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The Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer is one of the many items can be bought and it claims to increase the hair smoothness by about 75%, helps increase the shine by about 132% and also decrease fly away and frizz to about 61%. It carries out this functions without causing any damage to the hair and dries the hair faster than any other dryer in the market.

Even if you have a very curly hair that takes a long time to dry up or a hair that doesn’t easily get dry in a humid environment then this dryer is suitable for you. If you’re like me whose blowouts might last twice as long as my friends’ and whose aesthetic falls between a standard poodle and a Bob Ross, then getting this device is suitable for you. It promises to keep your hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free, this might sound unreal but well, this might seem true.

The test on the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer was carried out at the Good Housekeeping Institute.  The Beauty Lab tests for the speed of drying, the air volume, its noise, weight, air and surface temperature as well as cord length were all carried out. The dryer was also tested by consumer testers at their homes to see how the dryer functioned outside the Lab. Below, you’ll find all you need to know about the dryer.

How Does the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer work?

The dryer has a very innovative technology in use. An investment of about $71million dollar was invested in making this hair dryer with the expertise of about 100 engineers, tasked with the goal of redefining a hair dryer. For those using this for the first time, the center of the dryer has a hole. This dryer makes use of a new kind of brushless and digital motor, which is very small and lighter than the traditional hair dryer motor. This dryer also does not produce sound, gives a quieter airflow, which isn’t weaker either, the Dyson’s air multiplier technology helps to amplify the air flow three times faster. A tester exclaimed that the dryer dried her hair faster than expected. The motor in the supersonic dryer, when tested in our lab gave the best air flow than other dryers tested and dried the hair the fastest among those tested.

The dryer also had a very high rating on consumer satisfaction than all other dryers tested, some of the customers expressed deep satisfaction with the dryers speed and air flow. The attachment is a very handy part which helps hold firm the dryer to avoid any harm that may arise due to the air flow and speed.

Fascinating Features of the Dyson hair dryer?

The Dyson hair dryer comes with a very light and small motor which is at the handle, not like other dryers. The little motor is located at the handle of the dryer other than at the dryer’s end. Air is sucked in through a filter at the end of the dryers handle and this air is expelled through some thin vents which surrounds the dryer’s circular head. A little drawback of This set up is that when you draw your hand back a little, it closes the vent and then airflow is restricted.  The motor replacement however gives a better experience when drying. This dryer doesn’t cause much discomfort on the shoulders as experienced with other dryers, since the heaviest part of the dryer is already in the hand.

Don’t  be worried about your hair getting caught in the dryer:

Dyson did a great job moving the vent to the bottom, this helped made it safe as the testers expressed they were not afraid that their hair will be caught on the dryer. This ensured that there is nothing like smell of hair burn or removing tangled hair from the motor of the dryer.

It also comes with innovative accessories such as two concentrators and also a diffuser, all these are attached to the hair’s head magnificently. This means there is no struggle to clip attachment in place. It also comes with a non- slip mat and a very good storage hanger, these two additions are very great.

Does the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer damage hair?

The dryer is very good and safe for the hair; it is engineered to protect the hair from damage caused by heat. It has some very good thermal sensors which measures the temperature of the air at a very wonderful rate of over 40 times in a second. This means that it is constantly regulating the air and ensuring that your hair is safe from any form of damage caused by heat which is the case with other dryers.

According to the Director of the GH Beauty Lab, Birnur Aram, PhD, who said that heat exposure is one of the so many other factors which causes hair damage. In 2016, the lab showed that the Dyson’s max heat production was about 10°F less than the average temperature of about other 18 hair dryers tested out.  She therefore claimed that the supersonic is best to give less damage to the hair than any average dryer.

So is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer worth it??

This is dependent on your hair. In case you’ve got very thin hair, with smooth texture, then maybe you should spend your money on something else maybe you could buy our best value hair dryer, the Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer. But if you’ve got a frizz prone hair which takes a long while to get dried or you’ve got to always avoid detangling, then the Dyson Supersonic will really prove helpful.

Some testers have said that it made the hair smoother and straighter in a very short while, than any hair dryer used. Most of them were impressed by the hair dryer’s sleek and pleasant design and its lightweight and nozzle-less nature made it amazing.

This hair dryer was actually innovative and effective although not totally perfect.

Here are some things you need to consider before you go ahead with your purchase:

The buttons: the various testers noticed that the buttons and controls of the tester were quite out of reach and were a bit inconvenient to operate. This buttons found on head of the dryer behind the nozzle take a little bit of effort to press, unlike the traditional hair dryers. The reason was actually to prevent the mistake of switching the dryer off or changing settings while the task is being carried out. It has a self-locking cool mode which is very convenient.

The cord: It has a very long cord which helps in the case were the power source isn’t close by, but this extra makes it heavier than the usual hair dryer. This dryer doesn’t retract and doesn’t have a tie which provides an easy storage.

The noisiness: the hair dryer as usual should make noise, although Dyson has boasted that the supersonic hair dryer will have quieter operation than any other dryer, but the various lab tests and the various consumer tests have shown that the hair dryer is as noisy as other hair dryers. When on the highest setting one may not even hear the doorbell.

Comfort of use: Supersonic Dryer is very light and weighs just less than a pound. it has a sleek design which indicates that the handle isn’t as contoured or quite ergonomic like other dryers, so this means it becomes a bit bulky when held.

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