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Today, we’ll be taking a look at CanvasDiscount, an American business that boasts the “cheapest prices on the web“. With this claim, can CanvasDiscount meet their promise? Even more so, can they keep the high quality to complete while at the same time slashing costs?

Below we break down everything there is to know about CanvasDiscount, from their website and online presence to the canvas construction, and we break down how CanvasDiscount and their brand stacks up:

Things Customers Like:

-A Full 100% Guarantee of Low Prices. One of CanvasDiscount’s greatest selling points is its low-price guarantee. They assure they’ll match any and all reduced rates from rival companies and give out a 10% gift coupon. Few will be able to pass up on this excellent deal!

Fast Shipping Times. For US customers, CanvasDiscount assures its orders are ready-to-ship within 24 hours of order placement. If there are any holdups you get your money back immediately. All shipping is free for orders over $70 in total.

Plenty of products to choose from. Canvas products aren’t the only thing you’ll find at CanvasDiscount. If you’re searching for something different, they’ll can print your pictures in PVC forex, metal, and acrylic! You also get personalized photos printed onto cups, blankets, pillows, and jigsaw puzzles!

-You, the customer, are ALWAYS right! CanvasDiscount handles everything from larger commercial clients to smaller individual artists. No matter what customer they have, they’re always coming through for them!

Improvements that can be made:

Not a Lot of Information Available on Them. While the site always has its most recent sale plainly presented for any customer to see, it’s hard to find information on CanvasDiscount itself. It’s uncertain what type of materials the canvases make use of or where the company is headquartered at.

Very Small Online/Social Media Following. CanvasDiscount needs to work on amplifying their online presence as well. There’s an absence of buzz on what customers think or feel about CanvasDiscount items, and there is little info on social media about them.

Frequent Price Changes. While CanvasDiscount assures low prices to its customers, these remain low directly as a result of discounted sales. While on the surface this doesn’t sound like a bad thing, I’ve noticed that canvas companies often use comparable strategies to alter product prices, which makes it hard to plan orders ahead of time.

Frequent Website Issues. There are a couple of renovations that could be made to the web site. I experienced slow image upload times that discouraged me a lot, and could easily discourage others (especially those who are in a rush) from making purchases through the website.

My Test Print Result

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get out of CanvasDiscount when I first sent my order in, nor was I sure what to expect back. As I discussed above, their website left a bad first impression and I had a hard time finding customer feedback and reviews. However, the end result product I received exceeded my assumptions.

One of the things that impressed me the most about CanvasDiscount was their range of size options. Many suppliers give about 6-10 different sizing options, which allows you to chop the photo to fit existing themes they provide. CanvasDiscount, on the other hand, produces dimensions compatible with the image quality of what you upload. High-resolution photos, of course, give you the widest range of choices. Yet no matter what it is you upload, CanvasDiscount goes above and beyond to make sure that you will not end up with a low-quality, pixelated print.

The print quality was excellent, with everything specified and clear. This is an aspect that several various on-demand canvas printers have an issue with. I don’t know if CanvasDiscount makes use of unique products or uses different print strategy entirely, but the canvas’ appearance and the image worked very well together.

Our Final Thoughts

CanvasDiscount is one of the most promising choices available for the pricing bracket. In spite of costing less than most of the competitors, it produces premium outcomes that nearly any person would certainly enjoy presenting in their home. The color detail is far better than many pricier prints. Other than the minor issues mentioned above – including the online issues – there aren’t many other issues they need to fix.

Their biggest problems lie in their lack of name recognition and customer reviews. While CanvasDiscount doesn’t cut edges on the prints, the additional product packaging and hanging products show consideration for their customers.

The good thing is that these concerns are quite easy to fix. CanvasDiscount is worth keeping an eye one for this reason alone. Without skimping on quality, CanvasDiscount offers a great price for high-quality canvas products.

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