Jaybird Vista Earbuds Review


Vistas are the top Wireless Bluetooth headphones of Jaybird. It is the lightest, most portable, and most advanced headphone they’ve ever made. It has a superior battery life and a waterproof IPX7 score that fits in indoor and outdoor workouts.

The Jaybird Vista earbuds are really great running earphones. Its Bluetooth compatibility has a massive improvement compared to the previous units. It has an extremely lightweight charging case that you can take for your walks. The Jaybird Vista earbuds are pretty fantastic running headphones with a few slight drawbacks to balance the enthusiasm.

Price and Availability

Jaybird Vista earbuds are sold at Jaybird online stores, and other online retails outlets. It comes in different colors, including Black, Mineral Blue, Nimbus Gray, and Planetary Green design to pay tribute to its “earth proof” design.

The Vista earbuds have the same retail price with Jaybird Run XT true wireless earbuds, but the latter’s battery life is relatively shorter than the Vista. You can check out Jaybird Tarah and Jaybird Tarah Pro if you are looking for a much cheaper option, but it is not wireless.


The Vista earbuds are simple to look at, but their beauty resides in a beautifully minimalist design. It has a fully connected ear tip and wing tip housing to fit the inside and upper edge of the ear, respectively. It was carefully designed to prevent any corrosive water or sweat get in the device.

It has a waterproof IPX7 score, which means they can withstand either a downpour or quick dive in up to one meter of water– but this not recommended for swimming or diving.

The connected ear gels are lightweight and come in three interchangeable sizes. It helps maintain a tight seal and secure fit while listening to music and during vigorous activities– you can’t feel like you are wearing one.

The charging case is relatively small, lightweight, and slips into your pocket without worrying too much.

Each of the earpieces weighs 6 grams. It can play independently and has in-app customizable sound profiles and settings. You can choose to change the functions of the central button of each bud. This is Jaybird’s way of avoiding the intricate Morse code of quick presses or swipes needed to adjust the volume too many other buds. A single button press could mean stopping a track or putting a favorite playlist on it, while a long press could mean uploading the volume or powering it off.

The device has a Start, stop, and Off feature on the earphones itself. Others may say that the pushbuttons are hard to press, but that’s not actually a big deal.

When unboxing, you can see the Vista Totally Wireless Sport Headphones, the three secure-fit ear gels, the charging case, and the USB-C charging cable.


The Jaybird Vista performs better as a headset than I thought, although it may not be as excellent when you’re in noisy surroundings.

Its size is relatively small, but it produces a good sound quality across low, mid, and high frequencies. We played different kinds of music– pop, rock, and jazz, and it works fine.

The only downside is that there is only one light on the charging box. It pulsates as you open the case or show charging, but there is no visible symbol for battery life – even though a calming voice advises you the total percentage of charge left every time you bring it in.

However, connectivity is flawless. I have no issues while using it, and it has no delay in playing or pausing.


While a marginal compromise is involved, Vista’s sound performance is more than good enough to get you through a proper workout. This is a niche frontrunner, a real category of wireless sports.

These earbuds are slightly expensive, but you can also get a compact and lightweight design, a premium sound– whether you’re taking training or briskly walking.

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