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CanvasChamp is a company that makes photo-based novelty gifts including photobooks, calendars, mugs, and pillows. As the name suggests, the company’s main products are canvas prints.

We spent a long time exploring CanvasChamp and discovered some great features the company offered. The service gives many split canvas options in many sizes and shapes. The company also doesn’t stop with just canvases. They also now sell prints on less-common material mediums like wood, metal, and acrylic.

What Makes Us Love CanvasChamp

Excellent Prices. CanvasChamp has some of the best deals in this industry, which is excellent news for those who have tight budgets. The company is so deeply confident in its pricing that it matches all lower prices and adds another 10% discount to your order! Whenever you log on to your account, you’ll see multiple promotions that will save you a lot of money. Their base prices are fairly expensive, but the markdowns can be up to 93% off!

Quick Shipping Time. I was impressed how fast the canvas products got to my house. The claim is that the orders will arrive anywhere between 3 and 10 business days once I purchase. The prints arrived in five business days. This is even more impressive when you realize they were shipped from halfway around the world. I’ve literally never seen a package come from overseas so quickly. They were also padded and put in a secured wood container. They came in pristine condition, even coming from so far away!

-High-Quality Materials. All images are printed on a poly-cotton blend fabric canvas. These prints stretch on a handmade frame of one-hundred-percent pine wood. CanvasChamp also has had backs on each print to reinforce them to keep them from sagging further. All material is harvested from sources that are eco-friendly, and CanvasChamp has very durable pieces that feature a 99-year warranty on each.

Areas for Improvement

Clunky Navigation. CanvasChamp does struggle a bit with their online presence. I was unable to place orders on my home desktop PC, and I couldn’t place orders with my web browsers. Users are required to order via their app or a smartphone browser. Though the website isn’t really mobile-friendly, I was able to get my orders submitted after spending a long time on the site figuring things out. No one can deny that there’s some convenience when you place orders on the phone, though I would definitely have preferred to personalize the order better. (this critique applies only to the website’s international version. A separate web domain with the .in extension caters directly to the local clientele. This site is far easier to use and order from.

I review some additional CanvasChamp features below:

1.The CanvasChamp Traditional Canvas Photo Print

I took advantage of CanvasChamp’s excellent prices by ordering a sizable piece that has measurements of 18”x24”.

It included hanging equipment and archival lamination, and only cost $31.27. I was impressed with both the price and the final product.

The canvas was secure and durable, with a sturdy frame and a neatly wrapped package. The colors were true to the file I submitted when I order, and I was very happy to see this.

I was, however, quite disappointed in the image clarity. Though working with the canvas material frequently means sacrificing image sharpness, the final colors did bleed into each other a bit more than I hoped. Nevertheless, this was not a huge deal for me, as it wasn’t very noticeable (especially to those who aren’t looking for it).

2. The CanvasChamp Metal Print Photo Review

One of the items I was most excited for was the metal print; I’d never seen any of my personal photographs on a metal print before. Once I chose a black-and-white print portrait of one of my close friends, I waited patiently for it to come.

I had a mixed reaction on seeing it. The photo was well-suited for the medium: there was great contrast between the photo shadows and the highlights were strong and stark. The metal elements were sleek, lightweight, and thin. I was expecting it to be a bit more difficult to handle.

The print didn’t hold up as well as I’d hoped. The photo turned out pretty grain for an 8×10. There is often fuzziness to be expected with canvas products, but this was more than I expected.

3.The CanvasChamp Split Image Canvas Photo

As you might have expected, CanvasChamp’s split canvas items are very similar to the traditional canvases. Many of the things I’ve mentioned here regarding the regular canvas products apply to these products as well. These use the same material and are wrapped in a similar manner, with high image and color quality.

There is some difference between the two. The split canvas has fewer size options and has less ability to customize. You can only get them in sets of 2+, and are more expensive than most of the CanvasChamp products. The price inflation is amplified due to the fact that the site only has the split canvases in bigger sizes.

However, the product’s “split effect” stands out and has a powerful presence. It won’t work for just any particular image, but for the right one it will command attention when properly selected and sized.


CanvasChamp is an excellent value, but it has its flaws. The website is challenging to work with, and some photography professionals that have canvas experience will find small bits to complain about.

That being said, you should consider it solely for the value alone. For those that want to experiment with the canvas (and similar) materials, they can do so without having to make big investments thanks to CanvasChamp. Those also looking to bring life in their room with a picture will be very satisfied by CanvasChamp’s products and options.

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