Review Of The Brother Xr3774 Sewing And Quilting Machine


In case you’re about to buy a sewing machine for yourself or as a gift for someone who just learnt how to sew, then it is very important you get a machine that is easy to learn and also provide all the features that will help you carry out your first project and also make wonderful projects at the end. Most of the machines with excellent features are available to only those with very advanced knowledge of the operation of the sewing machines, so those machine might be difficult to be operated by beginners.

The Brother XR3774 is one of the few machines that can be used by beginners and caters for their needs to complete their projects and found to be a perfect as it is easy to control and will help them complete their projects. The Brother XR3774 sewing machine is very good for quilting and comes with an extra layer which is used for quilt-related tasks. This review will show you why this machine is really loved by a lot of people.

Features of Brother XR3774 Sewing and Quilting Machine:


The machine has a fantastic look. It is well packed and has a vine like design which is printed at the area around the stitch selection dial. It has a modern feel and a very attractive look that makes it appealing to everyone that come across it. It has a light weight of about 20 pounds and can therefore be easily moved around when need be.

Tasks Made Easy:

For a beginner who hasn’t mastered the art of sewing, it might be difficult to really carry out certain functions like threading a needle and this might lead to wastage of time and energy and not to mention how painful it can be to the eyes. Using an automatic needle threader will help you carry out this tough task easily and enable you focus on the important task of sewing and completing your projects. The machine also has a stitch selector which enables you to select a stitch style to use by just turning a dial and this dial has got all stitch texts well displayed boldly and clearly. The machine also has a LED light that can help you work even when there is no other light source. The machine has a good speed and this can help you finish up tasks in a short while with a speed of 800 stitches in a minute. These many features and others will help create a comfortable and conducive environment for work.


It also has about 37 built-in stitch designs which means you can’t run out of ideas or designs and this feature helps you carry out your job on time and with ease. Beginners who intend to create a unique work will be assisted well; they might choose to use the basic design or the decorative ones. It also has a one-step auto-size buttonholer which is really perfect for buttonholes.

Sewing Feet

A lot can be done with the machine as it has about 8 sewing feet and it includes: zigzag, zipper, buttonhole, blind stitch, narrow hemmer, button sewing, quilting and walking feet.


The Brother XR3774 has a quilting table attached to it and this provides an attachment where larger projects can be worked on like a bed cover or curtains and also quilts. This additional feature is very important as you are not just limited to little tasks or the basic fashion sewing. You have the ability to make unique quilts for those you love and maybe even make so many and start a business out of it. You can also make this quilts and donate to charity.


The Brother XR3774 is quite affordable with the so many features it comes with and how easy it can be used. It can also be purchased by those on very tight budgets.  Beginners can also get a good machine that provides good features and comes at a cheap rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for the machine to be set up initially?

The machine can set up and running in just some minutes irrespective of your level of expertise as regard the sewing machine. You’d find the instructions in the user manual and following it carefully, your machine will be ready in about thirty minutes or a little more.

Can Brother XR3774 be used to stitch leather?

Despite the fact that the machine comes with a wide spaced table to carry out large projects, it is still not recommended to be used for heavy duty sewing operation. Using the machine to sew very thick denim or leather or to sew a heavy fabric of multiple layers may be difficult. Doing this may make the machine fail and then damage the fabric. The machine is basically used to sew light and medium work.

Can the width and length of the stitches be adjusted?


Does it include ‘drop feed dog’?

No, it doesn’t come with an option for ‘drop feed dog’.

Final Words

From the reviews done on this machine, it is highly recommended for any one just learning the craft. This machine comes with features that makes it easy to be used and also ensures productivity in the work place. The machine is also affordable, this means that one can easily carry out various sewing operations and tasks without the need to worry about paying hugely for their first sewing machine. This machine promises durability and great value.

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