Epson Ecotank ET-2720 Printer Review


The EcoTank ET-2720 Printer is the cheapest and the smallest all-in-one printer produced by Epson. Of course, there are other printers that can work faster and look better, but the cost makes it really attractive. The speed of this printer is not impressive, especially if we compare it with the speed of Canon Pixma G6020 Printer, but if you need it for a home-based office, then you can purchase it.

Size and weight: not huge and pretty light.

It is probably impossible to find an all-in-one printer that is 7×14.8×13.7 inches and weighs only 13 pounds at the same time, but Epson Ecotank Printer has these unique characteristics. For example, such models as the Epson ET-4760 or the Canon G6020 are really bigger and their weight is several pounds more. Although ET-2760 is really similar to the ET-2720 as its size, characteristics and cost are almost the same. ET-2760 is just a little bit more expensive than ET-2720 but that can be explained as it has SD card support and it supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and such services.


The ET-2720 model has a control panel with a 1.44-inch color display with some arrow keys, and several buttons, for example, Home, OK, Back, Cancel, Help, Copy. This printer doesn’t have ADF, as a result of which the copies will be only one-sided for 1-2 pages which is not as impressive as the possibilities of the other Epson printers like ET-3760 or ET-4760.

The only one Bulk-in printer created by Canon has an ADF, this printer is called Pixma G4210. But some famous printers like HP OfficeJet Pro Premier or OfficeJet Pro 9015 actually have it. Besides, it is important to mention that the ET-2720 model can support manual duplexing only, so if you want to print two-sided pages, you should flip them manually.

Ink reservoirs of this printer are located on the right of the chassis (you can see this below); almost all Ecotank all-in-one printers have this feature.

Talking about connectivity, it includes Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and it is connected to a computer with the use of USB 2.0. The Wi-Fi direct can also be used; it is a peer-to-peer wireless network protocol that was created for cell phones to connect to the printer without any cable or router.

You can also connect your phone to the printer using special services, such as Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, Google Cloud Print, Fire OS support, or even iPrint app created by Epson and available for Android and iOS. You will also get Epson printer drivers and a scanner interface utility known as Epson Scan 2. But to be honest, other printers, for example, Canon G6020 has more functions.

Epson Ecotank ET-2720 comes with a paper tray that includes 100 sheets, this tray pulls up and out on the back part of the printer. It is also possible to load the tray with 10 envelopes №10 or with 20 photo paper sheets. It sounds good but it not as impressive as the possibilities of other printers. For example, the G6020 model produced by Canon can get 350 sheets from 2 different sources.  OfficeJet Pro and 9015 models created by HP, as well as the ET-4760 model created by Epson can take 250 paper sheets.

The maximum duty cycle of ET-2720 is 3000 prints, and this result is pretty impressive for such a small printer. The G6020 can print 5000 pages which is much more. But some printers produced by HP, for example, Premier and 9015 can print 22000 pages more than Epson’s ET-2720.

Printing speed.

It is stated by Epson that the ET-2720 shows the entry-level speed of 10,5 black&white pages per minute and 5 color pages per minute. I decided to check the accuracy and I ran the tests over a USB 2.0 with my PC that has such characteristics: Intel Core i5 and Windows 10 Professional. The printer created 12 pages of a document created in Microsoft Word at the speed of 10.2 pages per minute, which is just a little bit slower than the official statement made by Epson. Comparing these results with the printing speed of other printers, we noticed that ET-2720 prints 1,3 more pages per minute than the ET-2760 model and 6,3 less pages per minute than the ET-3760 created by Epson. The G6020  can print 2,5 more pages per minute, while the results of OfficeJet Pro Premier and 9015 created by HP are extraordinary, as these printers can create 11,5 more pages per minute.

I decided to test the machine more and made it print colored Adobe Acrobat documents, Excel files with some charts, PowerPoint materials that included some infographics and multiple bright fonts. After that, I combined new scores with the scores of the previous 12 pages printing. I got the result of 4,5 pages per minute printing of all those documents. I can add that the G6020 has a score of 4.3 pages per minute, while the ET 2760 has a score of 5 pages per minute. The ET-3760 and the ET-4760 models performed only 3 pages per minute. The OfficeJet Pro Premier showed a score of 6,1 pages per minute, while the 9015 model showed a score of 10 pages per minute, and this is impressive!

After that, I decided to make the last test; it was printing several colorful 4 x 6-inch snapshots. I found out it takes only 30 seconds to print such an image. This score is pretty standard for other all-in-one printers, but of course, it’s not as great as the score of HP professional printers.

Quality of Epson Inkjet Printer.

Usually, modern inkjet printers create documents and images of high quality. The ET-2720 machine has the same characteristics: it made the text look really understandable with well-shaped characters, spacing was extremely accurate, and it was kerning down to 6 points, which is the incredible characteristics for home-based offices, or some personal use like printing documents for the school or university.

I also printed several PowerPoint materials and Excel files with graphs. I saw some disadvantages, for example, there was an occasional light streaking in really complex colors. But honestly, these issues weren’t obvious, I found them just because I was trying to test the printer. I printed several photos and their quality was incredible, all colors were made well. Of course, the quality wasn’t as good as the quality of photos printed on the best machines of Canon or even Epson, but still, the results are great if you want to print some family photos.

Cost of printing.

The printing of a monochrome page by the ET-2720 costs not a lot, the price for printing a color page is x3 more expensive which is still a low price though. Besides, you will find inc in the package which will allow you to print not less than 7500 black&white pages or 6000 color pages.

The cost of printing is almost the same if we talk about Canon’s MegaTank printing machines, but the packages of them usually have 3 bottles of black ink which allow printing 18000 monochrome pages, and several color inks to print 7700 colored documents.

Thus, Ecotank and Megatank printing machines offer printing for such a low cost. For example, the lowest cost per page of HP’s printers is almost x10 more than the cost of the ET-2720 printing. Besides, the OfficeJet Pro Premier printing machine comes with a free subscription for 1 year to the HP’s paid 300-pages-per-month product, so it adds some extra value of the printer.


Honestly, the Epson ET-2720 printer doesn’t have all modern accessories and functions, but it prints well and creates great documents and images that may be needed for families and some home-based offices. However, if you need to print many documents, it may be better to purchase Canon Pixma G6020, as this printing machine holds more paper sheets and has quality features. If you want to print some documents at home though, then the ET-2720 printer is what you need.

Last update was on: September 30, 2020 3:15 pm

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