Review Of The Aftershokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones


The Aftershokz has been in the production of running headphones for quite some years now and has had just one mission: to develop open ear headphones that one can use to run, cycle with, and have a gym workout with and yet not blocking you totally from the world. This is made possible due to the bone conduction technology which is built into the neck. The Aeropex being the latest, has wrapped the tech in a durable and slimmer style, with the new bone conduction tech to help improve the quality of the sound.

These model is more expensive than the Trekz Air headphones which was launched in 2017. Aftershokz has become popular amongst runners as there are bans on the use of closed headphones or use of in-ear headphones as safety measures. There is very little competition in the sporty open ear headphones space, Aeropex has ultimately made Aftershokz a top choice for most fitness lovers.


With some new advancement, AfterShokz have been able to take out some weight from its frame and other vital parts of the headphones, in order to make it appear lighter when you wear it and less noticeable when running. When the Aeropex is compared to the Trekz Air then we would appreciate its slimmer size.  The AfterShokz boasts of a size which is 30% smaller and 13% lighter, this may seem like very little numbers but are actually very great improvement which is noticed when they are picked up. They are much lighter than the last generation. It still maintains the neckband-style look, the arms which sits on the front of the ears are reduced to size. It also has a skinner frame. It is also durable as it has been improved from an IP55 water-resistant rating to an IP67 rating.

This means the device can stay under water at a depth of 30m for about one minute. This rating in reality helps the headphone fend off sweat and makes it well equipped to survive the rain or when it mistakenly drops in a puddle. The Bluetooth could easily get damaged in water so it shouldn’t be taken for a swim. So after testing them out in the rain and got sweat on them after an indoor bike session we can proudly report that they are lasting and durable.

The durability of this device was questioned due to its skinny and bendy frame. Some persons have questioned the durability of the AfterShokz Headphones and overtime there have been some break on us in the past. Fortunately, the Aeropex has been an exception to this and there have been no sign of wear. It is advised that it should be placed in its case other than just placing it in the gym bag. As regards the onboard controls, the device has two grippy physical buttons which are tucked away on the underside of one of the frame which is close to the charging port. These are used to increase the volume or to basically turn the headphone on. While running, the proximity of the buttons may make control a bit difficult until after so many trials, and it takes quite some efforts to distinguish the two buttons.

There has also been a change in the charging port from the covered USB gotten on the Air to something more proprietary. Although this change means you’ll have to get another proprietary charging cable (two is found in the box) this move has given AfterShokz an increase waterproof rating and offer the Aeropex more durability. And there are different colors to choose from; you can try out the Cosmic Black Model or try out the red, blue or grey designs. They all come in same price.

Battery life

The Aftershokz Aeropex has an improved battery life. You can enjoy about 8 hours of music and playback and talk time; it was just 2hours for the Airs. It also gets charged in just one-and-a-half hours unlike the two hours it will takes the Airs to charge up.

So this means you can get an hour of music playback from just fifteen minute of charge up. When you turn on the headphone for the first time and tap the buttons, it will display the battery life and tell you the amount of time it will be on and also show you the time it will need to be charged.

If you’re spending sometime in the gym for probably an hour a day or plan on running for same amount of time, then it means you’ll have enough battery to use for the rest of the week. Although, the AfterShokz might have disappointed in battery life in time past, the Aeropex seems to live up to expectations. The addition of fast charging makes it more wonderful.

Audio quality

As earlier mentioned, the bone conduction technology remains integral in the quality of sound delivered by AfterShokz, this is done effectively in such a way that you are not entirely blocked from the world around. The bone conduction still works in similar ways, it uses the transducers to help guide vibrations up the cheek bones then to the ears, it delivers sound without the discomfort of having something sitting directly inside the ears.

The change that has occurred is something referred by AfterShokz   as ‘PremiumPitch 2.0“.  This is basically using the transducers to channel the vibrations which are angled to meet the cheekbone well, it promises to deliver sound which has more bass, little vibration and gives less leakage.

Those issues were quite rampant in the first generation of the AfterShokz. There was little power, the vibration was at very high volumes and they leaked slightly. On the Aeropex, there have been some advancement in some parts but not everywhere. You shouldn’t expect same result like an ear or over-ear headphones, but there are some other noticeable improvements with the gradual increase in bass, better improvement in details and general upgrade in the audio quality. The improvements could be observed in moderate volume levels. When you run around the house or visit the gym with them, then we can see the improvements. This model allows you to hear the world as well as enable you listen to your music or podcast with perfect balance and better sound.

As the bone conduction technology improves with time, other things will also get better, such as the bass and clarity, yet we’ll still be able to spot the difference between the Trekz Air and the Aeropex.

There are also ear plugs attached to give better sound quality. It is also similar to what AfterShokz does with its swim-proof headphones and also has the intention of providing better sound.  To use the ear plugs, you’ll just need to plug the ears up and this, in a kind of way, goes against the idea of what an open ear headphone means. Using these plugs you’ll be able to pick up calls as they have dual, noise- cancelling mics to help pick the voice, although, you shouldn’t expect perfect clarity.

You also still get the vibration sensation that happens, although this has been reduced a little but it is still there, but not to a level you’d have to stop using them as it becomes too uncomfortable.  At moderate volumes, the leak is little but becomes severe when the volume is cranked up a bit.


If you need a good headphone which will get sweaty but yet remain functional and you also don’t want to shut off the world, then the AfterShokz Aeropex could be your best option. The design has also been worked on, there are basic upgrades from the first generation of the AfterShokz headphones. They are nicer when worn and provide great comfort when exercised with.

When talking about the quality of sound, then we won’t really consider the Aeropex to have really improved more than its predecessors, although there are some little improvements basically as regards bass and clarity.


They are basically a bit more than the Air and its major advantage is the sleek design and the battery life. If you want an extra time to make use of them between the charging time and getting something which sits lightly on the head, then these are the perfect choice. Currently, AfterShokz owns a major part of the market as it doesn’t have any competition at the moment. We hope it changes in the future, as it is possible that some people can improve upon the bone conduction tech and make it better.

Last update was on: September 10, 2020 12:01 pm

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