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With the technological revolution, the usage of drones is increasing significantly. Many people are trying to find a good drone but finding a drone full of advanced features is challenging. Although many latest drones are present in the market, they are costly. For example, we know that DJI produces the best drones in the market, but everyone can’t afford to buy drones as expensive as $1000.

Recently many smaller companies have started making drones. It was surprising for us to find out that a company like Holy Stone was making drones having advanced features at affordable prices. We decided to give it a try, and we were shocked that, like other top-ranked companies, the drones of the Holy Stones are equally aligned with modern needs.

Their most advanced drone is Holy Stone HS720, which comes with great features. One of the features which make this drone different from others is its HD camera. Its 4K UHD camera captures the image having a 3840 x 2160 high resolution without any vibration. Its First Person View (FPV) transmission and 90°adjustable lens will help you to see the world from a different perspective. If you’re looking for a drone with an advanced camera, Holy Stone HS720 is your drone to buy without any second thought.

The portability of drones is a big issue in the drone’s market. It’s not very useful to have a drone, which is difficult to carry. Surprisingly, Holy Stone HS720 solves this problem for you. This drone is foldable like other top-quality drones. For instance, one of the main reasons for DJI success in the drone market is that they produce foldable drones. Like them, this drone is also foldable, which makes it very easy to carry. You can take it on any trip without any hustle.


Holy Stone HS720 is also very easy to carry in the sense that it is very lightweight and small. The folded drone measurements are just 17*10.5*6 cm, and you can fit it in a pocket easily. Even with the expanded arms, the measurements are just 36*33*7 cm, and the weight is less than 500g. You also get a bag with the drone in which you can carry the drone without any problem. Despite its small size, it is advisable to take the drone in the bag to avoid any damage.

The color scheme of the drone is perfect. Its metallic grey color is good on your eyes and gives you a feeling of a professional drone. The color scheme is so modern that you won’t find a better-looking drone in the market.

The construction material of the drone is ABS plastic, which distinguishes this drone from others. ABS plastic is highly durable and is highly resistant to physical damages and chemical corrosions. So, even small accidents will not be able to destroy the drone.

You can fly this drone without any worry in the night as two big lights are present on the drone. You can activate these lights using a remote controller. When you turn on these lights, you will be able to see the drone easily, and you won’t have to worry about accidents in the night times. Beneath all of the drones’ rotor arms, strong LED lights are also present, which gives you the idea of whether or not the drone compass is fully calibrated.

Unlike many other drones, this drone has brushless motors that help the drone to get extra speed. This high-speed drone often creates a challenge for the beginners, so; if you’re a beginner and are flying this drone for the first time, you have to take extra care.

One of the admirable features of this drone is its long flight time. Flight time worries the people as you have to charge the drone again and again in case of low flight time. But, Holy Stone HS720 will solve this problem for you as this drone has 26 minutes of flight time. This high flight-time is due to its 2800 mAh lipo battery, so you don’t have to charge the drone frequently.

You can also get some extra batteries with the drone if you’re going on a trip. Frequently, charging the battery is impossible.

The drone’s remote controller is also very advanced, and you can comfortably adjust it in your hands. The controller has an LCD on it on which you can see the necessary data of the drone and the remote. For example, you can see the remaining batteries of both the drone and the remote, your distance from the drone, and the speed of the drone.

Once you use the HS720 drone, you will get a different experience of drone flying. Don’t forget to use Ophelia GPS, the Holy Stone app, which can be downloaded easily from google play store and the App store. Using this app has many benefits, which include the FPV and the intelligent flight modes which are present in this drone.

Let me tell you about each feature HS720 in detail; I am sure this drone will surprise you as much as it surprised me.

Holy Stone HS720’s 4K HD camera

Without a good camera, there is no use of drones. A quality camera distinguishes a good drone from a bad one. 4K HD camera of Holy Stone HS720 allows it to capture the view in a completely different way. One of the great features of this camera is that you can click the photos as well as record the video footage in HD. 

Field of View (FOV) plays a vital role in capturing scenic views. The camera has 110° wide FOV, which will help you to capture the full picture. The camera has a 90°adjustable lens, and you can adjust it with the remote controller, if you may wish. By adjusting the lens, you can view different angles, so your experience of drone usage will change entirely.

One of the most exciting features of this drone is the Shock Absorption holder, which avoids vibrations in the drone. So, the camera will capture stable images and videos.

5G transmission technology in the drones has changed the concept of live transmission altogether. You can now see the live Stream video footage from a distance of 800 m in optimal conditions using this drone. In the usual routine, you can expect to see the live coverage at the range of 600-700 m, which is not bad for a drone that costs less than $300.

So, when you use this drone, its stunning camera will help you to capture some unforgettable moments to cherish.

GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight mode 

Drone manufacturers are trying their best to accommodate the intelligent modes in their modern drones. Holy Stone HS720 also includes this advanced feature and makes it easy for the users to find their drone when they lose access to it.

The following points will give you an idea of what you can do using intelligent modes.

  • Custom Flightpath is a fantastic feature of intelligent modes through which you can draw the route on the app. The drone will come to the starting point after covering that path.
  • Follow me is also one of the great features of intelligent modes. You can set the drone to follow you. So, wherever you go, the drone will come to you. This mode is perfect for recording yourself as you do hiking and other stuff. Vloggers can also take their videos this way without any extra hustle.
  • You can also use this drone for orbiting. All you have to do is adjust the height and distance you want to orbit, and the drone will orbit that point to capture the amazing view.
  • Many people ask the question what if I lose control of my drone? The intelligent flight mode of Holy Stone HS720 will help you to activate one key return feature. Through this feature, you can call the drone back instantly. This mode will be activated automatically whenever the battery goes down, or you lose the signals. When this mode enables, the drone comes back to the point it started the journey. So, you won’t lose your drone in any case.

Flexible controller

It is straightforward to attach a mobile phone to the drone’s controller to see the live view. You can also see the GPS signals easily on the controller. You don’t need to worry if you are a left-hander as the right-hand throttle mode is also available.’


Today, it not easy to find a reliable drone in such a saturated market. When you seek advanced features in the drone, the price increases exponentially. This drone is the right choice for anyone who is finding a drone with high-quality features. From getting HD camera results to a good flying time, this drone will help you with everything. While the DJI drone has the best results globally, its price is too high, and everyone can’t buy it. If you’re looking to capture the scenery in a new way, Holy Stone HS720 is your drone to buy. 

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