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Within minutes of unboxing it, you will be surprised to see that the Intex Excursion Pro isn’t your everyday inflatable kayak but it’s a complete package of easily-portable accessories that includes inflating pumps, pressure cut-off valve and paddles. Its accessories, sturdy material and robust construction ensure the top-notch durability of a traditional hard-shell kayak while also maintaining compactness and portability. It also features some other special accessories that make it ideal for fishing.

To understand what makes Intex Excursion Pro one of the best inflatable kayaks on the shelf, we’ll take look at some of its applications, benefits and features in our review below. Here’s all you need to know.

Intex Excursion Pro has a very robust, inflatable make comprising of super-strong laminate PVS that can easily sustain the weight of two people. The design is spacious enough to accommodate two people, an optional foot base, portable steering skegs for multiple water depths, holding frames for fish rods, an additional higher seat, and extra holders for mounting more accessories. This flexibility in design and features make it a very versatile option that can help you use the kayak in the best possible arrangement for comfort and all your water-borne activities.


  • Maximum Weight – 2 people or a total of 400 lbs.
  • Size after inflating – 12 feet 7 inches x 3 feet 1 inch x 1 foot 6 inches
  • Weight – 39 lbs
  • Certifications – ISO 6185 international standard. Certified by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association using ABYC standards.

Structure and features

Built using a 3-ply, deep impact, scratch-free PVC vinyl, Intex Excursion pro has a very high tensile strength plastic construction. It has commendable protection against impact, sunlight, and scratches.

The Excursion Pro is divided into 3 air chambers to give it more stability and prevent it from sinking in case of a rupture. Inflatable boats with just 2 or less air chambers are considered very unsafe according to safety standards. Excursion Pro has three of them and the only caveat is that it takes a little more time to inflate them, which is nothing compared to the safety offered.

These chambers and safety increase its maximum supported weight to around 400 pounds, which is enough for two people and their gear.

The high pressure and spring loaded valves on the Excursion Pro make inflating a very easy and fast process. This can enable you to unpack and ready-to-float in less than 15 minutes or even less. We recommend that you should buy a better pump than the stock one if you can afford it to make inflating even easier.

Drain plug inside the Excursion Pro is another useful feature that enable you to get rid of any water on board splashed inside while sailing. The drain plug has additional attaching points like D-rings that can help you tie your gear up, frames for easy handling and an additional two steering skegs.

Apart from this, the Excursion Pro comes with relaxing, backrest seats and another raised inflatable pad for higher seating. 2 X 86 inch paddles make it easy for you to deploy it quickly into the water. To make the whole unit more portable and compact, a convenient carrying bag packs it all down to a compact arrangement that makes it very easy to move around, takes little space to store and very convenient to transport inside any kind of vehicle.

The Excursion Pro is also excellent for fishing because there are two fishing rod sockets integrated into its frame that can help you hold the rods while waiting for a catch inside a lake or a pond etc.

A little bit about Intex, the manufacturer.

Intex is the manufacturer of the Excursion Pro. Originating from inflatable beach ball in 1966, it has been in the market for more than 50 years now and has been producing a variety of equipment like air-inflated mattresses, over-ground inflatable pools, toys and boats. Their products are available in over 100 countries around the globe.

In their quest for innovating accessory products like pumps, valves and other gadgets, Intex has registered more than 30 patents. Along with this, they are very adamant on decreasing their fossil fuel consumption and their greenhouse gas footprints from manufacturing units.


  • The kit is complete – The kit doesn’t require any additional purchases as it contains the necessary accessories like paddles, a couple of skegs and paddles.
  • Package comes with a pump – The complete kit includes a pump for inflating properly.
  • Frames for mounting – The kayak includes brackets inside its design that help you carry or attach other equipment to it like fishing rods.
  • Extra footrests – A couple of footrests also come within the package for extra comfort.
  • Economical price – The Kayak is quite economically priced and bodes as a very competent fishing inflatable for beginners.
  • Good comfort level – The removable seats are fitted with backrests for additional comfort and convenience.
  • Compact packing – A carry bag makes the Excursion Pro very easy to pack up into a compact space, which is very easy to transport and store.


  • Pump is not up to the mark – The pump is not well-suited for the sturdy build of the kayak or for quickly inflating it.
  • Prone to punctures – While the repair kit is also included within the package, the kayak could’ve been stronger than it actually is to resist punctures. The material is not as good as it is in other similar products in the market.
  • Slightly short Paddles – It would be a good idea to replace the stock paddles as well if you’re not that tall. Most of the adults won’t find the paddles that come with the package long enough for themselves.


Usually, many inflatable kayaks are just meant to last for a season or two at most, buyers consider them disposable because of their quality. That is not the case with the Excursion Pro. Its 3-ply build, purposeful design, quick inflation and easy storage can enable it to last for many years and help you enjoy your summers. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or just love spending time on the water, summer vacations just become more enjoyable with this excellent inflatable kayak.

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