Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Center Review


The Jura E6 is another wonderful automatic espresso machine used to prepare delicious coffees in just a short time. It’s also a kind of bean-to-cup coffee maker and has very similar features with the Jura Z8. It can be programmed and has a wonderful water system, P. E. P brewing as well as other options. The price of this machine is great when compared to what it offers.

it is a worthy replacement of the expensive jura Z8. It has similar options as the Z8 and is a very wonderful Espresso machine which helps you prepare your coffee very fast. In this article we’ll be having an in depth review of the Jura E6 and how it can also be a great choice for professional baristas.

What is Jura E6?

The Jura E6 has a very sleek and fantastic design. The E6 is an espresso machine with super-automatic control and provides better grasp than other different models.  it has excellent features which are associated only with very expensive coffee making machines. Making your coffee is now simpler as all is required is to click on a button or turn of a dial and the coffee is ready in seconds.

It has an excellent grinder integrated to provide very consistent and fine coffee ground. It also provides very excellent extraction of the coffee as it is integrated with pre-infusion system and uses a Pre-Brew Aroma System. It also comes with a P. E. P technology that helps to provide an excellent coffee drink in a matter of seconds.


It has an excellent technology that provides a good natural flavor.

It comes with a fancy Pulse Extraction Process

Comes in a sleek and fantastic design

The settings can easily be changed and the coffee maker is easily customizable.

Makes very tasty espresso

The cappuccino made is very creamy and with great texture

Has a fine froth technology

very energy efficient and has an energy saving mode

Has a touch screen panel that makes control easy

An on-screen guide that provides a step-by-step guide

The water tank and bean hopper has very large size.


it is made out of plastic and this reduces its durability

The temperature of the milk doesn’t easily get hot

No slot for pre-ground coffee

Doesn’t allow use of coffee pods or capsules

Provides just limited coffee drinks choice.

Design and Specifications

The Jura E6 comes in a fancy and wonderful design. It is well designed with black plastic casing and a sleek silver panels at the sides. This gives the machine an attractive look.

It also comes with an excellent 9.9oz bean hopper at the top covered with a transparent aroma holder.  Its water tank has a capacity of 63.6 oz. at the left side and has a freshness cover. The right side has a switch for steam preparation and hot water. It comes with a switch for adjusting the grinder at the top, close to the rear part of the machine. It has a filler tunnel situated close to the grinder adjustment switch, where the cleaning tablet is placed when the machine is being cleaned.

The machine has a TFT display with the various different settings of the machine. It also comes with multifunction buttons and their function changes depending on what is shown on the screen. The front of the machine has a sprout whose height can be adjusted and a beautiful foam frother.

You can pull the cup platform to open up the coffee container and below is the drip tray.

It has a dimension of about 11×17×13.5inches which gives it a slim size with a weight of 21lbs. It operates at a power rating of 1450W and at 120V, like most appliances in the US.  The pump has a strength of 15bar and a thermoblock boiler which is designed with stainless steel lined with aluminum. It gets hot in a short while and comes with pre-fusion technology that has various programmable settings such as milk temperature, dose, the shot temperature as well time.

Features and Functionalities

There are some features in the Jura E6 that are worth mentioning here so as to help you make decision while purchasing. The following are certain functions:

Built-in Grinder: it comes with Aroma G3 burr grinder that provides super-fast and noiseless grinding. The grinding speed can be adjusted as well as the grinding fineness. This can be done using the grinder adjustment switch. Since this has the refined burr set it’s assured to give very fine grinds efficiently.

TFT Screen Display — it has a very clear screen display which is very user-friendly and simplifies the operation. It has several buttons used for cappuccino, espresso, milk foaming and coffee. It is very easy to control since the buttons are placed beside the screen. Although not a touch screen display, the buttons at the side makes operating the machine quite easy by just following the instructions on the screen.

One-Touch Cappuccino — It is very easy to prepare a cup of cappuccino as there is a provision of a good milk system and a capuccinator that works with just the press of a button.

P. E. P Brewing— this mechanism gives the coffee a good and pleasant aroma as it prevents the constant flow of water through the coffee before pre-infusion begins. This system makes the coffee brew in a short time and increases the intensity. The P. E. P is what makes the noise at the start of the brewing operation.

Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System — This enables the drink to be brewed between 5 and 16g of coffee. It helps to pre-infuse the coffee right before brewing so as to give the best extraction. You can freely adjust the volume or the temperature of the coffee however you prefer.

Intelligent Water System — The RFID technology installed helps to detect if there is a water filter put in place. When no filter is used It’s suggested you make use of a CLEARYL smart/Pro smart water filter. This reduces the amount of lime in the water and also the chlorine and other heavy metals in the water that might change the taste of the coffee. The filter when installed makes the machine durable when it is used. There is no need for any manual operation, the provision of a steam wand helps you make very wonderful froth milk such as foam or airy. The TFT display can simply be used, just scroll through the settings and then select your desired options for the milk’s texture and allow the machine work.

JURA Smart Connect — This is a provision that enables you to connect your machine right to your smart phones, although you’ll need to get a smart Connect device which is gotten separately. You can then use your phone to select the preferred settings.  Also, you can use your phone to change the machine settings without any need to touch it. It can be easily controlled also. The above are the essential features of the Jura E6 although there are many other features.

Setup and Operation

Once the machine is removed from the box, it should be placed where water can’t reach it. In case you do not have enough space then the machine should be placed in a well ventilated area. This will prevent the machine from being overheated which may cause damage to the machine. It is very necessary the water hardness of the machine is tested before been used.  This helps you know if the water is good to be used for making the coffee and won’t end up changing the taste of the coffee. This procedure is necessary for all coffee machine even when using a filter.

