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Back in 2014, Razer made its own one of a kind restrictive switches as opposed to going with the Cherry MX switches that were at that point, and still are, found on most mechanical gaming consoles. Here in 2018, it appears Razer isn’t finished developing on the console switch front, as its all-new Huntsman Elite (See it on Amazon) is the main console to utilize another sort of switch it calls “opto-mechanical.” These switches use fricking laser shafts to enlist key presses rather than metal contacts, hypothetically offering better speed and solidness. Notwithstanding new switches, the console additionally includes new media controls (at last) and an astutely structured RGB edge lighting framework that works with or without the wrist rest.

The Huntsman Elite is Razor’s most costly console, however there is a non-Elite rendition that does without the side lights and wrist rest. I invested some energy with the smooth looking Elite deck to perceive how the new changes contrast with their mechanical adversaries, and to check whether the crazy sticker price was an early-adopter charge or advocated.

Razer Huntsman Elite – Design and Features

The Huntsman Elite, even from a separation, has the appearance of a very good quality console. The general size feels more reduced than the somewhat enormous BlackWidow Chroma V2 and the matte-dark aluminum face of the board adds some required load to shield the console from moving around the work area. I’m a major devotee of the brushed aluminum decks on the Corsair K70 MK.2, for instance, yet the Huntsman and its matte completion have the welcome advantage of warding off terrible fingerprints. On the underside of the board, the flip-out stand legs offer two positions, which is helpful for finding a happy with composing position.

On that note, the Hunstman Elite is unquestionably agreeable. The wrist lay on Razer’s BlackWidow V2 was the best I’d at any point utilized – up to this point. The Huntsman’s cushion is by all accounts of a similar structure, with delicate adjustable foam inside a leatherette covering, yet its position is somewhat more gotten down to business and raised. The outcome is essentially paradise for long gaming meetings and composing. Key dividing on the Huntsman is similarly agreeable, and composing felt normal.

True to form, this console utilizes Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting for per-key brightening. I saw the lighting as even and predictable, albeit somewhat dimmer than I would have preferred, even at max brilliance. Not at all like past Razer consoles, however, the lighting on the Huntsman doesn’t stop with keys, on account of a fabulous under-gleam gave by a light bar that goes around the edges of the console, including the wrist rest. The wrist rest gets power by means of another exclusive contact port on the body of the Huntsman. It’s supported by solid magnets that shield the rest from floundering around. Tragically, the RGB-fueled wrist rest is the sole explanation the Huntsman requires two USB ports – there’s no USB pass-through on this console, which is an entirely large frustration thinking about its cost.

At the upper right of the board dwells another new element of the Huntsman that is developed as one of my top choices: a knurled metal dial. While this wheel isn’t good now with Windows Dial usefulness – in contrast to the Rocket Horde – it’s as yet programmable. On the Huntsman, the dial’s default conduct is straightforward volume control, yet you can likewise utilize it to zoom into Windows, trade between applications, change mic volume, or even trade weapons in games. The dial is interactive, much the same as a mouse wheel, so you can utilize it for additional capacities like tapping it to quiet the sound or your mic. The wheel’s area is counterbalanced marginally from the side of the Huntsman and works perfectly. There are likewise three committed media catches with an exceptionally wonderful, round profile.

Obviously, the optical switches under the Huntsman Elite’s keys are one of the fundamental attractions here, and unquestionably what separates this console from essentially every mechanical console available. With Razer’s “opto-mechanical” switch there’s really a light emission under each key, and when the shaft is interfered with, a key press is enlisted. The opto-mechanical switches offer a clicky piece of input, much the same as Cherry MX Blues, yet a lighter required activation power (45g contrasted with 55g), making them progressively likened to Cherry MX Speed switches. Past the mix of speed and material input, Razer claims the opto-mechanical switch is progressively solid, enduring up to 100 million presses; Cherry MX are by and large appraised to 50 million.

Razer Huntsman Elite – Software

The Huntsman Elite uses the most recent rendition of the Razer Synapse programming to control lighting plans, sync Chroma usefulness, and allot macros. Neural connection is sufficiently simple to utilize, yet the application itself has grown somewhat inconvenient as it continues adding new tabs to the interface. It’s getting congested. There’s a superfluous number of tabs along the top, and there’s even a second “line” of sub-tabs as well. This most up to date form even has support for matching up your lighting with Phillips Hue lights, which from the start appeared “off brand” to me, yet the more I picture it in my brain, it could be truly cool.

When you make sense of where everything is, Synapse makes it extremely simple to get the illuminating set rapidly with preset impacts like shading waves, breathing, and lights that respond to composing. Chroma Studio, one more tab in Synapse, is extremely natural with regards to tweaking per-key lighting. Specifically, it’s currently conceivable to choose a pen apparatus and “draw” a lighting plan right onto the Huntsman.

Macros are additionally effectively made and sorted out inside Synapse, and I discovered account macros on the fly with the console’s devoted large scale recording key to be similarly as straightforward. By and large, Razer Synapse keeps on protruding and tumble under its own extending weight, and it’s irritating that you need to make a record with Razer just to utilize it, yet in case you’re simply hoping to make a brisk lighting alteration or to record a full scale it’s not hard to bounce in and make a couple of changes.

Razer Huntsman Elite – Gaming

The possibility of optical switches in a gaming console is still moderately new, with not many contenders available now. I’m inclined toward Cherry MX Red and Speed switches basically due to the lighter incitation power that shields my hands from feeling exhausted, alongside the expedient key presses in first-individual shooters. However, there’s absolutely something to be said for the material input of a Cherry MX Blue, both in gaming and for plain old composing. Razer’s opto-mechanical switches feel like a mixing of the two, with a clicky reaction that doesn’t feel like a task to impel.

An all the more fascinating aspect regarding these optical switches is the capacity to give that fantastic snap without the need to trust that mechanical parts will move back past that activation point after a reset to then be prepared to enroll another keypress. This implies the reset separation of an individual key is negligible and that means too snappy key presses. While I despise everything believe it’s fairly hard to test exactly how powerful that might be in-game, these new Razer switches feel incredible.

Playing Over watch for various hours, I truly valued the light, expedient key presses combined with a consoling snap on each press. Besides, combined with the wrist rest, the optical switches and their light incitation kept me agreeable much after long-distance race meetings of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Destiny 2. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether opt mechanical switches will out and out supplant the norm, metal-contact switches we’re totally acquainted with, however for quick-paced gaming they’re a strong alternative – and with double the sturdiness; a wise venture.

Likewise, I totally adored the programmable wheel Razer appended to the Huntsman, aligning it with contending dials on the Roccat Horde and Corsair K70/K95. Be that as it may, while there are a huge amount of choices for programming this wheel, I didn’t think that its helpful in games past changing volume, quieting my mic, or trading applications. While weapon exchanging with the wheel appears to be a good thought, you need to move your hand off the mouse or send your other hand no matter how you look at it to achieve that task. I attempted this a pack in Far Cry 5 and it’s only simpler to stay with the standard console/mouse alternate ways.


The Razer Hunstman Elite carries something new to the table with its excellent optical switches, and valuable highlights like the lit up wrist rest and programmable wheel. The sticker price is a hard pill to swallow however, particularly when it’s feeling the loss of certain highlights found on different sheets at this value point, similar to the Corsair K95. All things considered, it’s extremely incredible lighting and highlights make it a superb and an exceptionally special console.

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