Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review


If you wish to get somewhere instantly, then Electric scooters are the perfect option for you. Electric scooters are the most popular scooters since 1996 in large cities of America. It is most famous among college campuses because of the emergence of rental companies of electric scooters like Bird and Uber. Many people purchase these electric scooters nowadays. 

Electric scooters are the best companion and eco-friendly. You need no worry about the emissions of any gas and it also consumed little electricity. 

One question that comes in your mind why you should consider buying these electric scooters. The main reason is traffic sucks and the other one is the parking issue.

By purchasing electric scooters, you can easily be reached at any place by avoiding traffic, takes all kinds of shortcuts, and no worry about parking of scooters.

Other benefits of purchasing electric scooters are that you can easily enjoy the wind that comes on your face. You will be able to get maximum vitamin-D from Sun that is beneficial for your health. You can easily save lots of money. It doesn’t require fuel, any special license, and maintenance. So, you will never disappoint after purchasing this electric scooter.  

If the ride of an electric scooter becomes a special part of your life, then you will enjoy every moment of your life. It is recommended to buy your own electric scooter instead of renting it. 

If you buy this high-quality electric scooter then you may feel just like buying your own car. There are many options available on the market that may confuse you in the purchase process. In this article, we choose to review Razor E300 Electric Scooter. This is one of the best and top-rated electric scooter suitable for both teenagers and adults. The electric scooter is money-saving, environmentally friendly, and healthy options for kids who travel to school on a daily basis.  

About the Company 

The Razor company was founded in the year 2000. The main purpose of the company is to make ordinary, old, and uninspire scooters super fast and fun. With time due to the emergence of electric scooters, Razor continued to manufactured innovative and high-quality scooters for both kids and youth. The scooters manufactured by Razor are loved by kids and trusted by the parents. Young people enjoy riding electric scooters manufactured by Razor company. 

Razor E300 Electric Scooter reviews

With Razor E300 Electric Scooter, Razor always promises to offer its target customers the scooters that come with the super-sized deck. The frame of these scooters is suitable for carrying consumers of any age. With super fast speed, the adults will never late while going to anyplace at any time. Kids really enjoy riding and also stay safe because of amazing support. The design of Razor E300 Electric Scooter is suitable for adults and teenagers. One of the important factors that come in mind is either it would never break under the weight of adults. 


Razor E300 Electric Scooter comes with a coloured design that is available in white, blue, black, and red colors. It depends on the preferences of customers. The colored mentioned above are more liked by kids and teens instead of adults. Razor E300 Electric Scooter is also known as “Chunky scooter” because of its wide-sized frame, tires, and deck. 

Features of Razor E300 Electric Scooter

a) Handlebars

The handle of Razor E300 Electric Scooter is 25-inches high and 16-inches wide. This dimension of the handle is enough to offer a comfortable and secure ride. It also offers better control to both adults and teenagers. The handlebar comes with black rubber handgrips irrespective of its colors. The scooter also comes with an amazing brake level that is in black color. Riders can easily operate the throttle acceleration control that works similarly to the acceleration control of motorcycles. 

b) Breaks

Razor E300 Electric Scooter features a hand-operated and high-quality rear brake. The braking system of Razor E300 Electric Scooter works just like ordinary bikes. The riders can easily operate the brake by only pulling the lever with left-hand. 

When you activate the brake, the motor power is cut-off. The process helps to keep riding on the scooter safely. The scooter offers you an extra safety precaution and you will enjoy it effectively. The overall brake system of Razor E300 Electric Scooter is effective. It also ensures safety for the kids as well as adults who want to ride it on a busy road. 

c) Kickstand

The kickstand of Razor E300 Electric Scooter is retractable so that scooters can easily leave standing any place. Anytime you want to stop with the scooter, anywhere you want to stop, you can easily leave it standing. This is very useful while you charging it. 

The retractable kickstand is very useful and adorable in non-foldable scooters. You can not fold it and carry scooter with you somewhere you want. The model is a little bit heavier of 42 lbs. So it is good to park the scooter when not in use. 

d) Deck 

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter comes with a comfortable deck. It allows adults and teenagers to stand comfortably on the scooter while riding. 

e) Tires: 

As we mentioned above that the Razor E300 Electric Scooter comes with a chunky design. The tires are extra wide. These tires are 9-inches pneumatics which allows the users a smooth and comfortable ride at high speed. 

f) Weight limits and Weight

Razor E300 Electric Scooter is a stable and suitable scooter for both adults and teens. The handlebar of electric scooters can reachable to young kids easily. Thanks to the tires and wide deck, your kids can easily find the balance on an electric scooter. 

As these scooters are made from a sturdy frame, so it makes the overall design a little bit heavier. Young children find a little bit difficult to handle the scooter. It could damage itself or may harm your child. So, if you want to purchase E300 for your young child, then you should know either he/she able to handle the 42-lbs weight or not. 

This scooter is perfect for those people who have weight up to 220 lbs. Scooter is suitable for teens and adults. So, you can say that if your purchase one Razor E300 Electric Scooter, then each member of your family can easily use it.  

g) Assembly feature of Razor E300 Electric Scooter

This is an amazing scooter that comes in the box having weight 30-pounds. The scooter will need assembly. The assembly process of the razor scooter is simple. It only required 10-minutes time. 

