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Designed with similar features as the Efitment RB034, the MaxKare is a recumbent bike for home use and exercises like light cardio workouts. It’s designed to be compact and takes up very little room for storage, making it a very suitable choice for people who are short on space.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions after assembly: 45.7 inches Length x 18.9 inches Width x 41.7 inches Height
  • Weight after assembly: 62 pounds (28 kg)
  • Maximum weight supported: 220 pounds (100 kg)
  • Movable seat
  • Pedals: Supporting weight and straps for fixed footing
  • Resistance: 8-level manual magnetic resistance
  • Console Display: Covered distance, Time and stopwatch, odometer, burnt calories, SCAN, speed, pulse rate, goals
  • Warranty: A limited 2-year warranty

Frame structure, design and material

While it does have a similar frame as the Efitment RB034, the MaxKare has more compact frame and smaller maximum weight capacity. People under 200 pounds or 100 kg can easily use the bike, which takes a space of 45.7inch Length x 18.9inch Width (116 x 48 cm) when assembled. It is actually a few inches wider than this and when the seat is readjusted towards the back, the bike gains a few inches in length too. Leaving some clearance space like a couple of inches around the bike is good for usage safety and accessibility.

Its step-through design enables you to pass in through the frame easily to take the seat. This design contribution makes the bike disability-friendly for certain people with special requirements.  

The complete frame of the bike is made from a single-piece chassis of steel to provide added strength. A coating of a gray corrosion-resistant paint is applied to the steel frame of the bike in powdered form to give the bike’s finishing a protective touch. Due to this protective-coat, the bike is only available in this very same color only. There are non-metal parts of the bike too, namely the ABS plastic-made parts of the drive elements’ covers and other devices.

The Maxkare is only designed to sustain weights of users under a certain degree. This makes it very light in weight itself since it’s not a high-capacity trainer. The resulting 62-pound (28 kg) weight, after complete assembly, can be easily carried, lifted and assembled by a single user. The small wheels at the front help with transporting the bike from one place to another after it’s assembled.

The bike might not be that much heavy to support more weight. However, it does relatively weigh a lot more than a normal bike on the road. This added weight translates into better overall stability, which can be leveled using two rotating polygon caps equipped in its rear base.

Handlebars and seat

A comfortable seat pad 14.5inches wide and 11inches long provides the user a relaxed sitting and offers a lot of surface area for contact. For spinal support, the seat is also fitted with a long backrest, which is around 2 inches narrower than the seat itself. Around 1.5inch thick padding of durable vinyl upholstery and foam cover both the seat and its backrest to provide a comfort for prolonged seating sessions.

You can choose to readjust the seat if it doesn’t feel right after the initial assembly. There’s an oblique rail embedded into the bike’s frame on which the seat is adjusted and locked. The position of the seat can be adjusted away or close towards the pedal using the rail and a lever attached to it. This makes readjustment very easy with a simple pull to the right side.

The adjustment rail of the seat offers the user an inseam between 27inches and 35inches (68.5 – 89 cm). In other words, users with a height between 5 feet to 6 feet 3 inches (153 – 190 cm) can easily use the bike, extending their legs completely. The bikes overall weight capacity actually refers to the maximum weight the seat can hold, which is around 220 pounds as mentioned earlier.

There are two sets of handlebars in the bike, one of them is for the normal handling on the front mast while the other is attached with seat assembly and is around 22inch long. The ones with the seat assembly are equipped with integrated pulse sensors and because of them, the seat cannot be adjusted independently.

The handlebars attached to the mast in the front are slightly bent back towards the users to help them avoid straining their wrists and provide a more natural handling. Like the ones attached to the seats, the frontal handlebars are also not adjustable but they are placed at a comfortable distance away from the user.

Drive and resistance

As with usual exercise bikes, MaxKare too is integrated with a flywheel whose exact weight is not specified. However, since the weight of the bike is almost 60 pounds (28kg), this means that the internal flywheel cannot weigh more than 10 – 15 pounds (4.5 – 6.8 kg). The flywheel is centrally placed to provide maximum balance, stability and a smooth pedaling motion that allows the user to reverse pedal too.

The manual action magnetic resistance, integrated with the bike does not require any electrical power source. However, unlike the Tunturi E50-R, the console doesn’t adjust the resistance system automatically with preset programs that can be used by the user for workout.

An internal magnetic braking mechanism forms the core of the resistance system. A steel wire coming from the tension knob on the front bar of the unit controls the braking system of the magnetic resistance. When you turn this knob, the brake moves farther or closer, changing the difficulty or resistance to pedaling.

This resistance system provides 8 levels of difficulty. For users that need recovery training, level one gives a very delicate resistance to pedaling. On the other hand, level-8 gives considerably more difficulty, ideal for people who want to work out, burn calories or improve stamina.

The crankset of the bike is designed to be quite durable. However, standing on the pedals is not a good idea since the bike is meant to be for seated exercises only. Pedals that come with the stock are made of durable nylon material, which are deliberately made heavy so that they are always in a face-up position when not under use. The straps around the pedals are also adjustable for fitting the feet inside more firmly.

The bike’s drivetrain also deserves a mention while talking about the MaxKare’s accessories and features. It has a belt transmission model like other magnetic resistance exercise bikes, which provides a vibration-free grip. You don’t have to worry about lubricating it every now and then.


An LCD forms the bike’s console and information display and helps the user know about the time, speed at which they’re going, their pulse rate, burnt calories and the distance covered. The pulse rate is determined via integrated sensors present inside the seat handles and not through the telemetry. The console cannot be connected to a smartphone or a smart watch to receive information or communicate. Since the resistance system is also manual, the console is not equipped with controls over the resistance settings as well. That said, you can preset your distance, calories or time goal in the console for any value and the console will return the remaining value until you achieve that goal.

It is also quite simple to use the console with its three basic buttons, Mode, Set and Reset. Pressing the Mode button gives you access to select any of the metrics like distance, calories etc. or to select the Scan mode. Scan mode rotates all these metrics one-by-one on the display each for a few seconds. Set button helps you set your goals for the workout session and the Reset button resets or clears all values in the console memory to zero. It gets all its power from two double-A batteries, starts up when the user starts paddling and turns itself off when it doesn’t detect any movement for a few minutes.

While the console unit doesn’t connect with Bluetooth, sound amplifiers or any cooling fans, it does however have a space under the main controls to hold a phone or a tablet.

Assembling and maintaining the bike.

The only accessories that you have to add on the bike after receiving the package are the bike’s base bars, the upright bar, seat, pedals, handling bars and the console unit. The main body itself along with its resistance system and drive mechanism arrives as a whole, pre-assembled unit. Assembling all these parts together takes an hour at most if the users follow the instruction manual carefully using the basic toolkit that comes with the package.

Maintenance isn’t much of a problem either with the MaxKare. The internal parts of the bike wouldn’t require any upkeep for quite some time. All you have to do is keep the bike clean as much as you can, keep the console dry and keep an eye out for anything that gets loose or broken.


With its 8-level difficulty, featuring a manual, magnetic resistance mechanism, the MaxKare is an excellent recumbent bike. The padded seat provides comfortable cushioning and the console display meters track performance carefully. It’s an affordable machine, ideal for light cardio workouts, recovery training for injured individuals and most importantly, for weight loss.

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