Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike Review


Today we are going to review the popular electric Razor bike among the children. You may be surprised to know that this bike, with its excellent features, is run by a battery.  This product is launched by Razor and has the original dirt bike structure.  

This bike has both speed and efficacy. It has a twist-grip throttle to provide high power and speed of fourteen miles per hour. So your kids are free to ride their bike anywhere but make sure they follow the road rules. We have made a list of the main features of the Razor dirt bike to help you decide if you want it or not.

Powerful Bike with an incredible motor

The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket is one of the best mini dirt bikes available in the market. The main body structure is greatly strong and is capable of carrying up to 150 lb. of weight. The motor is operated by a chain that doesn’t produce any noise and maintains maximum power. About fourteen miles per hour is the maximum speed it can run on with ten miles distance covered with no battery power loss.

Knobby tires

The knobby tires are two inches thick and provide efficient power transmission. The kids find it very easy to ride and control the bike because of its high-rise handlebars. The kids can enjoy their rides in the backyard or the sidewalk.

Safe, Durable and Reasonable

This dirt bike is easily assembled, safe to ride, and perfectly built for the badass riders who love to spend hours on it. Children can find many ways to amuse themselves throughout the day owing to this bike’s long battery and endurance. You can set up tracks for your kids and watch them do little aerial stunts and whatnot.  It is a wonderful option economically especially if you have more than one kid in comparison to the gas motorbikes that can be pretty expensive.  This bike will bring a wide smile on the face of your kid or kids!!

Easy Assembly

This bike has an eight hour charging time and is an environment- friendly product. The main framework is made up of steel providing the necessary durability, the twist-grip throttle provides great power and control while the comfortable racing seats are sure to make your kids fall in love with it. The speed can be varied by a chain-driven motor that enables the bike to carry up to 170 lb, making it a perfect option for age twelve and above. The bike comes in blue color with vivid stickers. The assembly can easily be done and us hassle-free as the toolbox (that comes along)is all you need to get it up and running. However, you would need to charge it overnight before riding it the first time so I’ll recommend to assemble the bike and charge it before surprising your kids because they’d surely want to ride it right away!!

Best Electric motor accessories

Dirt bikes are very trendy nowadays and kids and teenagers love it a lot. Many brands are manufacturing dirt bikes. Razor is one such brand that has launched its product MX 350 which has become very popular and has become their high-selling product. Continue reading to know more about the wonderful accessories that come with the bike.

The Razor Dirt Rocket MX350

The razor dirt rocket MX350 is a dream come true for the young bike riders. Its speed of 14 mph, 150-pound weight endurance, high-rise handlebars, 12 inch thick knobby tires, chain-driven motor, and dual suspension are some of the features that provide your kids with the amazing experience that is a guarantee of how well the product has been made.

Final thoughts

So what did you think of the Razor Dirt Bike MX350 review? The easy assembly with the tools already provided is an attractive feature of this bike but it needs to be charged before its first use. Because of its high speed, I would highly recommend buying self-protection equipment like a full-face helmet that will provide protection and the feels of a real biker.

Now it is up to your discern if you want your kids sitting in front of T.V all day or you want them to become physically active and fit. The smile on your kid’s face after riding the Razor Dirt Bike would definitely be worth more than what you have spent on this bike. So if you were looking for a birthday or holiday gift ideas, you have found a perfect option.

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