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Tracking of fitness matters to everyone so that is why  I recommend using of Fit bit charge 4 fitness and activity tracker, I use MyFitnessPal to track what I eat, Sleep tracker to monitor my sleep, and the Apple Watch to track my health and activity. All that data is tied collectively in the Apple Health app.

The watch is built not only to tell about your fitness rate also it tells about your health condition or about any kind of physical or mental injuries, In a world with all these ultra-high-tech, artificially wise monitoring systems, the humble Fit bit can sense a little old-school.

While the Fitbit Charge four isn’t going to compete with the Apple Watch in many areas, for the price, it’s distinctly a great deal the pleasant health tracker you can buy. You will be thrilled to have one of this gadgets, shall we take a look at the features, specification, pros and cons of Fit bit charge 4.


The Fit bit Charge 4 looks similar equal to the Fit bit Charge three — also the Charge 3 did provide an up to date design to keep user up to their toes, it does nevertheless feel a little outdated at this point. That’s not to say that it’s ugly but the features it possess. The device is small enough to fit on wrists of all sizes, plus it’s without problems customizable thanks to the large vary of bands out there.

On the front of the device, you’ll discover a 1-inch monochrome OLED show with a decision of 160 x 100 pixels. The display is quite boring, unattractive at instances irritating to use. It’s no longer turned on, and it frequently doesn’t wake when you elevate your wrist.  It’s no longer very bright, and can now be tough to examine in sunlight. An up to date display would have been preferred here.

On the side of the Charge 4, there’s a haptic button, which wakes the display and serves as a home button in the device’s software, amongst different things. It works fine, although once in a while you have to press harder for it to work which is annoying. You’ll get used to it, though. On the bottom of the system you’ll locate the charging pins and a heart rate monitor.

As you would anticipate from a health tracker in 2020, the gadget is water resistant to up to 50 meters and helps swim monitoring as a result. I wasn’t in a position to get to a pool to check this due to the ongoing lockdown.

Generally speaking, the typical plan of the Fitbit Charge four could be described as “fine.” It does the job. It’s no longer flashy, and the display is a bit lackluster. This isn’t a smartwatch after all — it’s a health tracker. And it appears like one.

Monitoring  fitness

Before you really start monitoring your fitness, it’s really worth diving into the app and figuring out which things to do you think you’ll use most, as the device only truly holds six shortcuts at a time. I really thought that the Charge 4 couldn’t track tennis, however it can track a huge vary of things to do — you simply have to specify which ones are most vital to you. By default the shortcuts consist of running, biking, swimming, treadmill, outside workout, and walk.

It is a little disturbing that only six shortcuts can be included. I wouldn’t symbolize myself as the most energetic individual out there, however I nevertheless track walks, runs, strength training, and the occasional tennis and swimming sessions. It would be convenient to think about any individual desiring to use more than six kinds of activity regularly.

New for the Charge four is built-in GPS, which is a very welcome addition. With the GPS, you can sooner or later leave your smartphone at home if you desire to bodily track your run. I discovered GPS accuracy to be quite correct — and even barely more accurate than the Apple Watch.

The fact that the gadget has GPS constructed into it places it in advance of the great majority of different trackers, specifically in this charge range. Most different GPS-enabled units are full-on smartwatches, barring for the Garmin Vivosport, which trades in different features, like swim monitoring and some different health metrics.

The workout routines that use the GPS track matters like pace, speed, distance, time, and heart rate. Other exercises track time, energy burned, and heart rate. It’s a exact decision of metrics, and these things can all be without problems considered straight from the Fitbit app.
The Charge 4 can routinely track some exercises like running, walking, biking, elliptical, and more. This came in available more than once. During this time of social distancing, I’m attempting to take at least a few walks per day — and I would possibly no longer be mindful to start a workout to track those, thinking about I don’t continually think of them as “workouts.” The Fitbit Charge four had me covered, as I used to be pleasantly amazed to see all my walks in the app.

Sleeping Tracking

The Fitbit Charge four can track your sleep, too. While wearing a gadget to bed took some getting used to, it tracks a ton of information — and if you get Fitbit Premium, you’ll see how Fitbit breaks down your score. It’s difficult to decide how accurate sleep monitoring is except a dedicated sleep lab, however the ratings did appear to line up with how I felt about my sleep, and with the rating I get from Sleeptracker.
While I didn’t check it for apparent reasons, the Charge 4 presents menstrual cycle tracking, and the app lets you log and evaluate signs and moods with different users and preceding months. The Charge 4 additionally helps out with intellectual fitness — thanks to the built-in Relax app that helps you conduct respiratory exercises.


