Jbl Xtreme 2 Speaker Review


The Good: The JBL Xtreme 2 Bluetooth speaker conveys exceptionally enormous sound for a medium-sized versatile Bluetooth speaker. It’s completely waterproof, can charge gadgets from an inherent USB-out port (you flexibly the link), has a worked in mouthpiece for speakerphone calls 

The Bad: somewhat expensive. Its marginally treble push can make the speaker sound excessively brilliant and restless at high volumes. 

The Bottom: Line The JBL Xtreme 2 is a large estimated Bluetooth speaker that exchanges light and simple convey ability for a lot fuller solid, both inside and outside. 

The Xtreme 2 shows improvement over the first, however you’ll see the distinction more inside than outside (the Xtreme 2 doesn’t appear to play any stronger yet has unassumingly improved bass). It additionally sounds especially like a JBL speaker. I mean it is very brave kick in the bass – it dives really deep – and that smidgen of treble push, in some cases alluded to as “nearness help,” to draw out the detail. The midrange can sound quelled (the vocals are a touch recessed and not exactly as normal sounding as one would trust), however by and large this is a compact Bluetooth speaker that conveys huge sound in a medium-sized bundle. It’s appropriate to tuning in to the present popular and hip bounce music.

Some portion of the explanation it sounds somewhat better is that is it’s just greater. It tips the scales at 5.28 pounds (or 2.4 kilograms), which is more than what the first Xtreme gauged (4.66 pounds or 2.1 kilograms). The sound likewise appears to holds together better (forgoes twisting) at higher volumes. The nearness support gives the sound a slight tenseness, which comes out additional at higher volumes, so I by and large kept the volume underneath 75 percent – 60 percent is very uproarious. There’s a volume control on the speaker alongside an interruption play button.

With a separable conveying lash and 10,000-mAh Li-particle battery-powered battery that is appraised for 15 hours of playback at unassuming volume levels, the Xtreme 2 is intended to be versatile, in spite of the fact that you could unquestionably utilize this as a home speaker in a little to medium-sized room. Because of the size of its battery, it accompanies its own AC connector and doesn’t charge through micro USB like littler convenient Bluetooth speakers do. You’ll discover a sound contribution under a gasket alongside a USB out for charging gadgets (you flexibly the link). It likewise has speakerphone capacities.

Dissimilar to JBL’s Link arrangement speakers, the Xtreme2 doesn’t highlight Wi-Fi sound gushing through Google Chrome cast. Nor is it voice empowered, by means of Alexa or Google Assistant. This is carefully a Bluetooth speaker, despite the fact that you can utilize the JBL Connect+ application to remotely connection to up to 100 JBL Connect+-empowered speakers to enlarge the sound. I had no issue blending it with an iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – and it holds matching with two gadgets at the same time, as well. 

The Xtreme 2 is an enhancement for the first. From a sound point of view, it is by all accounts around 15-20 percent better and is in a similar ballpark as JBL’s non-convenient Link 300 speaker (the Link 300 sounds marginally better). It overwhelms JBL’s littler Bluetooth speakers and is more full sounding and plays stronger than UE’s Mega boom and Mega blast versatile speakers, which are littler.

At last, my lone problem with the Xtreme 2 is its cost. It’s not all that outrageous, however I’d even now prefer to see it cost somewhat less. On the off chance that it appears to be a lot for you, you can get a renovated rendition of the first Xtreme, which is most likely the better arrangement right now.


•A token of the fundamental JBL Xtreme 2 specs, as indicated by JBL:

• Wirelessly associate up to two cell phones or tablets

• Built-in battery-powered Li-particle battery bolsters as long as 15-hours of recess (charges in 3.5 hours)

• IPX7 waterproof (speaker can be lowered in water)

Weighs 5.28 lb or 2.4kg

• JBL Connect+-empowered (interface up to 100 JBL Connect+-empowered speakers together)

• Updated drivers and aloof bass radiators

• Colors: Midnight dark, woodland green, and sea blue

• Equipped with clamor and reverberation dropping speakerphone


• Clean, clear solid

• Balanced bass

• Solid structure


• Big

• No wi-fi or multi-room

• Presentation excessively grown-up for a few


The JBL Xtreme 2 isn’t what it appears. Regularly that implies an item is more regrettable than anticipated, however this time it’s a lovely amazement.

This is a convenient boombox speaker with JBL’s mark side-stacked uninvolved radiators. Every last bit of it shouts ‘large bass’, however the sound is unquestionably progressively estimated and refined. The bass is profound, yet controlled and adjusted, fitting impeccably with clear mids and fresh treble. On the off chance that highlights, for example, shrewd aide support and multi-room sound are not an unquestionable requirement, the JBL Xtreme 2 is a top purchase.

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