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Medify Air has emerged as a top-quality brand in the medical-grade air purifier market. The America bases brand offers you a high-quality air filter to purify the air and capture the contaminations that cannot be caught by average purifiers.

The products target the people with asthma, allergy, and sinus issue, and this feature of the brand is widely marketed. In this article, I shall explain it is important features, power, and disadvantages. Here is an overview of modifying Air’s popular products.

Medify MA-40 features

It is the best product for people suffering from respiratory problems, including asthma and allergy of different types. The product benefits from 4- level H13 Hepa filtration system to get rid of air pollutants. It typically removes 97 percent of air pollutants. It is due to the H13 filter that offers so munch relevancy. The H13 screen comes with five standard ratings with the ability to remove air pollutants that measure up to .1 microns. It begins at H10 and goes to H 14. His higher number provides higher efficiency.


For smokers, this filter has a standard activated charcoal bed. It is evaluated for smoke removal abilities.

Pet owners

If you have pets, this filter is quite a top option for you. It removes smells and pert odor for you.

Fits larger spaces

It offers the best performance if you want to use it for larger spaces. It may cover an area up to 800 feet with its M 40 air purifier.

Assembly and setting

When you take it out of the box, it is quite ready to use. It is already assembled, and air filters installed. This factor increases its functionality and usability for first-time users.

A plastic cover prevents it from accumulating dust and other pollutants when stored and shipped for delivery. You only need to open its back panel and eliminate the lid before you plug in it.

Construction and layout

The medify MA- 40 air filter has an excellent design. Its body consists of plastic overall. The outer shell gives you a glossy look and it not ally increase its appeal but also offers a fantastic look and feel.

So far as the front panel is concerned, it is a way through high purified Air goes to your mouth. This panel is fitted with an air quality indicator… these indicators are three lights, including green, red, and blue. It provides you real-time insight into air quality in your room.

It is an impressive feature to put forth these indicators. Some other models come with air quality indicators at their top. You need to go through the air purifier to read the air quality reports. It is a sensible thing when we know that there is no mobile app for the purpose.

The back panel includes the Air invent, the filtration machine, and the air quality sensor. The top of the purifier comes with a handle to help the movement of purifier from one place to the other.

The tempered glass has five touch control buttons on the top. It gives you control of your purifier along with a clean look… it is the feature that some other models do not have. It eliminates cheaper layout concerns.

Measurement and installation specifications

The measurement of Medify MA-40 is 9.9 inches by 10.9 inches. The depth is 22 inches. If we consider its analysis, we find that it is no more a compact air purifier. It is regarded as a bulky product. But its clean look is not eyed soring.

You may place it on the floor. I suggest you not set it on an elevated position if the purifier is less convincing. If you want to target the cigarette, you need to place it on the floor. You may set MA 40 purifier higher as it has a full power motor and effective filtration system.

If we consider its weight it is 15.5 pounds. I admit that it is a bit heavy. If you don’t move it frequently, then it may be quite fit. This weight keeps it stable, and it may not easily be interfered with by children and pets.

The functioning of Medify MA- 40

The concept used in its construction is back to front Air in Air and Air out when there is a process of sucking in the air through the back panel, and the heap 13 pulls it. There are the following stages.

  • The pre-filter stage is a fundamental screen that sucks more significant I pollutants; it may include pet fur, loose hair, and fibers.
  • True heap h13 stands for the high-efficiency particulate filter, and it is a device that may get 99.95 percent of air contaminants with .2 micron small. We may call right heap, a screen that comes with a certification to remove 99.97 percent air contaminations, only 3 microns small.

H13 specification

Now, what is H13? Besides, exact heap ratings, the air filters are classified according to their level of performance and efficiency with a standard of trapping .1 microns small. There are standard levels of H10, H11, H12, and H13 to H14. If the number is higher, the efficiency may b increased.

It means that the filter goes ahead of the levels hat an exact heap filter offers. If h13 rooms dust, mold spores, and pet danders and mildew, the h14 will come with more performance.

  • The activated charcoal filter is used to eliminate toxic odors, cigarette smoke, pet smell, and kitchen flavor.
  • The ion generator is a tool to add negative ions to the purified Air. It traps the bacteria in the environment. It catches the pollution side when clean Air moves through the room.

If you have concerns about ion generator ozone, you may close it.

Modes and control specifications

The medify MA-40 offers a smooth control pane for not complicated performance. It is fitted with a child lock. You may lock the pre-established settings, and no one may further adjust it, including kids.

There is also a timer and sleep mode for its working during nights. There is an automatic mode, then adjust the fan speed according to air quality.

Performance overview

Now we discuss the matters related to its performance.

Space it covers

According to modify it comes with a CADR of 330 and an ACH rating of 2X


It may deal with the area up to 1800 feet and may purify it in 30 minutes. 

  • Cadr is a mention of its speed to remove pollen, smoke, etc.
  • ACH is a reference to its rate per hour.

The MA 40 cleans a space up to 330= 19800 cfm. If the area is closed, it is more efficient.

Power consumption

The filter purifier comes with a power rating of 68 Watts. It is a fact this power consumption is somewhat higher than other products that come with this pricing. It inevitably increases our power bill, if you run this unit for 12 hours.


It has only one maintenance need. It requires a filter change entirely after every six months or 3000 hours of running. You need to use a genuine filter. The cartridge already has three screens. The other clean up includes wiping the shell when there is dust on it. You should use a clean and dry cloth for the purpose.


The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on its parts and service. But filters require to be changed every six months if you use modify genuine air filters.

Final recommendations

In the current scenario, the prices seem a bit higher. But considering its performance, it is the best investment that you can make. The modify MA 40 is a mid-range budget air cleaner that I use and suggest for you. If you are suffering from respiratory issues, you should buy it. In high pollutant areas, it is the best choice.

Some tips

  • If you want useful functionality, you need to allow some space around the unit.
  • Always plug it into a wall socket.
  • Use dry cotton cloth to clean the sensors or best results.
  • To qualify for the warranty, replace the filter at least once.
  • Keep it at a distance from your TV.
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