Dji Osmo Mobile 3 Handheld Stabilizer Review


Some YouTube channels consistently have rich smooth video, in any event, when the individual is strolling near. Different YouTubers battle to keep the camera consistent when they’re sitting still. The distinction between the two lies in a gadget called a gimbal, a tri-hub gadget that inclines, container, and pitches to make up for flimsy hands and body development. It helps keep film stable and moderately liberated from nerves.

DJI’s patched up Osmo Mobile 3 carries that rich smooth video to your telephone. (DJI additionally discharged an Osmo Action cam and wheeled automaton recently.) Slide your telephone into the pressure plate and actuate DJI’s Mimo application. Contingent upon the video nature of your telephone, you may have a superior arrangement than Alfred Hitchcock used to film his perfect works of art.

Phone Vlogging Nirvana

As the name proposes, the Osmo Mobile 3 is DJI’s third interpretation of this gimbal and it’s a lot of a cycle on the past model, fixing the greater part of the torment focuses while adding some pleasant new highlights to the product.

While DJI isn’t the main telephone gimbal with a collapsing configuration, it’s the easiest I’ve utilized. In contrast to certain gimbals with loads of turns and hooks, this is one piece. Extend it and you’re all set. Crease it up—even with your gadget despite everything connected—and it’s prepared to stash.


The foldable structure likewise makes the Osmo Mobile fantastically simple to heft around. On the off chance that you settle on the marginally increasingly costly group, the convenient conveying case fits effectively in a pack. The gimbal itself weighs a little more than 14 ounces and fits any telephone somewhere in the range of 2.5 and 3.5 inches wide (62–88 millimeters). I tried it with a Motorola Moto X4, Sony Xperia 1, and an iPhone 8, which all fit, however I needed to expel the X4’s case.

Mounting your telephone is likewise straightforward. There are no screws—only a spring-stacked pressure hold. It has a sense of safety and can fit bigger telephones than the past model, which means those mammoth Galaxy S10 telephones ought to do fine and dandy (once more, thick cases may not fit). DJI says the new mount configuration diminishes the odds of the mount squeezing your telephone’s equipment catches since it has a lighter grasp and clutches a littler territory of your telephone’s edge.

The plan gives you simple access to your telephone’s charging port and earphone jack (in the event that it has one, that is). You could add an outside mouthpiece to your arrangement for improved sound quality, something vloggers will be glad to hear.

The front handle trigger instrument is additionally back on the Osmo Mobile 3—a component that the original Osmo Mobile had and the Mobile 2 dropped. The trigger currently lets you lock the gimbal, re-focus, track, enact “sport” mode (more on that in a moment), and switch among front and back cameras.

There are two different catches and a joystick powerless to resist you—enough controls that you can work the Osmo Mobile as a rule with one hand. There’s bounty about DJI’s Mimo portable application that requires two hands, however I never expected to utilize a recycled when I was really shooting.


DJI claims 15-hours of battery life and that is the thing that I’ve seen while testing. Alongside that battery life comes another full-size USB port that can charge gadgets from the Osmo. I was glad to forfeit a couple of long periods of gimbal time to prop my telephone up since nothing channels your telephone very like shooting 4K video. It’s likewise significant that the Osmo Mobile 3 help USB-C for quick charging on gadgets that help it.

Simple isn’t in every case better. My least most loved new element is the fast trading among vertical and even directions. You should simply tap the lower button twice and your telephone will turn into vertical mode. In any case, genuinely, don’t do that. The world needn’t bother with more picture mode video.

Intelligent Software

While the gimbal equipment is great, the greater part of what I like about the Osmo Mobile comes down to programming in the DJI Mimo application. The smart shooting highlights like ActiveTrack, Hyperlapse, and Motionlapse all make it simpler to get incredible video results, even from a telephone.

ActiveTrack specifically works inconceivably well. You should simply tap and drag a crate over the item you need to follow and the application will wrap up. In my testing, it handily took care of circumstances where you lock onto a fixed article and move around it, and when you lock on a moving item and the gimbal tracks it.

I had the option to follow most things with ActiveTrack—the special case being my children running and cartwheeling over the room. They were simply excessively quick to ActiveTrack. To catch that I changed to Sport Mode by squeezing the trigger twice and afterward long-squeezing it for a couple of moments. That velocities up the gimbal, so you can physically skillet a lot quicker, yet you do lose the ActiveTrack auto-follow highlight. After you’ve built up some ability with the gimbal, Sport Mode is a tremendous resource. Hyperlapse mode is likewise fun. It makes time-pass recordings while you’re moving.

The application has several other new highlights, including Story Mode, which encourages you make recordings rapidly utilizing pre-set shooting layouts with coordinating music, and an all encompassing photograph mode which takes numerous pictures and lines them together to make either a 180-degree or 330-degree picture.

The application likewise lets you use motion control, which is particularly valuable when recording yourself. The Osmo Mobile group bundle incorporates a little tripod, which implies you can step out from behind the camera and utilize a hand motion to snap a picture or begin recording video. The gimbal will at that point track your development.


The Osmo Mobile 3 is progressively minimized, simpler to utilize, and has more equipment and programming highlights than its rivals. My solitary genuine issue is that as of now taking shots at 60 fps is restricted to iPhones, however I’ve discovered that is to a greater extent an issue with Android telephones.

DJI has its gimbal game on lock; exactly where a gimbal ought to be.

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