Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer Review


Painting around the house and garden is one of those jobs that you need to do. Ceilings, for example, are this kind of chore to tackle with a brush or curler, and walls and fences similarly taxing.

 That’s where airless paint sprayers are available in.


 There are many extraordinary models of airless paint sprayers available on the market including the Graco x5, which is designed to be used by the handyman or home owner. Airless paint sprayers use a piston or inner compressions device so the need for the expensive and area-consuming compressors is not necessary. So, allow us to get into our Graco magnum x5 reviews, that can just be the precise paint sprayer for all the ones jobs you have been dreading tackling!

Their paint sprayers is among one of the most progressive paint enterprise and have gotten a lot of many customers. I need to pay particular attention to why you must inspect the Graco magnum x5 to your project. This paint sprayer comes with the sg2 gun. It functions a durable cause that works with guidelines up to 0. 1/2”.


 When you use the 515 raciv tip, you should be capable to pump materials at 0. 27 gallons consistently within a minute. To make it even simpler to get the painting finished, you could use the flexible intake tube and work without delay out of your 1 or five-gallon box. The gun comes with a 25-foot Dura flex paint hose, but you could use a hose as much as 75-feet lengthy so you can pass around less complicated.

At this period, you’ll no longer lack high-quality wear on the motor. This is a primary plus when spraying huge regions. The chrome steel pump within the x5 is one of the most critical functions to be aware of. When a paint sprayer is fabricated from high-quality parts, you may assume an extended lifespan and steady overall performance irrespective of what project you are running on. The electricity flush adapter that includes this unit will attach seamlessly to your garden hose.

 Meaning a short cleanup for you! This Graco airless sprayer also offers the push primer function. You may whole a smooth and clean mission through reducing steps needed to prime. Use the durable stand that comes with the Graco magnum x5 to preserve the sprayer in the area irrespective of what job you are running on. There’s additionally a clean to apply handle so that you can take the sprayer with you anywhere.

 While you are done with your activity and need to keep the unit, you’ll experience the compact length which makes it smooth to store  anywhere. This unit has a fully adjustable, easy to understand stress free knob. You may discover the knob subsequent to the flexible consumption tube. Remember, the version can have a max output of 3000 psi however you could set it anywhere among low spray or high spray settings.


The below content should give you a good concept of what the magnum x5 paint sprayer is all about and you may head here in case you need to examine how does an airless paint sprayer work.

weight – with a weight of less than 19lb, you may locate the Graco x5 airless paint sprayer easy to transport around, so that you can take it everywhere and address the ones painting jobs you have been which means to do for a long time.

 Length β€“ this compact machine measures simply 19. 4x15x12. 8inches so is small enough to apply in even the most awkward areas and provides extra than ok utilization.

 Hose β€“ the 25ft long airless hose is fully flexible and permits you to function the device easily and correctly.

 Strain β€“ if you are used to using a compressed-air paint sprayer, you may be concerned about the available strain from an airless sprayer. This one can work at as much as a most of 2800psi, that’s flawlessly adequate for domestic and coffee use, although there are more effective models to be had within the variety if required.

Spray charge β€“ the Graco x5 paint sprayer can supply paint at a rate of up to 0.24gpm, that’s perfectly sufficient for the kind of occasional and home use the machine is created for, and which may  wonder customers who aren’t pretty used to the rate these gadgets can cover a preferred vicinity, particularly whilst paint spraying interior walls.

Motor β€“ a 0.5hp motor offers this version suitable pressure and strength, and being a Graco, is likewise very dependable and price-effective.

Spray tip β€“ you could use a selection of tip sizes in this version, with a most of 0. Half for correct and spectacular delivery. The ones are the primary specs that make this a very real desire for an occasional use paint sprayer, so take a better look at a number of the layout features that make this one a very easy to use and noticeably effective paint sprayer for the handyman.

Ease of use β€“ Graco has long gone out of its way to make this version, the magnum x5, easy to apply for the property owner. The fully adjustable knob, for instance, is in exactly the proper region for simple attain and may be adjusted effortlessly and quickly to a number of extraordinary settings. A number of concept has long gone into info which includes this way to Graco and its dedication to the best design.

 Pump motion β€“ individuals who aren’t used to an airless sprayer will find this smooth to get used to, and the one to five-gallon tank affords steady transport on the same fee so that you can cowl massive regions without difficulty and with accuracy. It’s easy and more strength-green approach of spray painting, too. The pump is a piston-kind design that is manufactured from difficult stainless-steel for durability and lengthy life.

 Strong stand β€“ at the same time as a far stretch from the stand cited in our Graco  x5 is designed for home and handyman use and springs with a nicely designed and very strong stand, so despite the fact that you are using a 25m hose, the device will not flow when in use. It’s additionally fairly light for shifting from place to area.

Energy flush β€“ the convenience with which you could flush the hose and easy after use is, in reality, outstanding; all you need to do is connect the hose, upload the cleaning fluid, and the energy flush mode does it for you – very quickly in any respect.

Convey handle β€“ the standard handle is the easy to use , which is constructed into the design and makes this a completely easy machine to transport around.

Size and weight β€“ it is small, mild, and easy to transport; best, in reality, for adding on your kit for when you need to do some painting around the house or garden.

Maintenance β€“ this a totally lubricated model, and as such it offers a protection-loose existence. Ensure you flush it after every use and take care of it.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Quick to set up


  • Clogs from thicker materials
  • Build quality could be better
  • Better for outdoor use than indoor


If you have family project that require you to cover large areas, this graco x5 stand-style airless paint sprayer may be a first choice for you. If you additionally have smaller projects which you would really like to take on, the purchase of a few accessories could make that feasible for you. For this reason, I need to recommend this sprayer because of the versatility, lightness, ease of use and features that other brands don’t offer. You can count on this sprayer to maintain its value and assist you entire the household project in a speedy and effectively way.

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