For this purpose, you will be required to slide the handlebar post to a hollow post which you can easily search just above the front wheel of the scooter. You need to tighten the clamps with the help of Allen wrench for securing the bar in the proper place. 

For assembly, you required some important accessories like valve engender, 5-mm wrench, and 4-mm wrench. You may also order a bicycle-like tire pumping system and screwdriver to make the assemblage process safe and secure. 

h) Performance of Razor E300 Electric Scooter

The maximum speed of Razor E300 Electric Scooter is 15 mph. This speed shows that it is not a quick scooter on the market but still it is considered as the fast scooter for teenagers and kids. The throttle acceleration with an amazing grip can easily control the riding speed. The scooter also reminds the imagination and fun riding with super accelerator grips. 

The dual 12-volt battery systems allow the scooter to remain prominent and perfect riding at top-speed. The motor is drive on the chain and performs quiet operation all time. Your neighbour will never complain about the noise of scooter when your kids play with it in the street. 

The scooter comes with a wide deck and tires. It makes the overall design of the scooter stable and comfortable. You can easily ride smoothly on any lanes either clean or dirty. The wide frame enables the rider to ensures that it can withstand against wear-and-tear of you and your children’s daily use. It is a durable and well-constructed scooter that comes with a sturdy design, Due to sturdy design, the scooter becomes a little bit heavier. 

Scooter is unable to foldable so it is difficult to carry the scooter from one place to another. It also features kickstands so you can easily be parked your scooter at any place. 

The brake system of Razor E300 Electric Scooter is awesome when you slow down the scooter. It performs responsive action when you apply the brake to stop the scooter quickly. The braking system ensures that sudden stops will cut the power of the electric motor. It also ensures that the rider will never lose their own balance while stopping the scooter. With a perfect braking system, you would always get a safe and smooth stop. 

As we know that in electric scooters, brake efficiency is considered as an important feature. So, if you plan to ride on the electric scooter along the streets or may travel to work or school, then Razor E300 Electric Scooter is perfect for you. 

i) Storage

As we mentioned above that electric scooter E300 can not be foldable. But you can easily dismantle the electric scooter’s handlebars. This feature makes storage easier when you need to save space. It is easy to dismantle in a few seconds. 

The better option you can use for storage is to find the spot. The spot is the point where you can easily leave the scooter standing by kickstand. You may dismantle handlebars when you are not using the scooter for long periods. 

The user manual offers you better knowledge about storing the scooter. The battery of the scooter is the first component that maybe lose its efficiency. So it is important to store the device in a dry place. It should be done to protect the battery and also increase the longevity of the scooter. As we know that low temperatures also damage the battery so it is recommended to never store the scooter in the garage. 

j) Charging time and battery life

Razor E300 Electric Scooter for kids and adults comes up with 24-volts batteries. These batteries allow the scooter to ride continually up to 45-minutes. So, it means that you can easily travel 9-10 miles on this scooter. 

With this scooter, you can easily perform every activity you want ranges from playing in a park to traveling to work or school. 

The brand recommended charging your electric scooter for 10 to 12 hours after using it on a daily basis. But always take care of the fact that your scooter never charges overnight. It is so because it can damage the battery life of the scooter. Always try to charge the scooter after travel. It will help your battery gets daily doses of electricity and never start dying earlier. 

If you want to increase the battery life of your scooter, then always turn the scooter off when it is not in use. You should always avoid exhausting the scooter every time you use it. Ensure to have some battery change before you going to charge it again. 

Pros of The Razor E300 Kids & Adults Electric Scooter 

We like these features of Razor E300 electric scooter. 

a) Trusted company

Razor is one of the best leading companies in the world of scooters. The company won many awards for its better performance. It always delivers consistent and quality products to its customers. 

b) Superfast speed

The scooter comes with 15 mph speed that indicates a super-fast electric scooter. While comparing this scooter with other teens and kids scooter, then you will appreciate the speed delivers by this product. Both teens and adults will love this scooter because it offers a comfortable and secure ride every time. 

c) Versatile model

The product is built for both teenagers and adults. The colorful design also offers the consumer a better versatile feature. The white and black color is suitable for adults and teenagers while the red and blue color version is suitable for children. 

d) Affordable price

The scooter comes with adorable and long-lasting constructions. You can easily purchase the scooter for all families. The product is an amazing value for the money you spend on it. 

e) Adorable braking system

The braking system of Razor E300 Kids & Adults Electric Scooter is described above in detail. The braking system of E300 is responsive and efficient. It ensures the safety of riders and provides a better ride all time. 

Cons of The Razor E300 Kids & Adults Electric Scooter 

Some of the downfalls of The Razor E300 Kids & Adults Electric Scooter are: 

a) It is a little bit heavier because of 42 lbs, weight. 

b) It is a little bit difficult to carry the scooter from one place to another by the young kids. 

c) The scooter is un foldable. 

d) As it comes with a big frame, so it is difficult to fold it easily. 


The Razor E300 Electric Scooter for kids and adults is a top-quality scooter. It also has some downfalls, but the overall quality of the scooter is very high. The scooter comes with many features like fast and safe riding, durability, versatile, and colourful design. All of the features are suitable for comfortable riding. With this amazing product, adults, teens, and children can easily spend memorable outdoor time. 

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