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When searching for a wonderful gift for your dad, who enjoys playing golf then a fantastic gadget to consider is the Garmin Approach S2 golf watch. You can also decide to get the Bluetooth-enabled Garmin Approach S20. It is a golf watch and the latest Approach S2 successor and goes for $199. The watch is not only affordable but is convenient and serves well to give you a wonderful golfing experience; very much appreciated by golfers.

This review was carried out with a golfer who’s been in the game for about 30years. I had some rounds with him and with his experience having observed the major range of gadgets that have been used in the game ever since. The golf watch seems to be a very nice accessory for the game.

 My golfer friend has not owned a golfing watch for a long time. Over the years there have been a prolific enhancement in the watch: increase fitness tracking, sleep monitoring and smart phone notifications. My golfer friend enjoyed the comfortability of the S20 and its modern functions makes it very good as an everyday wearable.


Although, the Garmin Approach S20 doesn’t have a magnificent look, yet it provides very practical use. It doesn’t look like the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition. It just has a simple design and blends well with the average golf togs.

It has a better functionality than an admirable look. It has just a flat and simple perforated silicone band. The tang buckle makes it easy to be put on and provides an ease when taking it out. It has a compact casing that doesn’t get in the way of the swing. It has a light weight of 1.5 ounces which increases the ease while playing.

It has a 128 × 128 monochrome LCD display which looks a bit old fashioned but my golfer friend seemed to love it for its retro look. It also doesn’t have a touch screen control and this might make it a bit difficult to be used especially by those used to the functionality provided by the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition. A major advantage of this watch is that the lack of finger print makes it remain clear and clean and can easily be read even under a very bright summer sun.

Golf features

The amazing thing about this watch is that it comes fully packed with about 40,000 golf courses from different part of the world. The GPS in the watch helps to identify courses around where you are and helps you to choose the right place. The watch tells you the distance you are from the back, middle or front of the green. Although the course map doesn’t look so great, it can be easily deciphered by a regular golfer.

When in the course for the first time, to open the Gamini Golf App which is available for both iOS and Android. This helps you to get a better advanced rendering of the layout of the hole. Rather than marking out the hazard location using just letters, the watch shows the nature of the hazards. This helps in situation when dealing with lake or maybe a sand trap.

This watch can also easily track shot distance by monitoring the movement of the wrist using the AutoShot technology. Once the swing is taken, the watch then records your location. After this first shot and you move to take the next shot, the watch then measures the distance which you moved to get the distance of your shot. Once you open the Garmin Golf App you can easily match the shot distance with the club and show how fast you swung.  This data is very helpful as it gives you an idea of how fast you can swing and how far each ball can go with each clubs.

Although, the AutoShot doesn’t store putts, it is possible to still record the shorter shots and you can keep track of your different scores just on the game, the device also shows you your shot ratio.

Fitness and Health Features

The Garmin Approach S20 is very compatible with the Garmin Connect fitness-tracker program. It also has an odometer, a heart rate monitor, and a timer. These features make the S20 to be an excellent fitness wearable.

The Approach S20 also has a water resistance of 5atm and can stand submersion in water up to a distance of 50meters. This means it can be used for a nice swim or use in the shower after series of round in the golf course.

The watch also has a sleep tracker which is another health benefit of the Garmin S20. This is very useful and comes in handy in monitoring how much rest you’ve had before a morning game and to determine if you’ll need a coffee drink beforehand.

Battery life:

The Garmin Approach S20 boasts of a battery life of 15 hours while in GPS mode and about 8 weeks when the GPS is not being used. The constant use of GPS drains the battery. The S2 can’t last for more than four hours and this is the major advantage of using the S20. This device can track steps, show phone notifications or monitor night’s sleep but still not show any sign that it needs charging.


The Garmin Approach S20 is sold for about $199 and it’s seen as one of the affordable brand name in the market as regards golf watches. This wearable golf watch provides you with the essential features of a fitness tracker.

The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition is sold for about $1,850 but yet serves similar function and with similar features as the S20. There is another model- the Garmin Approach S60 sold for $400, gives a better display and provides a better color touch screen.  The Garmin Approach S20 still remains a very affordable golf watch.

The Garmin Approach S20 provides very essential features for you and is the best watch to get when you don’t need sound and noisy feature of other modern watches. This watch cokes with a wonderful battery life and the Autoshot data will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys golfing. It also has an amazing price so it doesn’t seem like you’re wasting money. Although most golfers will admire the facility of the S60, this particular model also serves very equal purpose and since it can be synched with a smartphone it gets more interesting. The Garmin S20 can be worn off the course and comes with a very good fitness tracker feature and other features.  

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