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The classes of flatbed scanner are quite numerous, the range from the cheap to the expensive professional capture device and then the multipurpose class. The Epson’s Perfection V600 Photo is made for the photo enthusiast which includes the amateur or the semi-pro photographer. It comes at a price range of £200, it has the software for photo restoration, the Digital ICE.

This is actually a tall and deep scanner, comes in all black except for a silver Keyline found at the edge of the lid. It has a deep lid and the transparency scanner has a backlighting. The spring provided is counterbalanced to ensure the scanner stays open at either an angle of 45 degrees or at 90 degrees. It also has hinges extended so as to help scan bound documents.

The front of the scanner has four buttons for scanning which are set for tasks like scan to e-mail, copy, scan to PDF and can also be programmed to begin other applications. The back side has sockets for connecting the USB and also to connect external power wire of the scanner. The only disadvantage is that the mains of this device power supply has to be built on the body.

In the Epson Perfection V600, under the photo lid, the document mat can be slid off to show the source of light in the transparency scanner. It is provided with two templates that are reversible and which are laid on a flatbed, in between this bed enables the slides and negatives, of both 35mm and a medium format which makes it easy for it to be positioned and scanned.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 (version 6 for Mac) is Included in the software bundle. It also has the Epson’s wonderful scan utility, and this works in four different ways and an increase in the control levels.

When on full auto, the machine works in its own and making use of the default settings, it scans whatsoever is on the flatbed. The home mode provides a little control, the office mode offers more extra settings also, yet ensuring productivity. Then there’s a Professional mode which provides access to all available settings.

It also has an Abby Fine Reader 9 Sprint which is used for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and the Digital ICE which helps to remove dust marks from original scanned documents.

Epson Perfection V600 Photo provides very quick scanning.  This starts from the very simple 200ppi A4 white and black scan, that takes only eight seconds and uses just little time to begin the scanning this possible due to the white LED source of light. the LEDs which were found in cheaper scanners had issues with the light output as the light doesn’t come out bright as needed.

There is a current change in trend and the LED light sources now provide enough light even to the professional scanners. The major advantage of this type of scanner is that it gets turn on in a short time and reach stability of the light better than the cathode tubes. The lights of the cold cathode tubes still take a lot of time before emitting a steady light.

The 300dpi greyscale scan of an A4 paper took about 13 seconds to be scanned and OCR. This new speed is due to the efficiency of the Abby software and how it also manages perfect conversion. Although, the layout of the text used isn’t very complex, it still has different non-standard text like file names been in capital letters. Yet, this scanner has the ability to scan the document neatly and quickly and this makes the scanner very useful. The 15 × 10 cm photo print which was scanned at 600ppi and in 48-bit color took just nine seconds, while the 35mm slide which was at 2400ppi, finished in 38s, also a good result.

There is an accuracy of scanned colors and this is for both artificial and natural subjects. It doesn’t have an appreciable casts and the scanner has a good response to the changes in the hue which was shown by the clean and clear white and black of the AI target and produces scans with a good dynamic range. The scanner also has the capability of high resolution and produces finer detail levels than other competitors.

The digital ICE also removes dust very well from prints, although a little is done for scratches, it is still not easily noticed. It has an increased scan time; the test print takes about 10 times faster.


The Epsom Perfection V600 Photo is a wonderful scanner used by anyone who works with traditional photographs.

Be it in prints or the transparencies. Whether it is 35mm or in medium format and whatsoever condition they come in. The scanner is good for converting images to electronic equivalent. It is accurate and fast and offers very good quality than other competitors.  

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