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The ins and outs of Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct is a GPS watch that has become so ubiquitous to border a generic trademark. As a result, its market value has risen at a high rate. Though the automotive products have been long the pillar of the company, lately the wrist wear has seen an astronomical rise. Garmin Instinct watch has become so popular because of its features and many uses. For example, it have been used in tracking and monitoring, trailing and in addition it’s light and powerful and can endure the elements.

Garmin Instinct: It’s a tailor made watch for adventures. It was made from the inspirations from previous Garmin watches like the Vivo active and Garmin Fenix. It’s mostly preferred from its predecessors due to its added features making it very unique and excellent among its competitors. In addition to that, it has an affordable price compared to its competitors like Garmin Fenix. It’s mostly recommended to people who eat and sleep outdoors like the military.

Features of Garmin Instinct watch

As it is mostly used in sports like running, hiking and others, it has many features. Most of the common features of Garmin Instinct include;


It has a 128*128 pixel monochrome display that lies under the glass. Also, it has a 45 mm diameter which allows easy readability. For example, during sunny days, a user can change the configuration and switch to a high contrast look. In addition, Garmin has around 12 designs where some can miniature displays and widgets like heart monitoring and elevation.


There are various navigation features that Garmin Instinct inspired from its predecessors. For example, it allows a user to pre-plan routes online and through mobile apps. Examples of the various navigation features related to Garmin watch include; magnetic compass, storm alerts, ultra-track, GPS coordinate display, area calculation, hotkeys, 3D distance, speed and many others. For instance, a user can upload a map via a phone for a desired destination and zoom and plan around the route to see an electronic version of the map at all times. As a result, maybe during hiking, the watch can track pertinent information that can set the user back on the track in case lost.


Garmin Instinct is more reliable in GPS tracking than its competitors. This is because it supports GLONASS and Galileo. For example, when a user upload an activity via a phone or computer, the user can see a representative line of where he walked or ran within a few feet. The Garmin Instinct GPS is very strong. This is because even during rugged terrain, it’s not faced with errors.

Heart Rate Monitor

 When measuring the heart rate, it more recommended to measure when snugged around the wrist because it’s more accurate. This results because even small discrepancies by hair and watch positioning can alter the readings. Garmin Instinct is used to monitor the heart rate, distance and speed.


During workouts, Garmin Instinct uses optical heart rate sensor to measure activities. These activities include running, swimming cycling, hiking and others. The different workouts in Garmin are selected from the upper right hand corner. Whereby one selects the activity of his choice and customize the screen display with pieces of information.

Uses of Garmin Instinct watch

Garmin offers a wide range of features like the Garmin Explore app to fuel interest in the outdoors and fitness. The following is how the watch is used; first, as a runner, it tracks the positioning of the user during running. It transmits the global positioning data to the user wrist. As a result, the user is able to see his pace, elevation, distance and time as he go. Secondly, Garmin offers more advanced options like Virtual Partners and downloaded maps. Virtual partners is a tool that helps the user to meet his fitness goals by setting a target speed or space. In this case, you can set the rate of your virtual partner and try to keep pace with the through regular updates. Thirdly, when running in the forest or trailing in the mountains. Downloaded maps uploaded via the Garmin app helps the user to get back to track and ensure that he or she is not lost. It also used in everyday applications. For instance, it can be able to track sleep and stress. The watch measures HRV throughout the day and calculates a stress score. In addition, Garmin Instinct has compatibility mode to dog lovers. As a result, it is able to monitor user pets. The Garmin watches used to monitor pets include Garmin Alpha 100, Astro 900 and Astro 430. The Alphas can track the speed, distance and direction of up to 20 dogs at a time. However, Astro model monitors a five mile within radius and provides updates after every 2.5 seconds. The most colours for Garmin Instinct are the sea foam, flame red, lakeside blue, sunburst, graphite and tundra. The price of the watch is relatively cheaper compared to its competitors like Fenix.

