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The Plantronics CS540 cordless headset is the wireless headset that replaces the very popular Plantronics CS55 and Plantronics CS50. This model is lighter, newer and has more feature than what is available before and doesn’t have any unusual feature that is not familiar already. The CS540 is very perfect due to its simplicity and effectiveness, this makes it a top choice for most businesses.

The CS540 is a very popular headset used by most offices in the UK business.

So this review is to help know what makes it popular as well as identify the competitors in the market.


This new model comes with a very lightweight of about 21 grams only, the CS540 also comes with the lightest DECT headset in the market. According to American Doctor Duncan McDougall who claimed that the human soul is 21 grams, funny; this gives you an idea of how light this headset is.

Key Features

Other than its lightweight design, the CS540 also has other better features as well. It has an enhancement in its maximum mobility, one-touch controls, has efficient energy and power management and has an easy plug-and-talk installation which makes it top high among other competitors.

The key features of the CS540 Headset are shown below:

  • It provides you with the convenience to talk and walk to about 350 feet from your desk.
  • Provides about 7hours of talk time
  • Gives a good call quality, due to the presence of an optional wideband frequency
  • It has a customized fit which enables you to wear your headset over the head or on the ear. You can adjust both style to give better comfort.
  • The microphone is equipped with noise- cancelling technology which helps to reduce the office background noise.
  • It comes with a 64-bit digitally encrypted signal: No one can listen to your calls.

This device proved to be very convenient as it provides you with two different styles to choose from and also allows you to go mobile and multitask from about 350 feet from your desk.


The Plantronics CS540 headset features a premium wideband audio quality and also a wireless mobility. This device has been a favorite for many years because of the reliability for hands-free productivity.

Another nice feature of the CS540 is its ability to allow you conference up to three users on the same line, this is a very vital addition that makes it remarkable in business negotiation and other business communication.

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