The battery life on the Fitbit Charge 4 is rated at up to a wonderful week of use — however that will generally rely on how regularly you use GPS. Fitbit says that with GPS on, you’ll solely cease up getting 5 hours of use. In real-world use, you’ll end up getting a few days out of the battery if you use the device to track workouts.

That’s not bad. “Real” smartwatches will solely get you a day or two of use, at the most.

While battery life is good, the truth that you may additionally end up using this system to track your sleep ability that you’ll actively have to assume about when to charge your Charge. For some, it will be in the shower, or when you’re sitting at your desk.


In terms of smartwatch Fit bit Charge four is not one. If you prefer a smartwatch, you need to look elsewhere.

That’s no longer to say that the Fitbit Charge four has no smart features. On the contrary, it can do a variety of matters that you would anticipate from a smartwatch. You’ll be capable to see many notifications on your wrist, which includes text messages, calls, and more. The gadget now helps Fitbit Pay, which makes for effortless cell payments.

Another new function is the capability to control music playing on your cellphone from your Charge four Unfortunately, the characteristic is restricted to Spotify, and you can’t control music when you’re working out — which makes the function surprisingly useless on a health tracker. Also, you can’t save music on your device. If you have been hoping to leverage the GPS assist to depart your telephone at home, however nonetheless choose to hear to music, you’re out of luck.

This if truth be told completes the Charge 4’s smartwatch-like characteristic list. It doesn’t accept to an app store. It can’t file audio. It won’t take calls. It can’t furnish GPS navigation. It won’t show nearby weather. And so on. The lack of these function isn’t actually a flaw with the Charge 4, as its focus on health no doubt contributes to the tracker’s lifelike charge point.

If you’re searching for a proper smartwatch, then it’s really worth thinking about different options. If you’re an Apple user, you could pay solely a little more for an Apple Watch Series 3. While the Apple Watch isn’t pretty as in-depth on fitness-tracking, it’s very capable, plus it affords all the different aspects you would count on from a smart watch.


Tying collectively all the facts that the tracker collects is the app — and it’s a home run. Fitbit has been working on its app for years, and it’s extraordinarily detailed. The dashboard of the app indicates things like the number of steps you’ve taken, the number of flooring you’ve climbed, your heart rate, and more. Tap on these metrics, and you’ll be in a position to see a whole lot more specific information.

For a run, you can see the place you ran on a map, alongside with the “heart zones” you reached on that map, and your pace. Scroll down, and you’ll get a look at your elevation, a breakdown of your heart zones, heart rate information, energy burned, and more.

The app is excellent at monitoring and profitable goals too. You’ll locate all sorts of goals on offer, together with weekly and every day goals. “Active Zone Minutes” takes guidelines from the World Health Organization and American Heart Association, and turns these guidelines into minutes of exercise. It can be a little confusing, however the usual gist is that you’ll get greater credit score towards your goals for more extreme workouts, which helps motivate users to push themselves.

You will have to dig into the settings to discover some of the features on offer, however as soon as you get used to how the app is laid out, that’s convenient to determine out. For example, you can’t simply head to the settings menu to tweak the settings of your device, however have to tap through to your machine first, and then head to its personal settings menu. It does make sense when you think about it, however it can nevertheless a little confusing.

Overall, the Fitbit app is awesome. It’s well-designed, and it makes sorting via the big amount of records that the Fitbit Charge 4 collects easy.


On the health tracker side of things, the only competition comes from units like the Samsung Galaxy Fit, Huawei Band four Pro, and some units from Garmin however in every and each case, you’ll either sacrifice GPS, or first rate software. The Fit bit Charge 4 is the whole package.


The Fitbit Charge 4 is the best fitness tracker out there. It’s quite better than the Charge 3, thanks to the built-in GPS, plus the Fitbit app approves these who want to dive into their health metrics to do so.

However, the age of health trackers is coming to a close. If you’re an Apple user, you ought to get a new Apple Watch Series 3 for solely $50 more, and if you can have enough money it, an Apple Watch Series 4 or 5 is even better. On the Android side, there are watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

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