Questions frequently asked about Garmin watch

Garmin Instinct charging.

To identify whether the watch is charged, the user can toggle the screen display to check the battery life. As a result, the step displays bars on the bottom of the screen. The watch contain an internal, rechargeable lithium battery. If the battery shows few bars, it correlate with less remaining battery life and vice versa. In its smart watch mode, the battery can last up to 14 days, 16 hours in GPS mode and around 40 hours in an Ultra Trace setting.

Receiving Texts on the Garmin Instinct

For simplicity and comfort ability, the user can sync the watch with a smartphone. As a result, he or she can be able to manage notifications as they appear on the Instinct. The easiest way is to connect via Bluetooth. The following steps are followed:

1.Hold menu

2.Select settings> phone> smart notifications>status >on

3.Select during activity

4.Select notifications and sound preferences

5.Select not during activity

6.Select notification and sound preferences

7.Select timeout

8.Select the amount of time between the alert and display

Garmin Instinct accuracy

Garmin Instinct is one of the best smart watches compared to its competitors due to its added features. Therefore, when measuring data points, it produces commendable accuracy. This includes during activities like tracking HR, HRV, vertical ascent and global positioning. It is possible to influence the efficacy with personal and external factors. For example, people with exceptionally hairy arms may not get personal data with the same the same accuracy as their non-hairy counterparts.

Checking the temperature using Garmin Instinct watch

The watch is installed with a sensor that tracks user temperature as well as the temperature outdoors. The temperature data is found with the on-board widget. As a result, it starts to display the current internal temperature as well as the historical measurements. However, one of the Garmin Instinct Company suggested the temperature results are not accurate. They explained that the internal body temperature could influence the sensor. As a result, they recommended the user removing the watch from the wrist for about 20 to 30 minutes for most accurate readings.

Resetting Garmin Instinct watch

The watch contains two options to reset; reset to user settings and reset to factory settings. When resetting to user setting, following steps are followed which include; first open the menu, select settings, then systems, the reset. Choose the reset default setting and the scenario lets you keep your activities. The same procedures are followed when resetting to factory settings. Start by selecting the menu, then settings, then reset, choose to delete data and reset settings. As a result, the device will be restored to look like new.

Is the Garmin Instinct touchscreen?

Garmin Instinct watch does not have a touchscreen. It’s operated by left and right buttons so as to navigate configuration and apps. It took the identity of its competitor, Garmin Fenix in placements of the buttons.

Garmin Instinct relation with iPhone

The Garmin watch work with iPhone and any smart phone very well. All the user need is to sync the iPhone or the smartphone to the watch via Garmin Connect app. The app helps you track, analyse and share your fitness metrics and accomplishments. The Garmin app is found in the Google play store or the App store. Garmin Connect app is the central hub for the user health data. This is because it shows historic activity tracking including work out intensity, training, regimen and sleep quality. Once the activities are completed, the results immediately emerge on the smart phone or your phone. Garmin couch is a feature in the watch that helps the user to customize training in order to maximise performance.  In addition to that, it gives couching advice and motivational articles and videos to help the user towards his goals. The watch also enables the user to connect online to monitor his friends’ activities. For example, the user can follow and compete with friends and family in trail running challenges to see who racks up the most steps per week. In addition, the user can earn badges for accomplishments earned based on individual achievements.

Does the Garmin Instinct play music?

The user can play music with the phone when it is paired with a smartphone. It also works similar with the Apple watch. With Garmin watch, the user can control the music but cannot store it. Additionally, there is no option to utilize streaming services like Spotify, Apple music, or IHeart Radio.

Garmin Instinct resistance to water

The watch is water proof. When submerged the watch under 330 feet where there is no suitability of scuba diving. It can endure all activities that involve splashing, going for a swim, diving, snorkelling and aquatic sports. The water resistance feature is part of the US military specification. The performance and manufacturing guidelines track rugged commercial and military equipment. In addition to that, the Garmin Instinct can also uphold up to extreme shock and thermal conditions

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