somehow misplaced the left earbud. And since all my room was a mess as I was in the middle of packing all my stuff. At that time, finding that tiny, white little gadget was nearly impossible for me. I got panic attacks, but then I calmed down, and I suddenly remembered about the app. I then activated Find My Buds, and within a few mins, I was able to locate the errant bud. Because of the loud, shrill sound, it emitted.

Audio Performance

Despite Apple’s Airpod’s airy quality, I prefer Galaxy Buds in comparison because it is always more efficient in delivering on almost every song.

I listened to Rhapsody’s “Black & Ugly,” the rapstress’s alto on Samsung earbuds and Apple Airpods. I found out that the AirPods were delivering a bloated performance, with heavy bass; on the other hand, when I listened to the same song on Galaxy earbuds, the result was good enough sound was clear with separate background music.

Also, When I listened to the remastered 2012 version of “Ziggy Stardust” from David Bowie played on the Galaxy Buds, I was surprised over the sound quality, the spacious soundstage, and the electric guitar and Bowie’s vocals were just mesmerizing. The AirPods also deliver good quality audio with crisp details, but the sound lacked the excellence which the Galaxy Buds showed.

I also find Smino’s dreamy “Wild Irish Roses” a bit rough and distorted on the AirPods. However, I found the same song played well by the Galaxy Buds with cleaner low ends, and everything in the music was balanced.

Battery Life and Bluetooth

Samsung claims that its 58-mAH battery can survive for 6 hours. To check upon their statement, I ultimately charged my galaxy earbuds and then spent the whole day running errands, going to the gym, and doing all the other chores. The Buds battery got down exactly after 5-hour and 46-minute. That’s significantly a higher time as compared to the AirPods’ runtime, which is 4 hours and 29 minutes.

You have two ways to charge your buds once it starts showing on the low battery: via the charging case of the device or from your Galaxy S10 smartphone.  

If you have one of the latest S10 phones, you can easily power your earbuds via the wireless charge feature. All you need to do is to place your earbuds in the charging case, and then put it on the back of the phone, the Buds will start charging in seconds by drawing the power from the phone.

It has Bluetooth 5.0, which allows the Galaxy Buds to be a better wireless connection than the previous standard. Throughout my experience, I never even once feel any audio dropout.

Last update was on: June 24, 2020 11:52 pm

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