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If there’s all and sundry out there who doesn’t already own a health tracker, Fitbit is making an attempt to rally the closing of them. This an awful lot used to be evident with its spring product lineup, which introduces new wearable that seem to be no extraordinary than older Fitbits, however now come at a decrease charge point besides sacrificing too much in features.

The Inspire HR is the most fascinating of the 2019 Fitbits is cheap, as its announcement consolidates and eliminates the Fitbit Alta / Alta HR, Flex 2, and Zip in one fell swoop. The Inspire (available in versions with or besides the heart rate sensor) frankensteins the Alta’s slim display with the Zip’s clip-on pedometer mode and Flex 2’s swim-proofing, making it one of the more versatile budget wearable you can buy.


The most fascinating of an otherwise similar-looking lineup doesn’t always imply it’s exciting, though. As each Fitbit and Apple compete in the wearable house to accomplice with businesses and fitness organizations for their well-being programs, the Inspire HR feels like it was once created as a scalable way to get clients carrying a health band. But it would possibly simply be low-priced and primary adequate to catch on.

Moreover, the Inspire HR is small, even for anybody like me who’s been essential of tech companies for making devices that are oversized for women. This is partly due to the fact the Inspire makes use of the equal body as the kid-friendly Ace 2, so youthful wearers can graduate up to the Inspire interface when they’re ready. Put differently, the Inspire is a child-sized health tracker with adult features.


That means the display is possibly going to be bothersome for many adults, or those with bad eyesight. The only font size you can change on the Inspire is the clock face; all different monitors such as exercising modes, timers, and step counters continue to be pretty tiny.

It’s something that took me a few days to get used to after having worn the much bigger Fitbit Versa and Versa Lite. However, the Inspire’s module has a steeper curve than the Alta, becoming a lot nicer and extra effectively on the wrist than any different Fitbit I’ve tried in the past.

Where the Inspire’s display screen additionally improves from the Alta is its OLED touchscreen, which is now brighter and greater vivid. You can tap and swipe up and down to cycle through workout modes and metrics, and preserve the button on the side to access rapid settings such as battery statistics and turning notifications on or off.

On the situation of notifications, if you have the machine synced to your phone, the Inspire can alert you to incoming calls and text messages. However, you surely can’t do a lot with it different than seem at them and well known their existence. For what it’s worth, for an extra $50 to $100, the Versa and Charge 3 provide rapid replies, but even that solely works with Android phones, so you’re possibly not lacking out on much either way.

Another notification Fitbit will nudge you on is hourly steps, which typically comes at the 50-minute mark of the hour if you’ve been a bit much less active. The buzz is mild enough that it doesn’t hassle me to really skip if I’m busy, however you can additionally simply exchange the hours of the day you favor Fitbit to nag you (the default is 9AM to 6PM) or flip it off entirely.

I’ve been wearing the Inspire HR for three weeks, and while it typically does the job of monitoring steps and heart rates during workouts, I have seen that the display screen would occasionally flicker for the duration of my exercise. When I run on a treadmill and stop to look at my heart rate levels through flicking my wrist or pressing the side button, the display would light up and without delay shut off, forcing me to tap the display screen again. This can be effortlessly remedied by way of turning display wake off, however remembering to do so each time you start a exercising can get annoying.

Where the Inspire packs its punch is the range of workouts it can track. The gadget can track up to 15 exceptional indoor and outside workout routines such as running, elliptical, swimming, and weightlifting, however to get GPS information on outdoor runs you’ll want to sync it with your smartphone. Comparing the Inspire’s treadmill stats with the Peloton Tread (an overview on that is forthcoming), the Fitbit tends to over-report step count, distance covered, and energy burned than the Tread by about 5 to 10 percent. If you’re aiming for precision, this may additionally no longer work for you, however it must be a negligible difference for the casual exerciser.

The Inspire HR additionally affords a guided respiration mode, which can be finished in 2- or 5-minute sessions. The gadget buzzes to let you understand when to deeply inhale, and once more to exhale, cycling via till your time is up. I’ve been using this to entice myself to sleep on specially stressed nights, and whilst it’s useful, I much choose the Versa’s implementation to the Inspire’s. The Versa makes use of a brief, however non-stop vibration to alert you to start inhaling or exhaling, whereas the Inspire pulses three times. It’s a small, however important shift that regularly throws me off my meditation game.

Once you’re asleep, the Inspire additionally does a correct job monitoring when you go to bed and wake up. This is where the Inspire’s diminutive size is its advantage, as it is so small and mild that you hardly ever observe it when carrying it to bed. The app affords extra perception of your various sleep stages, and Fitbit stated it plans to remodel the app to current data in an even extra actionable way. For now, it’s proper for recognizing how to shift your sleep schedules to match in greater snooze.


Battery life is additionally a strong superb on the Inspire, considering the fact that its tiny display makes use of much less processing power. In the three weeks I’ve worn it, I’ve solely had to charge it 4 times. That averages round 5 days, with three of these days jogging its 45-minute lengthy treadmill exercise tracking. Charging it again to full normally takes about an hour or two by using the USB-based magnetic stand. I do desire the charger had a longer cord, though. That’s a request customers have been asking about for years, however one that Fitbit hasn’t precisely addressed out of the box.


I haven’t been in a position to swim with the Inspire to check its swim-proof feature, however I have worn it in showers and baths with no problem. And that’s a huge plus if you regularly neglect to take off add-ons earlier than hopping in.

Taking control of your health should be simple, and while the Inspire isn’t Fitbit’s most groundbreaking device, there’s something to be stated about a gadget you can simply put on and go with little to no mastering curve. Sticking to the fundamentals can once in a while be the best for Fitbit; considering the fact that checking out the device, I’ve gotten extra hobby from friends than when I was once carrying the higher-end Versa, which people generally thought of as an Apple Watch clone.

If you’ve held out on health trackers, or observed preceding iterations to be too clunky, the new Inspire line combines all the best hits from previous versions at a price that makes sense for most people. And considering that it’s universally designed to suit all people from children to seniors, you can guess on the gadget lasting you for the lengthy haul.

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