Ecovacs Deebot N79s Roboti Vacuum Cleaner Review


It is not easy to keep your home clean every single day. Just like new Dyson V10, handheld vacuums are doing a whole lot better
recently but they all needed the effort to use whereas, robotic vacuums do not need that.

New smart home standards can be quick to adopt by robotic vacuums, it would be easy to assume but if we considered it incorrect.
Because still now we haven’t seen any vacuum started automatically by being all alone in your home, as we recently could not
seen any vacuum operates with Alexa or Google.

But now it can be seen as The Ecovacs Robotics Deebot N79S can be controlled through an app, integrates with Alexa in specific
situations it works very well.


Deebot N79S does not look like a gleaming, futuristic-looking robotic vacuum at first sight. It’s pretty sleek shows that it is not even
ugly. But when we think at first about a robot vacuum cleaner, it is just not that.

To turn it on and off there is one button on top which put the vacuum in auto mode so it started simply wandering around and vacuum
the house. There is an array of sensors and a series of guards for protecting a colliding vacuum with the wall.

You can attach two side-brushes on the bottom which itself brushes the dirt and dust into the vacuum. The side-brushes can be
bent out of shape quickly to be used on longer carpets but also designed to vacuum hard-wood or short-carpets floor.

For the setup process, download the app where you’ll register and connect to the vacuum after charging it. It is quite an easy step.

You can leave a vacuum when you are not using it on a small dock, it can also be charged with that dock. You just need to fix
that along the wall somewhere.

Everyone gets pretty interested when it comes to any new gadgets that how will it work and we tried to discover all its specs when
using for the first few times. As we are interested to know how it will handle its steep steps as it lives upstairs. Every time
when it backed up and prevents an accident, it looked like it was about to fall to its death. You can be feared that you’re new
investment taking a tumble any time soon if our tests are any indication.

As you can use this vacuum with your phone but still it comes with a remote which you may feel that it is useless.

But if you go for remote than vacuum is more responsive to remote as opposed to the app, it is convenient to use.
Display in remote shows the time and mode you are using. You can manually control the vacuum by it.

The app

The app is very easy to use, first, there comes a list of vacuums when you open the app, mostly, there will be only one vacuum on that
the list you have, for now after taping on it you can set the mode of vacuum or can control directional buttons manually. There are some
modes of vacuum to use. Let us have a glance on modes

Auto mode is aimed at being the most efficient at cleaning the entire house. It’ll vacuum in straight lines, and then when it hits an obstacle, it’ll change direction. 

Edge mode sets the vacuum to clean around the edges and corners of your room.

Spot mode is built to clean a specific segment of the floor, and when you use it the vacuum will start in a spot and vacuum out in a spiral.

Room mode is very similar to auto mode, but it’s aimed more at cleaning a specific room rather than the house in general.

When you’re done vacuuming, the fifth button tells the vacuum to return to its charging station. 

You can return to its charging station by the fifth button on the vacuum when you are done with all your cleaning. You can also see
the remaining battery of vacuum through the app and when you are at work and running errands you can schedule the vacuum
to turn on at specific times through the app. The app is easy to use and do its work efficiently but does not seem that attractive at the


If you are thinking that days of cleaning by yourself are just past than you are wrong this time. No doubt N79S efficiently cleans
carpets but when it comes to clean the vacuum itself than it is a task to do. The Roller of the bottom should be cleaned regularly. It is
easy to do but to do is annoying. And, obviously cleaning out dust compartments are necessary.

We faced a more problem while testing is that despite being capable to get under some furniture you have to rescue it, that
happens more than one occasion that it gets wedged underneath.

So that means that sometimes when you are back home, you can’t find vacuum at its charging station but stuck
underneath some furniture.

Even with these problems, this vacuum is at its best even if it’s not going to replace a solid afternoon of mopping a hard floor or
a professional clean of your carpet but still when it doesn’t get stuck it works very efficiently.

It does not have any noise so you can set it up for the night so it can vacuum it without fearing anyone to be disturbed.

Smart Home Integrations

When you are looking for the reason to buy this vacuum than the best can be its integration with Alexa and that integration work
tremendously good. You can now enjoy voice commands like “Alexa, ask Deebot to stop cleaning”, or “Alexa, ask Deebot to start
cleaning,” and tests prove quick response of commands.

I talk about problems in commands than it doesn’t work with other home systems that efficiently like Google Assistant, for that
you can face problems as we faced in responding to voice command.

It doesn’t work with the likes of Samsung SmartThings, Wink, HomeKit, Nest, or anything else e.g: Nest detects that you’ve left the
house for the day so you can’t automate the vacuum to turn on.


The Ecovacs Deebot N79S is the cheap smart robotic vacuum you can be looking for. If you are looking for a smart home and till now
you just got Amazon’s growing ecosystem and you don’t have that cleaning problem of the vacuum itself than just grab it now. It’s
a  piece of cake to use it, not bad at cleaning most dust and dirt, and works great with Alexa or the Ecovacs app.

It can be for some particular people as if you are used to of Google, Apple, Nest, Samsung, or Wink than it is not for you nor either
if you are used to deep cleaning every day than you have to take a look at another unit.

Last update was on: October 17, 2020 2:35 pm

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