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Logitech is the brand that made lots of webcams for target customers for many years. One of the best webcams among all is Logitech C930e webcam. It comes with amazing built-in features that can support 1080P HD video streaming at 30 fps. The webcam support various business class-apps like Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Lync. The webcam is easily compatible with many web video cat services like Skype and Google Hangout. It also offers you the best wide-angle footage of 90-degree. With the help of this wide-angle footage, the user can easily see the surrounding. The webcam show excellence in both audio and video quality. Due to numerous features, it becomes the best editor choice for consumers in replacement off HD 5210 webcam.

Design, Features, and Setup of Logitech C930e

Logitech C930e is manufactured by black plastic. The dimension of this set is 307*1.7*208 inches. The weight of webcam along with cable and clip is 5.7 Ounces. The silver front panel comes with Carl Zeiss glass lens as a special feature. One either side of the webcam, there is stereo microphones. The bottom end is connected with the build-in mount with the help of padded rubber surface and 3-hinges while the top edge of the webcam is clean.

The mount of Logitech C930e is amazing. It can easily put on desktop monitors, and laptop lids. It can also be mounted on any high shelves. The webcam also contains embedded thread present on the bottom side of webcam for the desk or standard tripod. The 3rd small mount portion comes in handy that can also be extendable. Webcam can also tilt-down at the user from the top side of the larger desktop monitor.

Webcam C930e also contains a black plastic privacy shutter that can easily be used by you to uncover and cover lens. With shutter closed, you will never worry about enabling video recording by the software. If someone enables the video feed for any purposes without any user knowing then shutter closed will help you lot. It may be loose and never be attacked permanently. So, you need to be careful to lose shutter.

If you want to install Logitech C930e, then its process is very simple and straightforward. You do not need any driver. You will only need to plug the device with PC and Mac. It also tells how to use it effectively. You will only need Window 8 or 7 on your Mac and PC running wit operating system 10.7 or higher. The USB port should also need to be 2.0 compatible.


Right light system

The earlier webcams of Logitech like HD-pro webcam 910 and C290 were performed very well. Similar happened to the Logitech C930e. We tested this webcam that running on MacBook pro-17 inches and Windows 7. We tried many tests by using professional lights as well as in dark areas.

The Logitech uses the best-upgraded version of the “Right light system“. It combines with auto-focus features with light detection. It improves the low light performances at various distances from the light sensor. The video quality of the webcam is clear, well balanced, and clear in lots of situations. The C930e always stayed in the best focus and gives super HD video all time.

Performance test

I had performed many tests in the best audio quality during WhatsApp and skype calls. Every time my voice was super crisp and clear on the other side. This was always because of the build-on microphones of the set. The webcam offers noise cancelation features that can easily suppress the noise of fans during my office hours.

Control features

If you want control features, then you need various options like pan, zoom, and tilt with a 90-degrees wide-angle view. The webcam offers digital reading and doesn’t contain any motors. The company claimed that this webcam offers 4-x digital zoom. But in reality, point-and-shoot cameras never provide 4x digital zoom.


The price of webcam C930e is a little bit more so it is an expensive one. But the features provided by the webcam makes it the best editor’s choice. It acts as a great replacement for a desktop personal computer when there is no webcam inside the PC. It is also the best choice for desktop monitors and laptops.


If you are using any home-based chats like Skype, WhatsApp, or Google hangout, then you will find HP webcam, HD-5210 as the best alternative of C930e. This webcam can deliver the same quality of the video as provided by the C930e but have some issue in noise cancellation experience. The amount of the webcam is not so flexible and has a narrow filed angle.


Logitech BVV950 conference webcam offers the best solution for multiple users and conference room call. You need to thanks the stem mount remote control, microphones, and speakerphone. It gives you better recording ability so far.

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