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Unlike Onkyo or Sony, it is of great significance to note that Google Chromecast is not present. This implies that Android users cannot cast from their preferred apps directly to the receiver. Users of Spotify premium can exploit Denon’s support for Spotify connect. Also, the same applies to AirPlay and Apple Music.


Denon is developed with its unique sound. So AVR-S750H will be perfect in the wheelhouse of a unique sound fan. The musical friendliness is still present with a fulfilling and powerful home theater entertainment.

I tried out Denon with an Oppo BDP-205 (plus Roon on a MacBook Air), the Q Acoustics 3050i floorstanders, 3020i rears and 3090Ci center with the SVS SB-4000 subwoofer. I manually ran an audio calibration, however, buyers may favor the use of the Audyssey Room Correction. Irritating to note that some attributes are enabled automatically and this can affect its function terribly. For instance, the Lip Synch was automatically set at an absurd 180ms thereby making voices by default hysterically off beat.


Beginning with music, I gauge the Denon with the Onkyo TX-NR585 ( Which was the winner of CNET Editor’s choice the preceding year). The Onkyo was obviously all inclusive although Denon sustained its warmth attributes though may get a little messy based on the song. For instance, ‘charging Chaos From Within’ from Bad Religion when played via Onkyo sounded more unified, while Greg Graffin’s wordy lyrics was slightly buried. On Denon, Tunes which are atmospheric such as Danger Mouse and Karen O’s turn the Light, blare big but on Onkyo sounded huge with the guitars circulating all around me.

I also contrast Denon 740H (2018) and Denon 750H (2019). They are both much alike however, 740 has an extra consistency in its bass response. For instance, in ‘Red Right Hand’ by Nick Cave, for 750, the final note of the bass riff will fade and for the 740, the performance of bassist was by far clearer.

Denon was able to keep up with Onkyo in its 2019 home theater model. There was a better feel of the rotating blades of the crashing choppers via the Onkyo while hearing the superb 4K remaster of Black Hawk Down in Dolby Atmos.

With regards to direct Dolby Digital material, the two amps gave a master performance from the Avatar Blu-ray on the Thanator Chase, however, Denon has more thump from its sub.

Should you buy it?

The 2019 first receiver gave a motivating performance especially the home theater. With modern attributes – from 90s interface aside – and reputable music replay, Denon will be favored by users who values its comfy sound and are interested in firm formation of Future friendly variety

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