You can check out the instruction for the setup when using the machine for the first time The machine also displays instruction and guide on its TFT screen to help guide you along. Once the bean hopper is filled with coffee beans for the first time and then covered properly with the aroma preservation cover. Then fill up the water tank with enough water and place it inside the machine and then lock the tank water cover.

When you’re to use milk, the machine should be connected to the stainless steel frothing container with the milk pipe. The pipe should connect the machine to the steel frothing container. It is necessary that the temperature of the milk be kept at 39–46°F (4–8°c)

Select the kind of coffee you want to brew and them start brewing. After pressing the button that corresponds to your preferred coffee drink, the coffee strength will be displayed on the screen as the preparation begins. The needed amount of water will then be dispensed based on the preset value unless it is changed. When it is done preparing the drink, it stops automatically, and when you’ve taken out your drink, it gets ready for another use.

You can change the preset values on certain parameters such as the temperature, coffee strength and amount of water by clicking the programming mode. You can also change the ‘clean’ ‘descale’, ‘Expert Mode’, ‘ Choose Language’ etc.

The ‘Expert Mode‘ is used to change the preset function of any specialty drink. This will help you change the amount of water, the coffee strength as well as the temperature. You’ll find a comprehensive guide in the product manual

When the machine is turned off, it will show up ‘ Clean the milk system‘ when preparing milk. The machine will then be cleaned and some messages displayed as it goes on. When this is not done, then the machine shuts down right after 10 seconds.

Brewing Capacity and Process

The available dual sprouts in the Jura E6, makes it possible to brew two cups of coffee all at once. The machine prompts messages guide to help carry this out. When is turned on it displays “Welcome to Jura“, the next message to be displayed is the “machine heating“, then followed by the, “machine is rinsing”, and then it rinses the machine between each use.

Before making coffee with the machine, make sure there is sufficient water. If it displays “fill bean container” or shows “Empty coffee grounds container” or any other prompt it is very necessary to settle that before proceeding.

Place cups below the sprout and press the button associated with any of the coffee drink you intend to make. In order to get two cups of espresso drinks then the button has to be pressed on twice. This will all be displayed on the screen of the machine. Same method is used to get two cups of any other drink. To get your cappuccino drink, ensure you connect the milk jug to the milk frother using the milk pipe. Then place your cup under the dual drink sprout and press the ‘cappuccino‘ button and then switch on the right is turned when the ‘switch open’ message is displayed.

The ‘milk foam‘ message is then shown once the milk is being prepared. Once it gets to the desired amount of milk it stops automatically. Take the switch back to its original position to turn it off. You can now enjoy the taste of your cappuccino.

Maintenance and Cleaning

There is a need to clean the machine after use because the coffee and milk residue can change the taste and flavor of the coffee produced. To do this fast, wipe out spills and any mess with a damp and soft cloth once you’re done using it.

Empty the coffee ground and the drip tray once you’re done. Stubborn residues can be removed with warm water, this should be done when the machine is still on, if not the coffee grounds counter can’t turn to zero.

Jura integrates various maintenance protocols in the machine in order to improve its lifespan and users are prompted to observe this while using the machine. The basic routine includes: washing and rinsing the machine, cleaning and rinsing the fine foam frother, descaling the machine and ensuring prompt change of water filter. The machine displays certain messages to make the process easier and effective. The fine foam frother needs to be cleaned daily when milk is being prepared. The descaling process will take about 40mins. Once this is done, do not interrupt in order not to cause damage in the machine. To descale the water tank, you’ll need to use the Jura descaling tablet which will be left over the night to ensure proper cleaning. Rinse properly when you’re done.  When using a filter cartridge, ensure to take out before descaling. Use cold water to fill up the water tank when you’re done.

Accessories and Add-ons

This machine comes with just few accessories unlike the other Espresso machines. The accessories include: Jura CLEARYL Smart filter cartridge with an additional six multi-pack two phase cleaning tablets. Also, a 20oz stainless steel frothing pitcher will also be provided when bought.

It also comes with a 1-pound capresso East Coast Blend Coffee Beans (Medium roast).  You are also provided with an 3oz ceramic tiara espresso cup and a saucer. You might not have a lot of accessories, but they can be purchased from the company’s website.

Who is the Jura E6 for?

The Jura machine is very durable. It is quite expensive so using it as just a bean to coffee maker is quite high. Despite being expensive, it is a fantastic machine to have in your house. This machine is also useful to individuals with habitual need for coffee drinks. Using the machine, you can make different coffee drinks at the comfort of your homes. This will save you enough time, energy and money.

The machine is perfect for individuals who really love to take coffee frequently. It brews the coffee very fast and gets it ready whenever necessary it also has very good features you won’t want to miss.


From the review done it can be seen that the Jura E6 is a very fantastic coffee machine that gives you different options of coffee drink to make. You can make the cappuccino or the espresso or enjoy a nice coffee drink. In case you’re an espresso or cappuccino addict then this machine will serve all your cravings. Also, it has a TFT screen which makes it easy to operate, it also has prompt messages on the screen which serves as a guide while using the machine. It is perfect for everyone.

Using this machine, you won’t have to use instant coffee any more. The machine will produce your coffee in seconds. It also gives your coffee that refreshing aroma. The major drawback of this machine is that it cannot be used to get very hot milk as much users complained of the milk been lukewarm. It also cannot be compared to the Jura Z8 in terms of coffee options. The JuraE6 is basically a coffee and cappuccino maker with just few additional features.

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