Headphone Review: Beyerdynamic Dt 990 Pro


This is no secret that if you want the best sound quality, you need to invest a little more than the average price of headphones. If we talk about Focal Clear headphones, we have recently reviewed but the time has arrived for you to discover something that will not only give you more good results but will also not be as costly as Focal Clear headphones such as Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. They may not be one of the best ones available in the market but they can please you very well, every time you hear sound from them.

What’s inside?

With headphones, there are not many things in the box. There are only a ¼ “adapter and a soft carrying case with the headphones in the case and itself the box which I don’t count.

Build & Design

There is a similar situation as I admit not hideous, you know how everyone who wears Crocs swear by them? There is a metal band that suspends the ear cups despite them the build of these headphones is almost entirely plastic. The alternate reality is that everything is fluffy & plush this is due to memory foam padding wrapped in velour that slips over your ears removes them from your head. It’s more like slipping your feet into Crocs or so I’m told I refuse to wear them as what was written above this was just an exaggeration. I love wearing them as whatever Beyerdynamic did to these.

Luckily there are only a few here worth nothing and as we all know everything has a downside. The build quality is the main one as I already mentioned that. They are not very durable because it is composed mainly of plastic even than if you put them in your bag and just sit on the bag still they will come out fine because they are very flexible and you will not face any problem in flexing them to relatively regular angles. The thin steel headband is not much durable so you won’t able to fold them down for easy transport as there’s no hinge to be found here. The thin pleather wrapping is not of exactly scream quality so it’s only reinforcement.

But even though when I was wearing them I almost feel like I should baby them at times so exactly I love the build in terms of comfort. As a pair of open-back headphones, they seem to be best for leaving on my desk which to be fair is basically where they were made for.

In terms of quality, audio cable is another one of my biggest concerns. It’s pretty heavy but even though you can stretch it to longer if necessary as it’s a 1m coiled cable. When I moved the wrong way, the weight of it almost pulled my phone clean off my desk more than once.

They may not work well with smartphones or portable players but are the best choice for plugging into an interface or computer. You’re going to have to buy a whole new pair if it frays or breaks because the cable isn’t interchangeable so the attachment point at the bottom of the left earcup also doesn’t woo me.

Toughness aside, if we look on another positive point to end this section is that I love how these were designed. Black color is totally a plus point for me and they’re all black in colour because black looks cool whether you are a professional or a secret Goth. You can see the grey memory foam earpads from the outside of their open-back design and the only accent of colour is the name of the headphones which I can do without but isn’t a deal-breaker which adds the perfect bit of flashiness to the minimal design.

There really isn’t anything too crazy worth mentioning here as far as connection goes there. Included 1/4″ adapter can be screwed if you are plugging into higher-end gear otherwise the coiled cable ends in a 3.5mm. You can also listen to music on Pixel 2XL (dongle life) without an amp as the cable on this model has an impedance of 250 ohms and it’s worth mentioning. You won’t have to max out the volume on your phone as having one to drive these a little more definitely helps.

Sound Quality

It ends here if we were fairly mediocre about these headphones. These headphones shine due to their sound quality and we got impressed by knowing their price tag but even though they will not blow you. These are right up my alley since they are pretty low end. They definitely bump and give the right amount of attention to the bass hits 0.39 seconds into “Phone Calls” by Jessie Reyez but even though they are not overblown and super powerful. Your eyes can be shaken as the low sub-bass immediately following the chorus has enough power, but that is not the case we are dealing now. To ruin the experience, you still get some of the punch with none of the bruising afterwards.


The Beats treatment can’t be given to your music, but you can still enjoy the music by this pair of headphones you listen to. To be honest it even de-emphasizes the sub-bass as they don’t particularly emphasize any one area of sound but still jamming out to these at my desk or walking around my apartment is still not a problem.

These aren’t meant for commuters as they are open-back headphones. These will do you justice if you like a higher amount of details in your music and don’t mind sacrificing some range to get it. They are next-level comfortable, this is not needed to mention. These have an impedance of 250 ohms so in case your phone isn’t anything like LG V30 that can handle it already you really want to push them a decent amp wouldn’t be a bad idea and I find it’s worth mentioning again. Anyone looking for headphones that prioritize a clean and precise sound can give Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones a try.

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