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The Brother XM2701 sewing machine is a very good machine for beginners and has very good features that will help you get started smoothly. After you’ve learnt how to use the machine and have had an increase in your skill level then you’ll learn how to use the machine with time. Although we don’t recommend this machine as the basic sewing machine for someone with a lot of experience, it will act as a second sewing machine.

The automated features of this machine, as well as the affordable price point, make it a great value for a beginner sewer or even a child learning to sew for the first time.

Additionally, this Brother XM2701 lightweight full-featured sewing machine is very portable and works well for sewers who want to take their machine traveling or to classes.

Why should you get the Brother XM2701 for yourself? 

Read this XM2701 review to find out more about this Brother sewing machine.

This machine has automated features and comes at an affordable price range and this makes it very affordable for beginners or for even a child learning to sew for the first time. Also, this machine comes in a light weight and this makes it easy to be moved and very portable and can be carried around by sewers who want to travel or go to classes with it. This review will help you decide if you need to buy the Brother XM2701 for your own use.

What Kind of Sewing Machine Should a Beginner Buy?

For anyone just learning the sewing craft for the first time, I will recommend you get a good and high-quality machine, this will ensure that your sewing is fun and not in any way stressful. I got a very cheap sewing machine initially and this really frustrated my sewing. The machine tension was never right and the bobbin jammed and it was very difficult sewing straight no matter how hard I tried.

I had to get a new machine with better feature and higher quality with very good automated features, this made me enjoy the sewing process. It made me look forward to sewing projects and this made my sewing skills increase with time. You’ll need to get a quality machine that will help you learn the basic of sewing and not be frustrated with a poor quality machine. Also, if you’re not so sure whether you’ll enjoy the sewing process, then it is important you don’t spend all your money buying a very expensive machine which you might end up not using anymore.

Why Purchase a Brother Sewing Machine?

The Brother industry is a multinational company that originated in Japan. It has been in operation in the US since 1955. The company is also known for manufacturing computers, printers and other electrical and electronics.

In 1977, they released their first computerized sewing machine and as at 2017 have produced about 60 million of this sewing machines. Well known for producing very advanced, reliable and flexible products. They also provide very wonderful products at very affordable price.

Another perks of getting products from this company is that they give you a 25-year limited warranty for all purchased sewing machines and also provide good technical support for the machine.

In-Depth review of the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine:

Let’s beginning by checking out the quantitative information.

What Can be found in the XM2701 Box?

You will get these items in the box:

  • The sewing machine comes with a power cord and a fancy foot controller.
  • Three bobbins
  • 3-piece needle set together with a twin needle
  • A darning plate
  • Oval screwdriver
  • 6 presser feet
  • It also has an instructional DVD and also an operation manual in both Spanish and English Language.

Do You Need to Purchase Additional Accessories?

You will not need to, although, you’ll need to provide your own thread and fabric. You can also purchase a carrying case at Brother Universal. You can also get additional bobbins; this machine uses a Class 15 bobbins (SA156). The Brother brand bobbins is highly recommended.

What Does It Look Like Out of the Box?


The machine has a smooth design, with a white plastic body and a small compartment with accessories. The right front of the machine has a blue background where you can find the stitch options and selection dial. It has a floral, paisley print which makes the machine look good.

There is a handle at the back of the machine which enables it to be carried around easily.

It has a small footprint which makes you not to give up a lot of table space for it.

Machine Dials and the Stitch Selection

The stitch selection is carried out by turning the dial found on the right of the machine. Also, you’ll find three dials at the top of the machine, which helps in adjusting the tension manually, and the other two for adjusting the stitch width and length. It also has a reverse lever which allows the sewing directions to be easily changed when you’re starting or stopping the sewing process. At the left side, you’ll find a manual thread cutter.

Getting Started on the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Since this very machine is beginner-friendly it means you can start sewing easily and immediately. You can also read the quick-start guide to help you get things done in no long time, it is important you read this guide thoroughly before setting up to save you time and frustration in future time. A lot of mistake can be prevented by just reading this manual thoroughly.

Review of the Features of Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine.

The machine has very wonderful features and still comes in a very affordable price. It also has about 27 stitches (and also 63 stitch functions) which is added in this machine and can cover a lot of your bases starting with the zigzag, quilting, blind hem, decorative and other stitches. You also have one particular style of one-step button hole that is automatic and serves in every kind of fabrics.

How many presser feet, and what are their functions?

Just between the wide stitch selection and also the impressive presser foot selection, you have a covered base that helps in basic sewing and mending projects. Below are some added feet, you can choose to purchase more.

