Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush Review


Are you going to buy an electric toothbrush? Do you want a toothbrush that excels others in quality and performance? Here is Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush, the Lamborghini of electric toothbrushes. This is not an exaggeration to term it a diamond clean brush due to its slick and well-designed structure. If we think about its high price, it may compete the high-end brushes in the market. 

The Sonicare is the choice of those who need luxury brushing experience. With its fantastic look, you will like to place it in your home. 

Four different color options come with this toothbrush. They include white, black, pink and amethyst. So this toothbrush fits in any bathroom due to color options. It is like the elegant dress you wear for a gala event. IT is a sophisticated type of brush with motor-powered battery in the market. Here in this article, I shall give an insight into its features and advantage over the other types.

What is in the box?

  • Single brush head
  • Handle with ergonomic structure
  • Hygienic cap
  • Glass charging stand
  • Changing the foundation
  • Charger case
  • UBS wall adapter
  • UBS cord
  • Instructions
  • Warranty specifications for two years.


Here is a short overview of its benefits.

  • Sleek and fantastic look
  • With travel caps, you may charge it
  • Three-week battery power duration
  • Sealed handle to void bacteria accumulation


  • It is costly
  • One we purchase it has only one brush, extra brushes are too expensive.
  • No easy to use
  • No bumps.


The product comes with some fantastic and distinct feature. Here is the detail about why should we purchase it.


  • It is considered expensive due to the fact it comes with a single brush head. Buying the other one is costly.
  • You cannot use a glass charger with ease.
  • The Diamond clean look is elegant and straightforward. In terms of fantastic design, it competes with other high-quality cleaners.
  • No bump d rubber strips is there to bother you. On the handle, there is nothing unnecessary. The handle is built with no slipping material. You can hold and operate t efficiently with wet or dry hands.
  • With a button, you may switch it on and off.
  • You may do it just by placing it in the glass when you need to charge the toothbrush. It has a wireless charging system. 
  • You may easily wash the charger. You may wash it in a dishwasher.
  • It has five different color choices. These colors include white, black, rose, gold, and amethyst.
  • With color options, Philip tries to make it fit for any bathroom type.

Brushing modes

Different brushing modes come with the electric brush.


Al the Sonicare brushes have this default mode for standard cleaning of tour teeth. This model is the ultimate selection of people though it offers you four more choices


If you want to enhance the whiteness of your teeth, T is the feature that is beneficial for white look of your teeth. It does so by alternating between stands and pulsating vibrations of the brush.


It is a fantastic mode that eliminates the stubborn plaques that are stick to your teeth. However, please do not go by the name that it polishes the teeth but gives a polish like look o your teeth.

Gum care

It is a fast cleaning mode. During the first two minutes, high-speed motions are offering stable clean, and last minute is low-speed cleaning to give you a gum massage.


If we consider the most useful modes, then this mode tops the others. If you are experiencing the painful gums, I will be suitable for you. It not only gives you an original clean but also removes gums.

Memory features

The electric diamond clean has amazing memory features. It remembers your last cleaning mode. It will automatically start with this feature, next time you are brushing your teeth.

Smart timer and a quad pacer

I don’t know you like it or not, and this feature is a fact. With this feature, the brush is turned off in two minutes. It will give you a vibration to let you remove it to a different time zone.

Though this feature comes with almost all toothbrushes but here it is something astonishing. When the brush stops functioning, you need to press the button only to start it again. It is not something that may annoy you. Some reviews say some adverse things, but the feature is right for you. You may restart it if you don’t feel that your tooth is brushed.

Easy starting

Most of the brush doesn’t come with this unusual feature. It is something peculiar this electric brush. The feature makes the transition from manual brushing to an electric toothbrush a breeze.

You will be surprised to learn that this toothbrush gives you 31000 brushes movement per minute. The gum will undoubtedly fee awkward at first. It gives you some extra shots due to Sony technology that is used in it.

The east sort is combined by a tick effect when it slowly increases its speed over the first 14 specks. I appreciate this feature. It is especially useful when you are trying t use this toothbrush while having a kid.

Testing and see outcomes with Sonicare Diamond Clean

I tested this toothbrush, and I found that the diamond clean was a top-quality toothbrush that tops the market. If the vibration is 250Hz, you cannot see its wave with the naked eye, but the clean that it offers is visible. You don’t need to apply pressure to adjust it s the other models require so. It is an electronic toothbrush and works on its own. It would be best if you pointed it in the right direction.

You may promptly move the brush in the desired direction with a long vibration at the intervals of just 30 seconds. You may get a functional and aesthetic experience of tooth bruising with 30-second intervals. It would be best if you counted in your head every time, and you will become addicted to it with time.

If we take a keen look t glass charger that comes along with it, we find it somewhat cucumber some when we see it the first time. After a few weeks, you will see tons of accumulated toothpaste and drool. If you wash it will again look brand new. It is a novel concept, so utmost care is needed.

If there is breakage of glass, you will need to use the small plastic charging station or use another travel case to charge it for future brushing.

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