Eufy Robovac 11s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review


Unexpectedly, Eufy RoboVac, our most preferring robot vacuum according to price has much to do more with it. It is known for its price in the budget, its small size, and simplicity. But, nowhere come 11s featured with smaller in size, more efficient in work and the more important thing is that price is still cheaper.


Its difference of size is little with its predecessors but the same black finish and tempered-glass top as early models have. The early model was 13-by-3-inch whereas now it is 12.8-by-2.8-inch, diameter, and height respectively. If you are looking for low-clearance couches, coffee tables, and other furniture to be cleaned easily then this slimmest model is best for you to go. Combination of sensors in its front bumper and underbelly feel obstacle around in its way and through the room, whether as early model RoboVac 11 has decent mapping technology to navigate. Roller brushes and pair of spin brushes works efficiently for cleaning even along the walls. It has the same, earlier model like 0.6-liter dustbin in back.

A clock, indicators for the current cleaning mode and suction level, as well as the RoboVac’s cleaning schedule if you’ve set one can be seen on the remote control of the vacuum has a monochrome display. Charging dock, four attachable side brushes, two extra filters and a cleaning tool are also present in the box.


To get started with 11s for cleaning, first of all, two side brushes should be attached. Just with the little effort, you can place these brushes onto two studs at the front of the vacuum. When you on the vacuum its switch moved from the side to the bottom of the vacuum and charging pins of its dock can be placed. On a full charge, the battery will deliver up to 100 minutes due to its high- capacity Li-ion battery, claimed by Eufy.

Cleaning mode

There is a remote by which different cleaning modes can be activated in the 11s. If you want, a single room to be cleaned than Single Room mode is best as it cleans a specific area for 30 minutes and is superb to use in a specific room with the door closed. A wall can also be cleaned by its Edge mode, 11s reduces its speed, and before returning to its dock, cleans along with it for 20  minutes.An area of concentrated dirt in a spiral for two minutes can be cleaned by Spot cleaning mode. You can use the directional buttons on the remote and direct the vacuum to an area with Manual mode.

Auto Mode

Auto mode is the best choice for general maintenance cleaning which automatically adjusts itself sensing the need for a job in different modes. When I used it for carpet, hardwood, and linoleum- or transitioning over a lip between the living room and foyer, it showed no problem in managing three types of flooring or for daily cleanings of my approximately 400-square-foot downstairs living area. It does not require to recharge again usually for covering space completely. Haphazard can be seemed by its cleaning pattern When it bumps into an obstacle only than it changes its directions otherwise move in a straight line. It always takes at least one pass it could reach over every area.



Original RoboVac 11 cleans pet hair, food crumbs, stray bits of paper, and other detritus but 11s leaves my floor much cleaner than that. The suction power on carpeting increases automatically due to an increase in suction (1300Pa)  and new BoostIQ technology. I can now leave floor unsupervised for longer periods as Eufy’s robot vac also did a better job of avoiding stray articles on the floor than the RoboVac 11. Dustbin needs to be emptied after two cleanings, depending on how dirty the floor was. It can clean a single floor in a larger house, it is as big. You can initiate it even when you are not at home as it can be scheduled cleanings to start automatically at a certain time each day. Using the remote control scheduling function just set the start button. Note, for different days, different cleaning times can’t be set. It will be for every day until you changed it as you scheduled the start time.

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