  • Zigzag foot- this gives a straight or zig zag stitch and is used for everyday sewing.
  • Zipper Sewing Foot- used to sew in a zipper
  • Button Sewing Foot- used to sew on a button
  • Buttonhole Foot- used to create automatic buttonholes of similar size.
  • Narrow Hem Foot- used to make a standard and good narrow and flat hem.
  • Blind Stitch Foot – use to create quite invisible hem.
  • A lever is used for swapping the feet

What are the automatic features of the Brother XM2701?

These machine has certain automatic features which makes it suitable for beginners and can be used by friends. The Bobbin winding can be carried out automatically and the top-drop, the quick-set bobbin helps to remove the stress of fixing a front- load bobbin. it has a jam resistant mix but can still jam a times though.

It also has a clear bobbin case which is clear and makes it possible to notice the thread remaining to prevent you from running out of thread mid project.

You can easily thread the machine just by following the instructions. You’ll find little numbers on the machine to help you in case you easily forget. You also don’t need to thread the needle manual as you are provided a lever that will enable you do it easily. The threader is quite fragile and should therefore be handled with care.

The machine has a way to automatically pick up the bobbin thread when you start sewing. This is a very good advantage also.

How portable is the Brother XM2701?

The machine has a light weight and hence very potable with a weight of just 13lbs which means it can be easily transported from one place to another. It has a built-in molded handle which is used to carry it about. So if you want to sew in your craft room or maybe want to use a kitchen table or want to take it to a class. These can easily be done, due to the light weight of the machine.

How is the light on the XM2701?

The Brother XM2701 has an LED light which is used to light the workplace in case of power outage or the place gets dark. The light is also needed when sewing a dark fabric and there is a need for light to aid your vision. Although some online review of this machine has complained about how low the light can be a times; yet this light serves a lot of function and so many other persons praise it for its functionality.

What can be done with the built-in free arm?

When other accessories are removed from the compartment and from the front of this machine, you’ll still have the free arms remaining and it helps to sew sleeves, cuffs, and every other cylindrical items and is one of the standard feature of the Brother sewing machine.

What is the Brother XM2701 warranty?

The machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty and a phone tech support to help its customers. Although this may sound very great, the warranty is still very limited. When you read the fine print properly, you’ll see that the warranty for parts of the product, labor and other accessories is just one year, and it’s two years for the electronic component. Just the chassis and machine’s frame is covered for 25 years. To enjoy this warranty then. you’ll need to keep your proof of purchase as safe as possible and if it’s online, keep your digital receipt as safe as possible.

Can You Quilt with the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine?

Yes, it is very possible to create very wonderful quilts using the brother XM2701 sewing machine.

You’ll need to bear in mind that the XM2701 sewing machine doesn’t just come with a quilting foot or provides any assistance of a walking foot. Although, you can buy this separately when you want. You can also get the detachable wide table which can be found on other expensive models of the Brother sewing machine. It helps to hold very large works as you do them. You can get this to help you handle your several large projects and help you make very beautiful quilts.

Key Advantages of the Brother XM2701

  1. It is beginner friendly and can be used by advanced seamstress.
  2. 27 stitches and 6 presser feet provides every necessary assistance to carry out a project.
  3. It also has automated features which makes it easy to use
  4. It is not really expensive and comes with wonderful features.
  5. It is portable and has a handle that enables easy transportation.

Disadvantages of the key brother XM2701

  1. As a beginner you’ll need to master the foot pedal and this might take some time and effort. You might choose to use the computerized machine that has buttons that control it.
  2. It doesn’t have a hard case when purchased. To get one you’ll need to pay an extra $20 or more. A hard case is needed to protect the sewing machine.
  3. Using this machine, it might be difficult to sew some materials like denim or leather as have been shown by other reviews. In order to sew denims or other hard material, then you’ll need to get a heavy-duty sewing machine. Or you can get a stronger needle and thread to sew and be patient. The bobbin can also jam some time causing uneven stitches. The needle threader is also quite fragile.


The Brother XM2701 sewing machine is a high-quality machine that can serve different level of skills.

Due to its quality, it has maintained a bestseller in amazon and also won the Women’s choice award in 2019. You can choose to use the cs6000i if you need a digital and a computerized machine but the Brother XM2701 is needed for beginners. It has different automatic functions which eases its use and also the different presser foot and the stitch options makes it good for various projects to be carried out.

Although it has a low price, it still comes with very wonderful features. Unless you intend to carry out very advanced work, this sewing machine will serve you well. From the review done here it can be seen that this machine will serve most of your functions and help you automate various other work in case you’re a beginner.

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